Apple To Launch New Foldable iPhone

Every smartphone maker tries to launch a foldable smartphone. And Samsung is also running their foldable series that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Z series.

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Now the rumors are saying the Apple is making their foldable smartphone and that will be launch in 2023, with a QHD+ display, and says the display is far better than Samsung Galaxy Fold.

A Foldable iPhone With 8inch QHD+ Display

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, who is the most reliable Apple analyst with well-connected sources deep in the Asian supply chain. Is at it again with another prediction years in advance. Apple may be planning to release its foldable iPhone in 2023.

In that statement they share by MacRumors, Kuo claims that the foldable iPhone might be equipped with an 8inch QHD+ display. They also share that the company expects to sell 15-20 million folding units in 2023 bases on their capacity plan.

For comparison Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has a 7.5inch QXGA+ resolution of 2208X1768, If true, Apple’s device should have a much sharper display whit a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio. The Display is the same as iPhone 12 family feature as the 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

Foldable iPhone With Nenowire Tech

Kuo believes that the upcoming iPhone will be adobe a silver nanowire touch solution for the device’s display. This means in this technology makers are fold their screen above the single fold, makers are using this for fold three and four-time to fold their display.

“This display technology will be needed for future foldable devices that support more than a single fold”, Kuo said. Apple is already using sliver nanowire tech for the touch interface of the HomePod.

samsung fold 2

Even experts say foldable iPhone might fold horizontally or vertically, it’s worth pointing out that the sliver nanowire tech solution enables more than a single fold. Kuo says if Apple adopts the silver nanowire touch solution it creates a “long-term competitive advantage” for the future.

When we thought if iPhone will fold from the middle and then why the Apple logo is printed. This is a valid question because the Apple logo is printed on the bottom. Other brands add it to one side and some use it in the middle of the folding grip.


As Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple is made a foldable iPhone and that will be arrive in 2023. So here we are thinking different, cause we don’t think Apple is working on foldable iPhone. As we explain, Apple is make own new trend like when iPhone 10 is arrive in market before no one is using the notch and after iPhone 10 is arrived in the market than everyone is using the notch. Apple makes a trend and others follow them. So why we are thing is clear you mean it.

In fact, Apple will make a foldable iPhone then they don’t copy all of them they build fresh new designs, they spend on RND, they make a search team on them. And if will Apple launches the foldable iPhone so i deficiently sure this is different from all of the smartphone makers are launch till yet. For sure Apple is not launching the foldable iPhone. We accept it to they do something new, Not copy all of them they make crazy products and all are copy them.

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