10 Tips to Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Error! Excluded the Bonus Tip

Are you getting a blue screen error? While working on the laptop. So we made an article on this topic this is the most asking question for the Windows 10 user.

As we called Blue Screen of Death(BSoD), this also known as “blue screen”, “stop error”, or “system crash error” this will happens while we do change in the system or install the software.

Nobody knows the proper and exact reason, why this happens with Windows 10 users. But we follow some steps to fix them. Usually, when we upgrade the Windows 10 during the startup, or when you change in some software or hardware system gives a blue screen error, with the sad character face, and they generate some error code.

There are we see the various type of error code every code is different from the last one. All the screen has blue and writes on their error code with sad character face without enough value.

Although anyone can not say the straight forward while they follow some steps and they fix the error. The error has very occurred anybody could not say properly what to do here, but we follow the 10 steps to get rid.

1. Recent Changes

processor change

When we upgrading the system or install the new software if they can’t perform on the system. Even they can’t support the system and didn’t run their service or not compatible hardware. If you do this type of changes on your system like you install the new software, if they checked software you face the issue while installing the software. The instant you uninstall the software.

Now you can perform better. In most cases when we change the hardware then also we face the same issue. Because the hardware is not compatible with the system, they need different hardware.

You can simply go under the Settings> Uninstall apps. Where to uninstall the last software you installed on your PC last time. After that, you can see the improvement in your system.

While you didn’t install the software you just install any time of hardware on your system. Then you can remove it and perform without the hardware. You see the difference.

2. Troubleshoot the Windows

Windows 10 has huge, but we can not find everything at a time, we can’t scan the full system at ourselves. We need a troubleshoot help to run the system diagnose and find out the problem.

Although, as we can say the troubleshoot find the problem and they suggest to fix the error. While we fix the error the maybe BSoD error will be solved.

Instead, you can go on the Settings>Update & Security>Troubleshoot follow the step to reach the option. There you’ll see the Additional Troubleshooters option. Click on them and you can troubleshoot all the things.

troubleshoot windows

Getting one-by-one you perform the troubleshoot and find out your problem. While troubleshooting you getting any type of error fix them and again run the troubleshoot. After does the changes you see the results are well.

It takes time to troubleshoot one-by-one all the options. But after it’ll complete you maybe find out your issue and fix them. If you nothing to find during the troubleshoot operating the next tip will definitely work for you.

3. Scan The Full System

Once your system has a virus then you must try to fully scan your PC. In many cases we see the virus effect on our PC, and we did not aspect they do thus. But it’s true we can scan everything on your PC. Like Ransomware does, so it’s possible any virus generated the bluescreen.


Instant runs the full scan using the antivirus. If you don’t use the antivirus till now. Then start using the antivirus choose antivirus they protect your data from Ransomware. Most antivirus claims they protect the data from Ransomeware.

4. Windows Update Issue

As many, Windows 10 users face the issue when they update the Windows or Windows will not update successfully, In most of the case the problem solve after updating the Windows or uninstall the Windows updates.

If you consistently getting the issue the then immediately uninstall the Windows update. Some time Windows didn’t update properly and the scenario creates. So don’t be panic, just remove the updates and feel free.

To uninstall the update you go into Update & Security under Settings.

Windows update

There you can saw the View update history. The whole update list appears on the screen and the top of the left corner has Uninstall updates option, just click on it.

view update history

Now you have an option to delete the last update and solve your occurred problem. Side by side you have to see the data so simply check and delete the last update.

uninstall windows updates

After deleting the update maybe your issue solved. The update is running when we shut down or restart the PC. If we just close the update and off the screen. Basically when we interrupt between updates then system files not properly get updated then the issue create.

In most cases, we update properly but Windows doesn’t recognize the update and some files are missing during the update as we can say it the slow internet speed If we work on that and we cancel some updates. So this happened without knowing our permission.

If you have a problem after updating the Windows then uninstall the last update, and feel free.

5. Repair Windows

While you face still issue then we have an option to do away with your occurred errors. We can repair our Windows 10 through run the system restore and get rid of the problem. For that you can go on PC’s Settigns>Update & Security> Recovery here you get the Advanced start-up option to start the PC in the Advanced mode.

advance startup option

Once you have gone on the Advance Mode, now you get the Troubleshoot option click on that, next you have the Startup Rapir option to repair the Windows during this process connect it to the internet.

system restore

Using the USB installation media

When you have USB installation media then the process is very easy for you guys, you can follow some steps and repair the Windows.

Boot from the USB media.

Click on the Next button.

Click on the Repair your computer option in the bottom-left corner.

You reach the Startup option.

Trobleshoot>Advanced Options>Startup repair

system repair

Run this process two to three-time you will repair your Windows 10.

6. Update the Drivers

As many times we saw that issue when we did not install the drivers such as like display, sound, or network driver. Because the driver is not compatible with your hardware and not fit for your system. Wherever they configure the driver.

Go on the Settings>Update & Security> View optional update.

driver update

Under this section, you see the Driver update option to update your drivers. This is the easiest way to update your driver.

7. Scan With CMD

Now we can scan our full system through the CMD command if we get any issue then we try to fix that. 

Just open the CMD with run as administrator.

scan with cmd

Run the command

sfc /scannow

If you’ll get any type of error during the error then note it down and try to fix that.

8. Install the Fresh Windows

Instead of upgrading the current Windows installation, it’s always better to erase everything and start from scratch with a clean installation. This process will not only avoid many Blue Screen of Death error, but it can also help to improve performance and resolve any other errors.

If you choose the windows installation method then you create the bootable media. Instead, download Windows 10.

Boot from the bootable USB(we also make an article on install Windows 10).

Select the Next.

install windows 10

Click on Install Now button.

windows 10 install

Select the I don’t have a product key and Next.

Here you can select the Windows 10 version, the Windows 10 pro has enabled full-featured, so you can choose the Windows 10 pro if you have another requirement you select that.

Click on the check box to agree to their terms and license. Click the Next button.

Click on Custom: Install Windows only(advanced) click Next.

Now the Windows partition and format that and again select the formatted partition, and click on the Next button. The process takes time to install the Windows after completing the process, now your system ready to use.

install windows

Make sure to install all the drivers, and Windows update.

Going to setting and check the update and also check the View optional update there you can see the drivers list to update all the drivers first and after performing all the tasks.

Even now you successfully install all the drivers and also installed Windows 10. I make pretty much sure you don’t get the BSoD error. After that, you get the error the next step will help you.

9. Clean the RAM

My personal opinion we share with you and solve the blue screen error, while you put out the RAM and clean it from alcohol, dry it for 2-3 minutes, and put it back to the slot.

clean RAM

We saw this method actually works, and I also try on another system that had affected with Blue Screen of Death error PC. They’ll work well and solve their PC’s problem. As in your case, you install Windows and you still have the same problem. Then just follow this method to work for you.

10. Note Down the Error Code

While you get the error the instantly note the error or take the picture of the error code. Once we get the error code research the error code on the internet if possible to contact Microsoft support and share all your problems and ask them for the solution.

blue screen error

They will also help you to find the problem. You can send the error code to them. They provide as possible ways to solution and pretty much they solve your problem.

Bonus Tip:

Usually, you can follow all the steps but if you don’t want to install the Windows because of you have to backup all the data to save another drive or if you didn’t know this process, or maybe you thinking this process takes time and you can’t do that.

So specially for you, we have a another option to get the take the right action against the Blue Screen of Death.

First download the SetupDiag(around 660KB)


Right-click on the SetupDiag.exe and select the Run as administrator option.

They full scan to your PC, it take 3-4 minutes.

After complete the scan they save the notepad file to your directory they save with this name SetupDiagResults.log

Now you can open the file and see your system report and If an error was detected, the logs will detail the information to determine why the device blue screened during the update, and if it’s a known issue, you’ll also get the steps to resolve it.

In case they say to install the Windows or update the drivers or uninstall the buggy Windows updates. Or any kind of your software. So as we also discuss all the problems if they happen during the BSoD error.

In most possible case when we install the fresh Windows then almost solve all the problem and also improve the system performance. Even sometimes the system repair will work.

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