These are the 5 Apps that Should be Used on Your Phone

Many more applications are available in the market, but how to find what’s perfect for our smartphone. In today’s article, we will be sharing the best apps that you should be used on your phone. These apps are amazing and enhance you user experience of your phone.

All these apps we are sharing with you, these are not just apps these are gifts from the app makers. When you use all those apps then you feel really helpful and work well with your smartphone.

In fact, you are new in this world then here we share the 5 apps that you should be used on your smartphone. While all apps are helping your day-to-day life.

top 5 apps

So now let’s start our best pick and you must install it on your smartphone if you can’t using these apps.

5 Best Apps

#1. LastPass

This is the most famous app in their industries and we are definitely sure when you use your phone then. You attempt so many logins or just entered the password and after some time you will forget the password. And the biggest headache is resetting the password. Assume you one time reset your password or log in to your account. But what about the future can you remember the password for as long. The answer is no.


In that case, we highly recommend the LastPass word manager, also we can make a full detailed article on it. In LastPass, you can save all password and credentials details. If you are frustrated about remember the passwords then LastPass will absolutely help you.

They are providing the premium plan if you are using it for the smartphone or desktop. All that means if you use it only on for your smartphone then you can freely use it. And if you want to use it on your PC then you will be paid for their premium plans.

If you do not like to buy their services you can also use only one of your smartphones.

But if you want a free password manager then we suggest KeePass, you can check out how to use it with a PC or smartphone.


If you are a creator or your need to have an app that will instead note down the ideas on your smartphone instant. Then we suggest the Evernote application. This is the best application for those who are using it to note their ideas on the smartphone. This is free available on the Google Play Store or App store and you can easily use it on your Windows or Mac PCs.

Evernote is providing the best note service in the world. Here we can save notes within our Handwriting if we want to set and remind, Audio, Attachment, or camera. All of these features are make great for this service.


You have to use all the features that you want in note application the will really help to improve your daily life and easily add the tasks. While the other side you add the with your handwriting if you are personally like to write. Then this feature will also help a lot.

They have the best features you can use the Word Chat to add your partner to share the chat under the Evernote app this is looking so dramatically. You are using the message service in Evernote while adding the person’s mail ID.

You can easily sync the note on other devices like Windows or Mac. These help to manage your note across to the device and don’t interfere with your productive life.

#3. ToDo List

This is Microsoft’s service where we can add the day-to-day daily tasks on the ToDo list, to manage our daily tasks. This app is easily available on the Google Play Store or App Store.

If you can remember your tasks then this app is most beneficial for you you just put the task on the ToDo app and set on the reminder when the date will come then they send a notification.

todo list

The best thing about the service you can easily use it on your Windows PC, to sync your task on your Windows PC. If you add the task on your phone then the automatically appears on your PC, as same as if you add it to your PC then this will be appear on your Phone.

ToDo list’s UI is simple and good looking you will be adding the My Day, Important, Planned,  or Assigned to you. This can help to find your tasks and they have featured to set the reminder or time feature.

As when we complete the task when we click on the left side button to complete the task.

The UI more simple than that as now can’t forget the things just put your tasks on your ToDo app. You can explore more settings on the ToDo app.


Basically, this is not an application-based app but this is URL based service where we share the file across devices. You listen about Apple’s Airdrop service. But this service is unfortunately running on Apple devices.

What about android or Windows? How we share the file across to devices? The is the best service for the Android service. That can easily send to your Android phone to Windows if you want to send the pictures or documents then easily send through the


For that you can open both devices they show different names to your device every time. So don’t be panic, If you see something Rose, Crimson like that some different names then you can click on that or send the file that you want to sned on your PC or Android phone.

Make sure both the devices are opened the One more thing about, when your long-press on the device name that will show you send message option to share the messages or link. This is the easiest way and instant way to share the links on your PC. For PC you right-click on the device icon you will see the send message to send the message or link. If you want to share it with your phone.

#5. Adobe Scan

Adobe scan is just a scaling application that will scan all your identity cards, Driving license, or legal documents, or any other documents. Here you can edit your scan their have an option to color your documents with back & white, as we can rotate the document, resize or if you clean up the area this is so next-level scan application.

When you use your smartphone we are highly recommended to use the Adobe scan to scan the docs and add the docs on your Google Drive like your personal ID card docs, all of that you can scan your docs as you scan with a real scanner.

adobe scan

We just hope you really like these apps that will definitely help to use your phone. These are the most beneficial and extraordinary apps that full fill your life’s blank space.

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