ADB driver not installing on your PC fix it – BUT HOW?

In today’s article we share with guys that if your ADB driver is not installed on you PC so you can follow this method to install the ADB driver. Many of guys asking what is ADB driver. Basically ADB driver is a Android phone driver that can shows you to your phone is connected to the PC and read the hardware and read the compatible driver. I personally search on google about ADB driver not installed on my PC, but nobody gives proper answer so i decided to write article on this. First thing to do in your smartphone is that you can enable you developer options on you, now you asking me to how to enable developer option. Go to your phone settings and tap on About phone and 7 to 8 times tap on build number, Now you can see the developer option in settings. Go to developer option and allow the USB debugging thats it.

Quickly we up on the topic. Boot your smartphone to recover mode. You can see the android log on screen and something doing with. Actually this is you recovery mode now have to connected your smartphone to your PC via original USB cable. After that you will be run ADB driver setup. Here we would to try first method that is typical install like general use ADB setup to try to install to here to download ADB setup. Now we try second method that actually work it.

Install ADB driver

The thing to do you first is, you connect your smartphone to a USB cable and you right-click on This PC icon and click on Manage. Here you would be showing new windows in this window you can see the left-hand side Device Manager.

  • Dubble click on the Device Manager if your device is connected to the PC you should see like this.
  • You see under other devices Android driver that is not installed on your PC show a yellow mark on that.
  • Right click on Android driver.
  • You can see update option.
  • Click on update option.
  • Now click on the “Browse my computer for drivers”.
  • Click on the “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”.
  • Next, You see Android device.
adb driver
  • Click Next.
  • You can see ADB drivers list and you can choose latest driver and click on Next.
  • Click Yes.
  • You have to see your ADB driver is successfully installed on your PC.
  • You will be check your driver is installed.

I hope you guys this all the method help for install ADB driver if anyone face any problem you can DM me on Instagram im_yogeshsoni.

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