Dell Alienware X17 Gaming Monster: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080

While in today’s time, where gaming industries are expanding a lot. Therefore a perfect laptop means a pure dedication to gaming and no interruption in the gaming. Here we share the detailed info about the Dell Alienware X17, this is worth it or not, what are the special feature of this laptop, and why we choose AlienwareX 17.

Alienware X17 laptop has a separate fan base, for gamers, actually, this is the upgraded version for the previous-gen Alienware. Alienware X series is really remarkable engineered, limitless.

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Alienware x17

With that price point, we can it a little bit pricey, but it’s totally worth spending the money on it. Alongside, we got the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 16GB of the graphics card with this model.

Let’s move on to the points-

Why We Buy This Alienware X17?

Here we drop the reason why you buy this Alienware can it really be worth it. They can full fill your needs, or it has enough memory to perform the tasks.

In a general way, we share the short answers for you why we pick this one, cause behind there are a lot of points.

# No. 1. is brand this is the oldest gaming laptop brand, as I think when nobody can making such a great gaming laptop then Alienware introduces the gaming laptop. They are still working from 1996 to now. This is a very huge period. I think you convey your mind a got the point.

It means they are still working to 1996, when that time, I think nobody knows about the laptop and anyone can’t think about the gaming. They were created. This is the main first reason, cause they have a very reputed brand in this market. We think none of the laptops can’t beat the Alienware laptops. They have a decent amount of respect in the gaming industry.

Alienware x17 performance

# No. 2. we go the rich configuration with this laptop. On another side, we have the new Alienware X series there they introduce the Intel i9 with 11gen of the processor. This is a very big change in this laptop. We know that all are making the laptop, but few of them manage the performance of this laptop. That is a matter of a gamer, cause they can’t wait a second. Alienware laptops are well optimized and well managed.

# No. 3. Alienware X17 is powered with the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 16GB of graphics card that will prove when you gaming on a laptop. The laptop needs a powerful GPU alongside have i9 processor.

# No. 4. At that price point, we got the true gaming laptop that comes from Alienware X17. This is the newer series of the Alienware X series. They reduce the weight of this laptop, obsessively, laptop has a four-zone RGB light at the backside 100 RGB lights are mounted on the back. Alienware logo has a dedicated light effect, pre key RGB enabled. You customize the pre-key with different colors, with help of Alienware Command Center.

Including the touchpad, they also featured the colorful light on its touchpad. That looks so cool while if you are play games at night.

 # No. 5. New Alienware X17 has a 4K display supporting display, with that 4-way stereo speakers 4W x 2 = 8W.

Is Alienware X17 Worth it?

Yes, if you want a true gaming machine with its compatibility. Then, of course, the Alienware X17 is the ultimate powerful machine until that time. If we are talking about the price they have price set it to $3,655 for a higher-end model. While if you don’t want a 4K screen, 3466MHz RAM, or RTX 3080.

The base model is starting with the $2,156 for FHD 165Hz 3ms, 3200MHz RAM, 256GB SSD, or RTX 3060 graphics card. If you have a minimum budget then you can go with the base model but we don’t suggest it cause the price range is very high in price.

If you are selecting the RTX 3080 model $3,655. This really makes sense. If you choosing the model RTX 3080, cause they have Intel i9 11th gen processor with RTX 3080 16GB.

Alienware x17 RBG Lighting

This is actually worth it if you want ready to spend whatever money on it. Alienware X17 has a lot of advantages. AlienFX lighting zones, Alienware command center, Gaming library technology, fusion, and profile functionality. Under this laptop, Alienware added the quad fan to cool this laptop.

Overall they are leading the gaming market then we can believe in them and trust them. It’s customizable with like if you want to overclock and want to customize each setting like RGB lights and fan controls the great thing is they have 4 fans this means fast cool your laptop.

Alienware X17 Configuration With Opinion

If we start the list of best gaming laptops then we choose the Alienware X17’s no. 1 position. We know those X series have maximum potential to prove that this is made for true gaming.


The Alienware X17 series is lighter than the Alienware series ever. Here you got the futuristic design with that series. The x17 comes with the Gray and While color range. With that set, we have a superslick design and feel premium experience. Here are can’t see the negative point about this laptop. Some points are noticeable, so we discuss them under the Conclusion.

On the top, you see the 17 geometric balance and blended bone lines of our iconic legendary industrial design and reached new heights. Experience a new dark core feature that removes distraction and provides an aesthetically pleasing side profile to hide all the ports and vents. Plus, an innovation, modification extrusion makes our design that much more seamless, and our stain-resistant paint design looks ever cleaner with a new silky-smooth finish. At the top panel, the Alienware logo sticker on it.

Alienware x17

The screen has almost reduced the edges and top to the bar, as we see the 720p HD camera with Windows Hello feature.

Make your setup shine with new rear stadium and touchpad AlienFX lighting enhancements. You can customize the stadium AlienFX lighting colors to match your studio or profile. Independent and programable lighting zone powered by 100 micro LEDs. All these are LEDs are used in the back bottom side, around the ports. For added customization, select X-series laptops now have exclusive AlienFX touchpad features, which require the optional Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card, with an independent and programmable lighting zone.

Easily manage your AlienFX lighting zones, edit peripheral settings, and save new themes you can then assign for each game in-game in the Alienware Command Center. Then, before putting the competition to bed, try the “Go Dark” mode allowing you to turn off lights and go ninja stealthy without drawing attention.

The keyboard layout did not include the Numpad as well. X17 series replace Numpad as multimedia keys. More space is present as of right now. But we couldn’t know, why they can’t add the Numpad keyboard. I think this is more beneficial for gaming while pressing all the keys, as compared to we press the upper line keys.

All the ports are mounted on the back bottom side, and vents are placed on the left and right sides. Four fans are used in the x17 2-CPU, 2-GPU. They cool down your CPU and GPU and perform very well.

They touchpad the lighting effects so this is new think about this laptop. As we see with normal eyes. So Alienware x17 has a lot more LEDs and effects to make cool your laptop.


First of all start with their screen. Specially, all Alienware X17 series come with a 17.3” screen size. Optimize your view with the smooth gameplay in mind, the incredibly fast 165Hz though 360Hz panel options have a response time rated at 3ms or less. Even they had improved visual experiences, the 360Hz panel option supports NVIDIA G-Sync technology which means when you play the rich graphics game when the GPU and your screen sync with the GPU and the frame rate are same on the screen.

In fact, when we run the games and then you do not face the frame drop issues, While your GPU and screen are working with the same. That’s the benefit of the G-Sync technology.

x17 display

Dell says the screen is easy on the eyes: the FHD 165Hz and FHD 365Hz panel options on the X17 include low blue light technology that is hardware-based so you can game longer, without any concerns or reducing in image quality. Our FHD panels also offer high-speed motion and graphics and an sRGB 100% color gamut with a richer color range than most laptops.

The screen is well optimized with 160Hz and 360Hz rates. Obsessively, they reduce the blue light from the screen. So no matter how they affect your eyes. Through the G-Sync they reduce the higher power consumption. Cause if your display runs on other frame rates and your GPU running on different frame rates they consume more and more battery of your laptop. They will save you more battery life.

As here we saw the display is great and also comes with the 4K screen resolution and they offer that 500nits panels with the really big deal with the X17. With a color gamut equivalent to a 100% Adobe RGB spectrum, capable of producing an exceptionally wide range of high-contrast, vibrant colors. Featuring a 4ms response time with 120Hz, or 3ms with the 160 and some model useless.

Windows Hello

With that feature, you can start earlier than entering the password, because of the Windows Hello facial recognition-it’s available on all X17 panels. Instantly start your laptop no hustle while entering the passwords.


All the X17 series has Intel i7 11800H 8-core, up to 4.6GHz with turbo boost technology. But the X17’s higher model is available with the Intel i9 11980HK 8-cores, up to 5.0GHz with turbo boost technology processor. The processor is in the higher range with the ultimate speed. We can enjoy uninterrupted gaming with the Alienware X17 Intel i9 11980HK processor.

X Series Motherboard

The processor is the latest build with the Intel i9 11980HK processor. Every laptop needs better speed with its thermal design. If the laptop has poor thermal then it directly impacts the CPU. When the CPU heat more then obsessively loss the performance and they heat degreed the brand new CPU.

Is not means that if your laptop has the latest intel i9 11th gen CPU but if your laptop cooling thermal are not well designed then your laptop gone heat up and maybe the processor are boom💥.

So in the next few paragraphs, we are discussing the X17’s Thermals.


Now we clear all that the Alienware X17 comes with the 4-fans. 2 CPUs and 2 GPU. They cool your CPU and GPU-like fridge. Game faster and for longer periods thanks to element 31 an industry-first and Alienware-exclusive encapsulated gallium-silicone thermal interface material. Offering a 25% improvement in thermal resistance, Element 31 works more efficiently than the previous solution pulling heat away from the CPU with double the energy storage capability over the CPU temperatures to increase by 45C. Indirectly, total system temperatures will benefit from this environment as well.

Introducing Alienware’s quad fan technology, a patent-patent-pending industry-exclusive included in our X-series laptops. This new design includes a combination of standard evacuative fans which move air through the chassis and over various internal hotspots creating a pressurized environment that dissipates heat and reduces external temperatures. Each fan is intelligently controlled and uniquely programmed to function individually to meet the desired equilibrium of cooling. This helps your system maintain optimized airflow and internal chassis pressure for better performance.

Alienware x17 Thermal

Game with confidence and rest assured that your system is being intelligently cooled according to your type of gameplay and its thermal requirements. Each of the four fans independently spins up, slow down, or remain steady according to your system’s needs, prioritizing the movement of the fans that are positioned to enable the best benefit for your system.

Like an engine’s transmission, gamers can set, activate and manage five unique power states through the Alienware Command Center with this exclusive, patent-pending technology. These five system’s CPU and GPU circuits. Depending on your needs, you can choose from performance mode, balanced mode, battery saver mode, quiet mode, and full-speed mode, which can also be toggled outside of Alienware Command Center using FN+F1.

The thermal control circuit offset is a feature that can be set within the BIOS if you choose to set a “cruise control” limit to your CPU temperature. This gives you the power and peace of mind to manage your CPU temperature within a safe limit you deem comfortable for everyday use. If you don’t like to tinker with your system, then you game with the default setting set by Intel.


In this series, we got the Nvidia GeForce RTX series laptop. The base model is starting with the RTX 3060 6GB GDDR6 and it goes up to RTX 3080 16GB GB GDDR6. Who consider gaming that wants for longer. Dell says the X17 offers hyperefficient 12-phase graphics voltage and 6-phase processor voltage regulation which means you’ll be able to perform at your peak during CPU- dependent gameplay and for hours on end.

x17 graphics card

The new Alienware X17 features Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics. Some of the amazing benefits that push performance from the new Nvidia series include dynamic boost 2.0 and deep learning supersampling. New AI-powered dynamic boost 2.0 automatically delivers the needed power between the GPU, GPU memory, and CPU for a larger performance boost than ever before. The AI network boost 2.0 manage power on a per-frame basis, so your x17 is constantly optimizing for maximum performance boost at the same power by using the Tensor cores to do groundbreaking AI rendering.

How much consume power for Dynamic Boost 2.0: so maximum graphics power on Alienware x17 delivers up to 165W with dynamic boost enabled and with configuration using the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080. Those x17 powered with the RTX 3060 or 3070 have maximum graphics power of up to 140W and 130W, respectively dynamic boost enabled.


With the 12-phase graphics voltage regulation, also they have an 8-core 11th gen Intel core processor you’ll experience high-performance action across your favorite games and applications. You’ll also benefit from the 3200MHz, they are starting with the 16GB 3200MHz. If you choose the premium variant then you got 3466MHz with 32GB of memory.

x17 3644Mhz RAM

This has fasted memory used in this laptop. Alienware X17 3466MHz model comes with the XMP enabled option, where to upgrade your laptop performance during startup and applications. X17 offers an upgradable memory option SO-DIMM and up to 64GB of dual-channel DDR4 RAM.

Don’t update the BIOS the Alienware X17 has rollout a new BIOS version if you have a 3466MHz model then after updating the BIOS they downgrade to 3200MHz RAM. Without any research, you don’t do an update. And no other option for a downgrade to your old BIOS. If you can’t run your laptop 3200MHz then you wait for the new update.


Most important thing ever on all the laptops, how much they have provided the storage in this laptop. The base model is too disappointing cause they offer the 256GB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD storage option. While who play the games on it. It seems so small pieces of storage.

4K Gaming Laptop

As well the all other three variants have 512GB of M.2 NMVe PCIe storage option. But that is pretty much low for gamers. But in that x17 series, you feel low storage then you have another M.2 PCIe SSD slot to add one more SSD on your x17. Alongside also you have a dual-channel memory slot.

While if you are thinking about the upgraded SSD and RAM then you should upgrade the RAM and SSD storage. This will help to store your data and NVMe SSD makes the PC faster in speed.

Keyboard & TouchPad

Here we got the premium AlienFX keyboard with incredibly responsive keyboard features per-key RBG LED lighting, 1.5mm key travel, N-key rollover technology, and anti-ghosting technology.

Sorry for those users who don’t have Numpad on this x17. But as you can see on the left side multimedia keys as you see below the picture.

Alienware keyboards are over the top gaming laptop keyboard. Its key responsiveness is just amazing. As again we say over the top-notch keyboard.

Alienware x17 Keyboard

With the per-key RGB lighting, you customize the light from the Alienware Command Center. Alienware exclusive ultra-low profile truly mechanical laptop keyboard offers the opportunity to extend your senses into next-level immersion. Experience real mechanical key switch design and architecture that’s exceptionally tactile and audile.

X17 keyboard had designed with premium. The optical keyboard includes Germans engineered stainless-steel switches, constructed with a gold-plated electrical contact enclosure which ensures that keys on the keyboard feel the same. Additionally, you can type at your leisure with assurance against failure and up to a 15 million keystrokes lifecycle.

No matter where you press the key, center or off-center thanks to the mechanical design within the anatomy of each key’s switch. This technology delivers an anti-wobble feel with an increased total key travel of 1.8mm.

All thank the Alienware they made an amazing touch-pad for this laptop they use the lighting in the touch-pad. They made your laptop stunting and look so pretty with the light change effects.

x17 Touchpad

Especially, if you’re gaming and streaming at night then feel so comfortable and the effect is so incredible. Touchpad also has a precision glass touchpad with integrated scrolling and multi-gesture.

Alienware Command Center

The Alienware Command Center uses in all Alienware gaming laptops. That means the user can change the profile like their usages. Even they can control the AlienFX lightings and manage the lights.

They can turn off the lights from the Alienware Command Center. Before the Alienware Command Center use only on the Alienware series. But now we use the Dell G series. Also, we make an amazing article on the Dell G7 17 laptop. On that, we describe the Alienware Command Center how’s it work.

Alienware Command Center

On the bottom right side, we can see more options like Overclock, Thermal, Audio, and Power tabs.


Under that, we can overclock the hardware here is Overclock 1 and 2.


In the thermal, we can use the balanced power mode, full speed, performance, and quiet mode. While using this option to manage your thermal.


All the Audio settings you can do with the Audio Tab.


Easily manage the power settings and change the settings like here you see the High performance & Balanced mode to manage the power settings.


Library tabs host your software or games in a single place, you can start, favorite. You can short options and customize options individually. Also, you can let the application automatically find games or software on your computer and then add those to your library.


FX is a bit more interesting cause here you can customize all your laptop RGB lights like where they are on the keyboard or bottom of the chassis. In that tab, you customize every single lighting effect.

Here you got the best feature called, per-key color change. Now back bottom bar has 100 RGB lights, change the lighting effects.

But, you can’t change the touchpad colors through this software. So here we have no option for changing the light on the touchpad for now. Maybe they release an update or not to change the light on the touchpad.


Inside this tab, you have more options like thermal, power, audio, and overclocking. Also, the help of advanced view to manage the thermal limit. All the thermal and overclocking settings you manage in this tab. While you create you profile that suits on your need.

Network & Connectivity

For the connectivity x17 paired with Intel’s Wi-Fi 6 technology multiple high-speed channel wireless for improved performance and reliability. The case study says this is far better than the previous-gen Wi-Fi 5.

Some researches prove the Wi-Fi 6 is 3x faster than the Wi-Fi 5. They serve better connectivity and a better browsing experience.

While the Wi-Fi 6 has more reliable and most powerful connectivity wise and speed wise. You don’t have any tension about the connectivity.

x17 ports

1 x Headphone Jack,

1 x Type-C thunderbolt 4 USB 3.2 Gen port, with power delivery(5V/3A),

1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A with Powershare,

1 x RJ-45 2.5G Ethernet,

2 x Type-C USB 3.2 Gen,

1 x HDMI 2.1,

1 x MicroSD

1 x MiniDisplay Port,

And Power Socket.


While the battery life is top of the line. Only we say about it, it depends on the users how they use the laptop. If they use for the watching videos, browsing, and PPT. Of course not, who buy this laptop obsessively not only play the videos of browsing.

They buy this laptop to do heavy work on it as like gaming, streaming, and graphical work. All the major tasks were performed on this monster.

x17 Battery

Usually, they give around 5hours of battery if you perform on video and browsing. Obsessively, they did not give that much backup during the playing games or CAD application, cause they consume more GPU and CPU to perform the tasks. Even the x17 has four-fan so it is very simple they consume more power to run the fans, and the power-hungry processor and RTX 3080 GPU.

X17 delivers up to 165W with dynamic boost enabled with configuration using the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080. If you choose the RTX 3060 or 3070 it will come with 130W or 140W.

While if you’re a hardcore user then it’ll be given to you 4-5hours of battery life if you are only web surfing then it will give you 9-10hours of battery backup.

Weight & Height

The model with 360Hz display:

Height x 20.9 mm   | Width x 399.23mm        | Length x 299.46mm      

Weight x 3.02kg(6.65lb)*

Model with 165Hz or 120Hz display:

Height x 21.4mm   | Width x 399.23mm        | Length x 299.49mm

Weight x 3.02kg(6.65lb)*

* It depends on you how many things you are upgrading with this laptop.

Check For Price

Also, X15 is available at this price

Cons & Pros

Here we categories the Cons & Pros of this laptop both those points are more important to disscuss before buying a new laptop. Both the things have their perspective and user point of view.

Let’s start this indexation-

solid build.Only 512GB of SSD.
Color fuLl RGB light.Battey backup is average in some scenarios.
four-fan for cooling.Can’t change the light on Touchpad.
3466MHz RAM.No fingerprint.
intel i9 11th Gen processor. 
Weight it just 3.02KG. 
17” laptop. 
Alienware x17 gaming laptop

The Bottom Line

All the detailed discussion we can above completed and now we are sharing the top-bottom lines of this laptop can you buy this laptop. Is it worth it?

– As well x17 had 3200MHz and 3466MHz RAM.

– Also, came with the Intel Core i9 11th Gen CPU, and RTX 3080 16GB GPU.

– Customizable RGB lights.

– Change overclock profile in Alienware Command Center. Explore more tabs in Alienware Command Center.

– Four-fan in x17 that cool nicely.

– 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD that’ll be working as a rocket🚀.

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