Last night Apple launch a bunch of new products, those the product we will be share in the next paragraphs. Last night’s event Apple launches the incredible product range. We are so excited to share with you. Apple does a great job. And also we cover all of the product with information. Because a full detailed blog is not possible. Here we try next time. Basically, we talk about last night’s launch products and share some informative information. Basically, Apple launches a bunch of new crazy products. The first product in their lineup is Apple iPhone 12 with gorgeous purple color in you can pre-order this Friday 23rd April 2021. and it will be available on April 30. AirTag, Apple TV 4K, iMac, and iPad Pro.

iPhone 12 in Gorgeous Purple

So let’s start with the Apple iPhone 12 this looks so stunting and a very gorgeous color. iPhone 12 is the most popular smartphone in the world and people love its amazing features super retina XDR display, ceramic shield, incredible camera system, and 5G. of course they look stunning design and selection of beautiful colors. And Apple adds the iPhone 12 in a gorgeous purple color. Although we say it looks very stunning. You can pre-order it to Friday 23rd April and it will available on 30th April.


One of the helpful features is in iPhone is fid my phone. And but they put the feature into your day-to-day life like you forget your key where you keep it. And you don’t remember it. So basically it’s for you you can find your key and purse, office bag, your books. While using to Find my Devices to find your MacBook and Apple watch. AirTran is used to find your products. They help you to keep trackers and find your things.

Even you can personalize your AirTag with emoji and batches. Just is touch is anything like your backpack, lugged, whatever else you have. You can keep track of your thing in find my app on any iPhone with a U1 chip, like iPhone 12. They just help to you to directly to nearby. They called this PRECISION FINDING as you move Precision finding usage U1 chip to finding to precis distance to get your tag.

Apple says find my device is safe to use they use you AirTag and your device location, not you. So included safety features they discourage unwanted trackings like Unwanted Tag Detection, Rotating Identifiers, and Audible alerts. The airbag starting price is just $29, and if want more Tags so 4 Tags at $99. order start this Friday 23rd April, and AirTag will be available 30th April. Also, have a leather collection so you want to spend more than you go.

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Apple TV 4K

Now Apple launches the new Apple TV 4K for entertaining or enjoyable. Apple TV brings the very best cinematic experience, giving you access to world-leading video services. This starts with Apple TV+ and its lineup of critically clean and world wining app originals. Including global drama. Apple TV makes truly unique hardware, software, and services. Apple TV is built on the same world best class Apple Silicon we put into iPhone. And it’s own TV OS that most powerful TV operating system. You can show off your projects using AirPlay.

Even listen to a movie at night with Apple AirPods. Apple TV 4K is built with A12 bionic bringing a new level of performance that will be a massive upgrade to your TV. Delivers the highest visual picture quality possible has always been core to Apple TV. It is ready to support high dynamic range such as Dolby Vision produce realistic colors and details. And new A12 bionic can apply 4K and HDR and a high frame rate.

Every TV has a different color feature, they have a new color balance feature Apple TV will work with your iPhone and advance sensors to improve your TV’s picture quality. Your iPhone usage camera and proximity sensor to guide you to on-screen target, color measurement start automatically. Apple TV uses your iPhone light sensor to compare your TV color balance. With new Apple TV has a new designed remote it has aluminum and is compact in size and perfectly in your hand.

The inter-click pad is touch-enabled you can scroll and rewind the movie as you can do with a touch so the remote is too easy to use. The power button is mounted on the top of the remote and the Siri button is mounted on the right side of the remote. Just like your iPhone. It is available at $179 for 32GB and $199 for 64GB. You can order them on 30th April and available 2nd half of May.

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Apple design own ARM and usage into their products. So basically M1 chip has used an iMac. The latest M1 chip is very much powerful to another chipset in the market. With the combination of M1 and BigSure, the performance is very very higher. The breakthrough performance and power efficiency to the Mac. The responsiveness and battery life. In developers deliver who delivers universal apps. So there are thousand of universal apps available on M1 and BigSur you can use Photoshop, MS Office, Twitter, Slack, One Password, and there are more arriving every week. M1 chip allows to push them far beyond previously possible.

This complete design iMac is more personal and more powerful, and more capable than ever. And it’s incredible from every angle. And Its ultra-thin and well manager components. iMac new looks stunning, with a spectrum of vibrant colors and you can choose the one and pitch that own personal style. From the front iMac is simple design and flat.

In fact, the full iMac is clean and simple, the front is made with a single sheet of glass covering the entire surface. The softer color allows you to focus on the screen and the color is not distracting but looks very stunning. The back is design really celebrates color and flatness. Next, we check the side profile is the ultra-thin cause of the M1 chip. Infect every generation of iMac is thin the first one is very bulky and look not cool because that time technology is not faster. Apple always tries to disappear more things in the computer.

Now we have the technology to take the next step because of the M1 chip. When we use in iMac previous generation when chipset and graphics both are covered it to the heatsink and the heatsink pipe is connected to fans the fans is really huge and they make your iMac bigger. After adding the RAM and chipset and storage in a single chip. So it automatically reduces the size. Here we add all the components to a small logic board. And mount the M1 chip on it. It’s more powerful than others. The bulky thermal system with relace with them by just two small fans. This keeps the system cool. Together these are components are make every system big so we just solve it and make it better for you and give better performance and power efficiency. And just 11.5mm thin.

The new iMac has a 24″ display by narrowing the borders. Apple fits the significantly bigger display, in the design is slightly larger. It has new 11.3M pixels(4480X2520), and it has a 4.5K retina display to see the content in detail. The 500nits brightness every image is brilliant and vivid. It also has a true tone that automatically adjusts the color temperature as your environment changes for a more natural experience. iMac design immersive and it’s awesome and for just getting started.

iMac has a FaceTime HD camera of 1080p and 6 powerful speakers. With the larger sensor camera performs great in low light. The camera is paired with M1 which has Apple’s latest image signal processor. And for a better experience camera focus on your voice and reduce the background noise. Which means you come through loud and clear in video calls. This has also the best mic system even in Mac. iMac is 2X faster than the previous generation, and it’s even 50X faster graphics you can edit in real-time with best class graphics.

You attend call and text from the latest iMac, and in fact copy your text form paste it to your iMac, with the magic of the universal clipboard. iMac has up to your connectivity with up to 4 USB type-c ports, including 2 thunderbolt ports for superfast data transfer. And support up to a 6K display like the Pro display XDR. Apple makes the magnet power connector with the iMac so it’s quick and easy to connect. It has a 2meter power cable which can be placed on your side of the desk and for the ethernet check out the adaptor you see the ethernet port on the power adaptor.

The iMac keyboard is so awesome. You can choose three different types of keyboards. First is come with gorgeous aluminum colors color match to iMac. there is a magic keyboard, with a new emoji, spotlight, dictation, and do not disturb keys and the lock key to instantly lock iMac.

Next keyboard with new exiting features Touch ID. Which comes to the Mac desktop for the first time. Wireless fingerprint data transmission is made possible for your secure processor to keyboard. It communicates directly with the secure enclave and M1. creating to data channel to secure your fingerprint to end-to-end security. So whether you make your payment to Apple pay to unlock your iMac for fast, easy, and secure. and touch ID also using for fast switching and change user profile.

And the last one has both the feature it has Numpad and Fingerprint ID. The magic mouse loved by the iMac users now features color mac aluminum. and magic trackpad its suits with your iMac colors.

It comes in 7 colors. iMac starts at just $1299 with an 8core CPU, 7 core GPU, 8GB unified memory, 256 GB SSD, Two thunderbolt ports, and a magic keyboard, in 4 colors. Second come with $1499 8 core CPU,8 core GPU, and 8GB unified memory, 256GB SSD, Two thunderbolt ports, Two USB-3 ports, a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, and Ethernet. or 7 colors.

You can order iMac 30th April, and will be available in 2nd half of May.

iPad Pro

Now the M1 chip is in iPad Pro. Its performance is so incredible. It’s now in iPad Pro and it’s gone a blow your way. M1 is fit for our power efficiency and performance. Its first iPad Pro has an M1 chip. The next level performance in M1 chip with iPad Pro. M1 has 8 core fastest CPU low power silicon than M1 delivers 50X faster CPU than previous iPad Pro. If we compare it to the first-generation iPad so it’s 75X faster performance.

It’s a wonder the limits in iPad Pro. You edit and render the 3D design and adding complex effects while video editing. The 8 core GPU delivers 40X faster GPU again compare to the first-generation iPad. The Graphic of the new M1 iPad Pro is 1500X faster than the first generation. That just unbeatable. M1 iPad Pro enables the faster experience to access the storage with 2X faster storage access. For higher-end users use the 2TB M1 iPad Pro for better and high-speed iPad Pro. So iPad Pro has a liquid retina XDR display and it delivers 1000nits full-screen brightness and 1600nits peak brightness. and 1,000,000:1 contrast ration.

The 11″ iPad Pro starts at $799 and the 12.9″ stunning liquid XDR display at $1099. Even you can order iPad Pro starts on 30th April and will be available on the 2nd half of May.

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Here is a short teaser for how Apple make iPad Pro Well done Apple😁

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