5 Best Android Keyboards-RGB keyboard

If you are here the getting the answer for the best Android keyboard then this article will help a lot to find them for a great keyboard. Here we are sharing the best keyboard if you are using the default keyboard layout of your smartphone. Then I’ll definitely sure you are frustrated with that keyboard layout. Now the time to change the keyboard layout you can use it with the new keyboard apps that will be disclosed in the next paragraph.

The keyboard is the most using tool in the smartphone if you’re using the same Android keyboard then you are bored from this layout. Then these are the best alternatives.

5 Best Android Keyboards

#1. Gboard

This is commonly used in all smartphones or maybe you can use this keyboard within your phone’s default keyboard. In fact, another one is the Google Indic keyboard that is pretty much cool.

But personally, we recommended the Google Gboard that is insane. It works amazingly alongside we use the Google search on the keyboard. This is a really cool feature in the keyboard.

While we can change the theme or layout of keyboards from the keyboard’s setting. And more settings you can explore from the setting.

There you have used one more best feature you can translate with in the keyboard. If you type in English or direct translation into any of these languages.

Well emoji, GIF, or stickers directly send via Gboard. If you want to write on the screen to write on the inbox then this will happen with the handwriting features.

If you need to copy two-three different sentences then also doing the help of the Gboard. When using the Gboard click on the three-dot and you will see the clipboard option, click on that, and there you saw all copy items.


#2. Grammarly Keyboard

If you are sending the mail to your Boss or joining letter to the smartphone but some grammar error, or sometimes we don’t see them. We send it to next, don’t cross-check to the mail or after we realize in that mail a lot of grammar mistakes. That we can’t correct them.

In your case, Grammarly will be a lot more helpful. We know in the market all the keyboards are available that are providing the auto-correct feature that will be auto-correct your sentences. But Grammarly will really work for them they find the grammar error and show to what’s the error.

Alongside as you improve your grammar with the Grammarly. All basic features as you can see in the typical keyboard all you can use in it.

As well as also use emojis or use a normal keyboard. If you want to see your mistake then click on the “G” icon to see all the grammar errors. While they auto-correct all of them. But some mistake you must be seen.

It features their settings that are called Grammarly settings. If you want them auto-correct your sentences then enable it to form Grammarly settings. If you see your real word write then okay, now you disable them.

Although there are more option to use Grammarly, that improve your Grammarly then these are the setting may be helpful. Make sure while you install the Grammarly then explore the more setting in the Grammarly.

I think this is the most beneficial Android keyboards app on the list.


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#3. Chrooma Keyboard

This is one of my favorite Android keyboards. This is a real word RGB keyboard if you are searching for the best RGB keyboard then this is the perfect Android keyboard for you. Your research has ended. Literally, the RGB is running when we use the keyboard.

You would be set the font size from this app. If you feel the font size is too small then you can increase the font size.

Also, use the emoji on this keyboard. When we use this Android keyboard then we find something interesting. You can see what type on the keyboard If you type the wrong word they appear on the Typing stats of also see the percentage of the correct words.

But when one more thing is convenient about Chrome Android keyboard. It tracks our app’s usage history if you use WhatsApp or Instagram more then this will appear on the stats. So as I think somewhere they collect data from our phone.

If you have no problem at all. Then you can enjoy the Chroma Keyboard.


#4. Typewise

This is another of my favorite keyboard. Basically, this is totally different from all the Android keyboards available in the market. Cause these buttons to come with the hexagon design. It looking very cool and attractive.

The best thing about the keyboard this have two space button on the middle of this keyboard if you are typing with both hands then this is most convenient for them.


Type faster with the Typewsie keyboard. All the option that is basic of the keyboard like auto-correct, theme, or auto-capitalization is enabled by default in that one.

If you learn the type on this keyboard then this is the time save for you when you type on the keyboard just boom. Once you learn to operate this Android keyboard this is far better than all these Android keyboards.

If you unlock all the features then you have to buy the pro subscription for this. The one-month plan comes with only ₹49, 12 months plan has ₹349, or the lifetime plan just in ₹649.


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