5 Things to do With Your New Smartphone

When someone buys the new smartphone then what will be done first with your brand new smartphone. That time you have confused, what to do with your new gadget. You buy a new smartphone life stays trouble-free, you should first the time to set it up properly. Here we share some tips with you that run your phone perfectly for years.

5 Things to Immediately With Your New Smartphone

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#1. Install Pending Updates

This is quite a simple method to keep up-to-date on your phone and this is quite a simple method to use that in the new gadget. Well when we receive the brand new smartphone then, first of all, we check for the latest updates if updates are showing pending then you install the update right now.

Because when we receive the update we have to see the manufactures were made on this device or yet when we receive the device in that period smartphone maker maybe release some update for your smartphone that instantly update your phone.

Make sure you can some research on the new update if any bug or any annoying problem in that update then you do not install it on your phone. So please do some research and get some user reviews on the new update cause we see sometimes when makers are roll out the update then in some cases phone after updating then you have to see some issue with that update like battery drain, some touch issue, security issue detected, or many more issues.

Then we suggest you get some info about the update.

Why we update to the latest? When we update to the latest update of Android then we also update the security. As I say the old Android platform has more dangerous than the then-latest security update.

While we compare to both old updates like Android 5 or 6 then we are definitely sure this is upbeat to the latest Android 11.

Anybody can easily control your phone cause this is too old. When we update it to the latest then the changes are very very less.

#2. Security Setup

This is a very important thing when we upgrade with the new smartphone. While when we use our smartphone this is many uses for that. It is set security for your new smartphone, whatever you want to like pin, pattern, password, fingerprint, or Face ID  with your brand new smartphone.

It is quite beneficial when we forget the phone at the office desk. Nobody can’t use your phone because this is looked.
For hearing this is normal but today’s time it’s very important for the user like if you can’t unlock your phone the some can steal your data, private pictures, videos, or something like that.

If your phone is looked at, well this is impossible to get access your phone. In some smartphones they are very advanced If you lost your phone, or someone gets your phone but they don’t know the password. So they can’t unlock your phone. If they are trying to unlock your phone with a factory reset( turn off or press the power on + volume + or – button). It asks you to enter the password to reset your device.

This is so many beneficial features for the smartphone owner, if they lost their phone so don’t be panic that they can’t access your phone or if they are trying to reset your phone then there they are asking for the password. Some smartphone makers are the built-in feature.

Set the security for your smartphone immediately.

#3. Transfer All the Data to New Smartphone

It is then difficult we think. But now this is easier to transfer your data with your shiny smartphone. But you have to do two things, Internet or Data backup. While we switch the phone then obsessively we need all the old smartphone data, like all apps, call history, messages history, call recording, or most important WhatsApp data.

Actually, we made an in-depth article on this topic about how you can transfer all your data to the shiny new smartphone.

But in that post, we just explain in very short if you already take your smartphone backup then if not then follow this. When you set up the new phone there have an option to restore your old phone data from this phone. If you select this option then you can immediately share your data with your new smartphone.

Now it’s a more easy and convenient way to transfer all your data with a single tap.

If you can know how to take a full backup of your WhatsApp chat this may help you.

#4. Turn On Sync

Set new smartphone’s sync to on cause this may help to reduce your data lost chance if you turn on your smartphone’s sync with Google Drive if you have iPhone then turn on it with iCloud.

This means every change you do on your phone is automatically sync with Google Drive and synchronize. It’s basically do save you data backup time if your smartphone sync is on which means anytime you have to format or reset your phone. But make sure you check the more sync setting for your gallery photos, phone calls, messages, or call recording.

If all the options are enabled then that means your data in sync with the cloud service. So you have to don’t overthink it.

As all, we know Google is allowed only for a 15GB backup cap for cloud service if your data is longer than 15GB then you can choose the Google one plan. If you are searching for a free cloud-based service that allows for 100GB of storage free.

If you’re using Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, or OnePlus that have their cloud base service. So you can use this free-of-cost service, or enjoy that service.

#5. Customize Ringtone or Notification Tunes

It like very little annoying but very attractive things on every phone. When we switch it from the new phone then all the things are changed. Although ringtone or notification tunes are changed. When we listen to this notification tune or ringtone this is quite annoying. Because we can’t use to with these.

All the notification settings change if you received all the small notification tunes then this is so much irritating. So if you attend so much notification then turn off the notification sound like if you received so much notification from WhatsApp, Twitter, or Instagram. Simply turn them off or relax.

Above we share all the tips that are most helpful for new smartphone users this is more troubling, but we solve all your problems at all. If you are satisfied with these tips then share this post with your friends and family members.

If they change the phone every year then this is these are the tips that may help you.

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