⚡Attention!!⚡ Problems After Booking | Registration, Certificate, 2nd Dose!!!

If you successfully booked your vaccine slot then you have many questions in mind. By the way, if you want to book your vaccination slot so here we explain how to book your slot, every single detail we mention in this article. Come on to the point, after getting vaccination first dose then so many questions. How to download certificate, and How to book for the second dose, and till now did not complete registration so to do that.

Here we solve all your doubts, you have to read the full article then you get their full value. I explain every single point in very depth. Once you get the right information then it’s too much easy. No more hustle during the process.

Basically here we share all the platform’s details and tech you. Like many people have Co-WIN, Aarogya Setu, or UMANG. All platform expiation share with images that will easy to understand.

Till you have don’t book your vaccinate for first shot then this article helps to you.

How To Register On Co-WIN

When we talk about registration, that method is really easy. First, go on the Co-WIN website and log in through the mobile no. and enter the OTP. Now you will see the Add Member option there you add at least 4 family members. While you add the member so you have to fill in the identity information like Aadhar Card, Voter ID, PAN Card, or Driving License. Once you fill in the correct info as mention on your valid documents. Now you successfully added.

book vaccination slot on cowin

How To Register On Aarogya Setu

If you want to add a member on the Aarogya Setu you have to open the app. When the app starts then you see the vaccination option in the app and go on this option, and here you have Add Beneficiary option and click on them and get the next page and fill in details with valid documents.

vaccine booking on Aarogya Setu

How to Register On UMANG

The process is almost the same and quite easy on UMANG. When you log in with your mobile number and then you have to Add More option then click on it. As usual, fill in the valid details as mention on your documents.

register person on Aarogya Setu

How To Download Vaccine Certificate On Co-WIN

It’s a very simple process, while you go on to Co-WIN, there you see the person and the and there all the details about the person, if they are getting their first vaccine then here mention if they complete the second dose you get the completion certificate. Here clearly see the certificate option and you can download the certificate

download vaccine certificate on cowin

How to Download Vaccine Certificate On Aarogya Setu

Whenever you go on the Aarogya Setu there you see the certificate icon. If you click on that they directly send it to your browser and download your certificate, If you get the second dose of vaccine then they download the complete certificate.

download vaccine certificate on Aarogya Setu

How to Download Vaccine Certificate On UMANG

Who uses the UMANG, here are the way to download your vaccine certificate easily. Although your login to the Cowin portal and enter the registered mobile number and put the OTP there, when you open the page you see the personal details. Then you have to see on screen three dot option on the person profile, just click on it, and here are the three options you can see there. So click the first option Download Certificate.

download vaccine certificate on UMANG

Download Appointment Slip-On CoWIN

When we book the vaccine slot and we get the Appointment, sometimes we miss the download appointment slip option we just quit there. But here we have a solution, whenever we come on this portal here we clearly option to download the appointment option if you booked your slot but not get vaccinated, in this case, you miss to download the appointment slip then instantly download the slip. Remember one more thing, when you go to the vaccination center please carry the photo ID identity for verification.

Download Appointment Slip-On Aarogya Setu

If somebody uses the Aarogya Setu app for booking the slot, and they booked the slot but not getting the appointment slip so in this case, you can download the slip through the Aarogya Setu app. While when we log in through a mobile number when where we see the person’s details. There we have an option to download the appointment slip option.

Also this is simple if you have any kind of problem the you can contact us.

Download Appointment Slip-On UMANG

UMANG has the very simplest option to get the appointment slip. When we log in to the Cowin portal then there you see three-dot just simply click on it, and here is the last option to see Download Slip whenever you click on the download slip the download the appointment slip for you.

Reschedule Appointment

Assume you don’t want to book the slot because it’s too far from your place. In this case, you can reschedule the appointment the option appears after you successfully booked you does. Then there has the option to reschedule the appointment. Then they cancel your appointment.

Also when you booked your slot then you have an option to reschedule the appointment you can choose this option to reschedule the appointment. Basically, all these platforms are very easy to use and you can feel almost the same experience on all the platforms but UMANG is one of my favorite.

Booking For Second Dose

While you get the first dose, and as per guidelines they have different options on the vaccine. You can check which vaccine you get and what’s your second vaccination time, also you see how many days left for the second dose. And there has an option for the scheduled second dose.

When all days are complete then you get the second vaccination, in case, you have left the days then here they show the after the period date.

The best option is whenever your complete the time period after book your second appointment. Also, we made an article on this, this is simple as like we book the first appointment.

This is quite as simple as that well we book the first slot so the process is the same on all the platforms, there are no rules and regulations for that you book on first does through Cowin then you can’t book your second dose on UMANG or Aarogya Setu.

Whatever you want, you can book your slot on any platform. It’s like very simple on all the platforms.

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