5 Best Apps Works Like Clubhouse for Android or iOS

The Clubhouse has a most famous audio platform, it has almost taken the tech world by storm and has more than to million users in the last couple of months. It has introduced a new audio world where people find their interest base room. This introduces the new dimension of social media. Until in the market, there is a lot more audio platform they offer great features like Clubhouse or some more advanced feature as compare to the Clubhouse. Here we are sharing the best Clubhouse alternative.

Still, you haven’t revived the Clubhouse invitation this may help you.

We all know this is the new future and everyone is curious about joining the Clubhouse but they don’t get the invitation link. So if you want to try out some great alternatives to Clubhouse for Android and iOS, read on. You can try all these ways, which we mention below in this post.

Best Apps Work Like Clubhouse for Android or iOS

#1. Facebook Audio & Video Room

Facebook is beating the Clubhouse, Facebook reported that was developing hotline. Which was a mashup of Clubhouse and Instagram Live. Well, Facebook officially launches the new audio and video room feature in our Facebook app. You can access this feature from the bar, where you see the status, on top of that you have to saw the Create Audio & Video Room option to create your room with Facebook Room.

And you can invite the person that you want. The concept is the same as Clubhouse- up to 50 people can speak on a topic at the same time. Plus in that Facebook room, you can able to interact with your audience through video. This is an amazing feature that really makes a bond all over your audience. This is quite looking like Facebook live. On that people also can commenting. But here in that room people can raise their hand and ask.

So this feature is just amazing. And interact with more audiences. For the privacy concern set your room to only people you approve of or Anyone.


#2. Twitter Spaces

After the Clubhouse success, every tech social media giant company is thinking about launching the Clubhouse-like audio room feature in theirs. Then can really help to interact with your audiences. As we see Twitter with very positive eyes. It means big celebs and millionaires are tweet on Twitter and audiences are re-tweet and post their thoughts on that tweet.

Thanks for the Clubhouse where we listen to the voice of celebs and join them if we want to ask a question then just simply raise your hand and you will be asking the question to the organizer.

If you are from India then good news for you can host a Spaces, but globally, it’s available only to users with more than 600 followers.

If you won’t want to use this feature then open Twitter on your phone and you see the compose icon(+ icon). Click on it or you will get the Spaces option. Whenever we click on it, they asking for us to Start your spaces or Schedule for later. Now enter your space name,  you saw some button on the bottom something like mute settings, guest, emoji, or share your room option.

In all that you can explore more features if you want to make exciting Space with Twitter. As well some interface is showing like the Clubhouse room. But we will optimize the space on the Twitter space.

Besides that, currently, only 10 users can have the speaking privilege at a time. After you end your Space. Nothing will be publically available just like Clubhouse. There’s no audio recording feature at the moment. One more point, protected accounts can’t create Spaces, but can join and listen to other conversations. 


#3. Telegram Voice Chat

When all are running for the audio room race then how the Telegram behind the race. Who doesn’t know what is Telegram, Telegram is basically messaging platform and channel base platform where anyone might make the channel on Telegram if you are an affiliate marketer then you will be able to make a channel on Telegram.

On that note now Telegram has updated the voice chate feature within the channel. Yes, you can chate through with voice but this option is only enabled by the group admin or channel owner. Basically, you need to create a group before you can start voice chat. Keep in mind, unlike Clubhouse, which is public and allows to search for audio discussion, Telegram does not do that.

It’s only limited to the groups or channel users. Of course, people can share the invite link or add anyone to a group to join the voice chat. This is not open like the Facebook room, Twitter Spaces, or Clubhouse if you want to voice chat then make a group or channel then you will be doing your job.

But here we can record the audio in the group or channel. As we can say to it’s totally different from others. We know that they copy to Clubhouse but in a very effective way.

They introduce a new way of conversation. And is just more impressive.


#4. Spotify Greenroom

Spotify Greenroom is another best alternative for audio listeners. This is made by the Betty labs, and partners with Spotify. Here we have featured we can type the group name on the search bar and they show the results on the screen.

You will create your room on Spotify Greenroom. There put the name of Room or name of show or podcast. The group option is required where you choose an audience for this room.

If you want to save the copy of the audio that you will be organizing in the room, they send the copy of the audio to your email.

Fill in all the details and hit the Go Live button, now your room will be live.

Spotify Greenroom

#5. Reddit Talk

Who uses Reddit extensively, finding like-minded people through audio chate in a subreddit may be the best option and perhaps better than Clubhouse. Called Reddit Talk, this feature only allows moderates to host a talk at the moment. The company has hinted that it’s testing the feature and may roll out Reddit Talk to a larger audience.

When Reddit will launch their Reddit Talk we are very much sure this is much different from another service. Reddit talk allows subreddit moderators to start a public audio conversation. Anyone can join the talk also request to speak. As well you are a Reddit user then we 100% sure you like this feature Reddit talk is a great app with an audio social network like Clubhouse.


Discussion on the Best Clubhouse Alternative

All these we share the above mention audio-chat featured app. One of these is the most advanced to the Clubhouse if they really do more work on their fields like Twitter Spaces, Telegram Voice chat, or Reddit Talk these are the more different from the Clubhouse or better Clubhouse alternative.

If you want to use these services then go ahead and check them out.

In a market, a lot of platforms are providing the Clubhouse alternative but this is not doing the good like all these we share. If we want we can add it to our article but we know our audiences like one of the best and overall the more users traffic on all these platforms. So thanks for that. We made exclusive content for you guys, keep supporting.

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