Are Chromebooks Worth It? Why Should You Buy Them

In the past few year introduce a lot more people to the world of Chromebooks as everyone snatched them up for remote learning and at-home work during the pandemic. It is likely because of working person spent almost all time on their laptop, even the kids are doing their study from home and people are work from home.

When people buying the laptop them for kids, they are asking in the society what’s the best and what should buy for their kids for study. And they also do yourself work with the laptop. Here they see the laptop starting price is between 20k to 25k starting price. But here they have only starting laptops.

In front of that, only a few options are available like they have only bought the Celeron processor, Pentium silver, Pentium Gold, and AMD A4 these options include the starting of the laptop segment. As per my personal opinion, these are laptop is the only basic laptop you can’t do your work.

You increase the budget for buying a good laptop. But Chromebooks are staring at the 20k range and configuration wise they are very rich. Because they use ChromeOS. Basically, all the laptops running on Windows and MacOS. Chromebooks are running on ChromeOS. This seems like Android even they have Android support. This is generally true, but again, many people don’t need to do more. What can be done with web and mobile apps is increasingly more than enough and that’s exactly what current Chromebooks are made for. If you don’t know Chromebook is right for you? Read the below article.

Are Chromebooks Perfect?

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Not sure if a Chromebook is right for you? Start by making a list of exactly what you need to do on a computer. Include what you did like to do, too. If your list is done with the web browser, office tasks, like only use word processing and spreadsheets congratulations. Chromebooks are perfect for you.

Although, so many things, especially when you do office tasks, online video calls, meetings, video watching, web browsing. Apps are you can use in Chromebooks as you use in your Android smartphone, simply download apps from the Google Play Store.

Chromebooks are really crazy things in the latest technology. They are providing all the tasks you can do with the simply Chromebook. Until or unless do all the smartphone works with that, but in Windows, you can not do anymore without your work. The compatibility is also very good with Chromebooks as compare to Windows laptops. Chromebooks an easier recommendation for those who can do their day-to-day simple tasks. And they are don’t know about anything. It’s just a perfect fit.

Doing More Spend Less

lenovo duet chromebook best in budget segment

In every category price is one of the big things that makes Chromebooks so attractive. While premium models start at 40k, you can find excellent options for everyday usage at 25k to 30k. In this price range, you get the best in class and top of the features. One of my personal favorite model from Lenovo Chromebook Duet, it sells up to 25k budget. Basically, it is a two-in-one(convertible) Chromebook with a detachable keyboard cover so it can be used as a tablet or a laptop. Even you can use USI pen support, you can draw and take notes on the screen.

You can play the game as you play on your smartphone, and also you connect it to the gaming console or play the games on it. Now the topic has started, so while you won’t be able to play the latest PC games directly from a Chromebook, game-streaming services like Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now make it possible. While the entertainment apps like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Spotify, and YouTube Music means you enjoy a lot more than the laptop. All the Chromebooks are touch-screen,

If you are a parent, and if you are a thing to buy a laptop for their kids then Chromebook is a good option for your kids. We also suggest to you a Chromebook if your child age it between under 18+, after that they study higher then they demand higher-end laptop. So now you do not spend here you save for your child’s future. You kids are just in school, and the Chromebook is full fill their requirements.

Chromebook is very safe for earlier age kids, many times parents are thinking about their kids. What their kids are doing on? and whatever they think. So you can control your kids’ activities. Chromebook gives an option to add Google accounts, give them access to only their stuff and no other activities. You add the kids account to Google Family Link to manage kids activities. By the way, you can control child Chromebook usage time period, and see all of that kids use in their device, also they can see every search on Google and YouTube. And malware attack chances are very low, it’s look nothing.

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Google roll-out time to time security updates, and they can update the OS. If you are an Android user so you have a reason to pick Chromebook. Google added a Phone Hub feature that makes it easier than ever for two devices to work together.

There is one thing to be aware of with the regard to updates. Google Chrome devices have an Auto Update Expiration date. Non-Google hardware is only supported for so long before it stops receiving Chrome OS updates. Assume released in 2020 after November then the update is getting it to 7-8 years, but that is not always the case. As same, you can see in the smartphones when Google makes a smartphone so they are providing updates for a longer time. And we see the same seen in other smartphone makers are making a smartphone they provide an update for at least 2-3 years.

Can Run All The Apps?

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Yeah Alright, you are waiting for the answer so here we share the answer. A hurdle to say for some time that the Chromebooks is good or a laptop is bad. As we say almost all the Microsoft apps are run on Chromebook. While there are Web and mobile app versions of Microsoft Office software, some features you are not using in Chromebook. But you will want to be sure all the tools you need are available online or in the apps before making the switch.

Like all the apps do not work proper in Chromebook. For example, if you need a laptop to run Photoshop, Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects not good to use in Chromebook. And also Adobe does have a limited version of apps permission to do tasks on Chromebook. You can’t fully unlock all the features in the Chromebook. Chromebook supports your Android support. So think exactly what you’re doing you might be not able to perform higher-end software. Again, though, Chromebooks are not natively compatible with software for Windows or Mac.

There are many software providers to say use this, this, or this, service to use Windows or Mac software on your Chromebook. It allows using of full-featured Windows applications. It is mainly for business users, and not the option for regular user. Third-party software degrades the performance of software and Chromebooks. User can’t use both at the same time, lag issue detect, software not support, Chromebook might slow. But it typically to do as a user.

So here we can’t see after reading the full article that the Chromebook is a perfect fit. but we can’t say the Windows and MacOS are disgusting. All have a different point of view. And only users can observe those points to find out their needs. If their all the tasks to complete the Chromebook so it a better choice, if you use a heavy type of software like they use Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and etc. You can differentiate the platform and find it according to need.

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