Google Family Link to manage your child activity on a smartphone

Today’s day-to-day life is very curious about knowing everything. And especially in the child’s mind. They listen to the bad in our society, Ex – they listen to abuse, and some bad words and some bad scenes around them. After seeing all the things they share with the parents. The parents did not say anything about society. They say this is an age to know them. Being a child they are very curious about knowing the things that parents are not sharing with them. Obsessively they are searching on the internet and after they see the bad to bad things on the internet. Then the whole process starts when the child the age not compatible with their age. Then children are hiding the things from their parents and not share them with their parents. They just think if parents are their enemy if they know about this then. What happens wrong they don’t know. But being a parent is advanced with our children. Tech all miner thing what is a bad thing and what is a good thing. If your child is searching online some serious according to their age. So please educate your child about it.

If you don’t want your child to see any type of distracting content. Because on the internet every platform is independent and search to see the results. But here we are sharing the best way to control your child’s smartphone and their history and what your child sees. What they are browsing and what they are downloading and what type of content they are seeing on the internet. And all the parents are very frustrated about this. Because they don’t know how to manage on eyes. If you give your child a smartphone you are doing the wrong. Cause the internet is an enemy of your child at the age of under 18. I am sharing the application with you to control a child’s smartphone. Even you can set the browser data, you want to block the adult sites and all the social media platforms. These are some contents distracting your child’s mind. You install the Google Family Link for parents. Both of the devices one that you use and another is your child’s smartphone. Then you create your child’s mail ID and connect with your device and enable the supervision mode to monitor your child’s activity. Basically, you can see how much time spend on the smartphone and what application they use on it.

Apps Permission

Google family link app to control your child activity

In this application, you can control the Play Store application for a child the 3+,5+7+, and 18+ apps that could be installed on your device. My suggestion is if your child’s age is just under 18 then select it to 3+ rate. Because in that feature your child is not searching like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps. And set the device on permission when the application is installed then ask permission to parents. And one mail is come from the Google Family to confirm to install on your child’s device. If the application is necessary then give permission. Parents can manage some of their child’s account settings on a browser. Other features, like setting screen time limits, require that parents have the Family Link app on Android or iPhone.

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Access to website

access for application

If your child is extraordinary. They open the site in chrome browser like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media web service then block all the service to help them. You find the option in settings and see the chrome allow and block sites. If you want to block the sites like FB, Instagram, etc. Then your child is not using these sites. If they use sites they showing the message contact to your parent. For better, you block these super spacious sites.

Manage Activities & Time

manage activity on google family link

Be a parent, sometimes your child not listing you. And they are not giving the smartphone to you. So here you can control the activities on your devices. You manage the time to use smartphone-like if you like your child use their smartphone 4hrs in a day or 3hr in a day or whatever you set it to yours. After complete the time, the phone is locked that they can’t use them, the next day they use it. If your child not giving to their device then you locked the device through your smartphone. In Google Family app to see the particular app usage time how much they spent time on it.

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Monitoring Location

location sharing in google family link

In the Google Family app, you see the current location of your child. Find your child where we are going. If they are something hiding the location then instant you can track the location of your child. If they are wrong then you ask them. Why they are lying.

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