12 Hidden Chrome Features- you don’t know about that features

Google Chrome has tons of great features that you can’t know about that, and we’ll introduce the best chrome features, even I’m sure if you read that article then you might be impressed with all these tricks.

We’ll share with you some extra advanced features that help full in your day-to-day life. In the next paragraph, you’ll read all the amazing chrome features that you can’t hear in your life.

chrome feature

1. Incognito Mode

incognito mode

Incognito mode you hear about that but can you use this feature. It is ultra ordinary features from the chrome. In that, you can able to use the private search. You can use this feature on both devices smartphones or Computers.

Though options allow your searches safe and secures. You can access this feature from the three-dot, where you can find the New incognito mode option to use the private search.

The way is the same in Android just open the chrome click on the three-dot and you just have to New incognito mode in your Android or iPhone.

We should note that incognito mode will not block your behavior from bringing monitored by work or by the website you visit. If you’re serious about online privacy, consider a VPN service.

2. Screen Cast


We can say that the Chrome feature is powerful for presentation, you can connect your screen with the external display. But you can also beam what you’re seeing on your PC screen to the TV with Chrome’s built-in Cast functionality. This is the easiest way to connect with your external TV.

If you want to connect with your PC then go Cast option and here you have seen the Cast option, which means there you saw your PC name and connect to them.

You can also get to it via the three-dot icon on the top right. Alongside, you can enable the Chromecast to your external monitor where you see the available devices, which you’d like your browser windows to appear.

3. Delete Cache History

clear cache

Many times you see some people say, you remove the cache, but how? If you want to clear out your browsing history, click the three-dot icon on the top-right corner select History>History(or press Contorl+Shift+Delete for PC or shift+Command+Delete for Mac), left side you saw to have Clear browsing data. Then click on them, there you have two options Basic and Advanced you can the both or you simply clear the cache in the Advanced tab.

As simple as that you can do on your smartphone, go to Chrome. The top-right corner three-dot icon click on it, here is the history option and go with them. Next tab top of the screen the Clear browsing data, as simple as that you have the same desktop option like Basic or Advanced, select the time range- All time, and clear data.

4. Guest Mode

guest mode

This Chrome feature is only available for Chrome desktop users. Google Chrome sync all the password, history, bookmarks and settings across multiple devices. By keeping your account synced, you will be automatically signed into Gmail, YouTube, Search, and other Google services.

However, when someone asking to use your PC for a day. You probably don’t want then having access to all your information. In this case, set them up with a guest profile using Chrome Guest Mode.

Click on the top right corner of the profile tab, Under that, you have a Guest option just enable the option for Guest. When finished, close all the tabs and clear the browsing history, cookies, or another site’s data will remove from Chrome.

You could not access this option on Smartphone.

5. Search Directly Inside the Website Through TAB


This trick is very useful if you read every post on our website and you can read the article on our page but you find it quite fast. This Chrome feature saves a lot of time you also try it on your Chrome browse. Here is some quick snap for you can easily find out things.

There you type your related query on our website like you can type here like install windows, update driver, Android, smartphone, or other queries. This Chrome feature makes your life easier than you think, if you visit every day then this feature is most beneficial for users.

If you want to add the web line that you visit daily then you can easy to add this under the Manage search engine.

For adding the website search bar, go into the Settings>Search engine>Manage search engine. Here you add the URL to simply click on when entering the web address or you got the TAB option then press the TAB. While you can search under the website.

6. Send Page to Smartphone

send to mobile

Many many times you have visited the site and you feel this site is important but the how-to open in your smartphone. While you go on Chrome a search for that topic and get the link.

But here we make your work very easier. Open the Chrome in the desktop browser open any link and click on the URL bar. In that URL bar, you get the Send this page option to send the page with your active account if your account is active in two or three smartphones in that case they have a smartphone selection option. To select if you want to send the link on your smartphone.

Within a second you got a link on your smartphone, click on the link and open the link in your smartphone. This makes easier your URL to send to your phone.

7. Scan QR code and Open site

QR code

This is another option to open your website on your smartphone. Click on the URL bar and you got the QR code scan the QR code in your smartphone and just decode the link via scan.

8. Continue Where You Left off

on startup

This Chrome feature helps a lot wherever your PC accidentally shutdown. Some we have work on the Chrome. When you close the Chrome then close all the tabs. But you don’t want to close the tabs, it means while you shut down your PC or after when you on the PC the where to tabs open where you left off.

Especially this Chrome feature is might be very helpful for us. Cause we are searching for the topic and we need some break or maybe work tomorrow a shutdown the PC. The next day where we close the tabs Chrome continues where.

9. Open Recently Close tabs

restore tabs

Most of the time when we are browsing on Chrome then suddenly we close the tabs. After closing the tabs then we realize that was important tabs for us.

While in this case how we can open that tab. For that, you can press Control+Shift+T recently closed tab has opened. You go on the blank area of the upper top and right-click on the area and you have a Reopen close tab option to restore the tab.

10. Update Your Browser

chrome update

We all know how to update the Chrome browser on a smartphone, while we go into the Google Play Store and update the Google Chrome browser it’s so simple.

But what do you think about the desktop version of Chrome? Where to update the Chrome on desktop? Go to the three-dot icon, click on them Help>About Google Chrome.

If there any updates are available run the update or relaunch the Chrome.

11. Auto Fill in Chrome

auto fill

When we shopping on Amazon, Walmart, or eBay they asking for the username ID or password. Somewhere we see Google Chrome auto-fill the details. But if in your case they don’t fill the password or username then you should be enabled this option to auto-fill your credentials.

Go to your Google Chrome Settings and there has an Autofill option. Check that option the option allows for auto sign-in or offer to save password. When you go on the site asking for the password or username they Google will autofill the details.

12. Chrome Flags

chrome flags

This Google Chrome feature allows you to enable the extra option in your Chrome browser. Google Chrome hide a lot more option in the flag tab. Where you can get the PIP mode and auto music play option and a lot more.

Chrome comes with a significant supply of built-in capabilities, but if you want to squeeze out a few more, check out the Flags page. Type chrome://flags in the address field to view a secret Chrome page of experimental features, which do things like improve download speeds, allow for smoother scrolling.

Scroll through the page or search for specific functionality, then activate the flags you want. But note that these features are mostly experimental, so some may be buggy. Try activating them one at a time to ensure everything runs smoothly.

You might be able to use it on the smartphone too.

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