Best Cheap SSD for 2021

When Windows 10 comes then many users have a problem with that because Windows10 is too much laggy and problematic. So here is that we discuss this critical problem solving that is use can use SSD(Solid State Drive). Yes, SSD can improve your system’s performance. That can be a new life for your system’s life. Yes, that would extend the system’s life to more.

SSD’s Intro

So in today’s article, we share with you the top cheap SATA SSD in 2021 that should improve your laptop or desktop’s life even you can say they speed up your machine just 4X. So without wasting any time read the full article we share the top cheap SATA SSD that could be speed up your machine.

In the market, many various types of SATA SSD available. So don’t be panic while selecting SSD. We clear every doubt about SSD. You have enough budget but still, your machine is so slow. So you can go with a minimum capacity of SSD like 120GB or 240GB. 120GB SSD base model of all SSDs so if your budget is so tight 120GB SSD is enough for you. Even no doubt you can use 240GB, 500GB, and 1TB. But 500GB or upper variant are a little bit expensive. 120GB is enough because in the 120GB partition you installing the Windows-only Windows. You have to store data in your HDD drive. Use SSD only for Windows install. In a simple way, you say the SSD is your C partition that installing the Windows.



WD SSD 120GB Western Digital made HHD and SSD the popular brand in the market. WD has a new image in the market when the SSD comes they sale doubled because of SSD. WD provides WD Green SSD that very much popular in the market because of price point they come with the decent price point. And because of the company’s brand power, they eventually make great profit in this segment. WD builds trust under customers.

If you have tight budget so you go for WD Green SSD 120GB

Check price of WD GREEN SSD 120GB / WD GREEN 240GB SSD

Crucial BX500 120GB

When the name of SSD comes, the name of Crucial comes first. In the SSD market Crucial has a powerful image in the SSD market they made world-class best SSD I think, for budget point and Value for money they beat Samsung.

Crucial BX500 120GB is cheaper than WD green they give you really solid performance and value for money.

Crucial BX500 120GB / Crucial BX500 240GB


OSCOO is a new brand for the SSD market in India. We Indians don’t trust easily. I know that but some kind of guilt feelings when we place an order of SSD because we don’t hear beard name. OSCOO belongs to china and now we can’t trust china but there is no other option. Because 99.9% are electronic item are made in china. We don’t do anything. Those who but it but the local market is very cheap because we search online they offer 2,000 something for 120GB but this price is so high but local market they can off RS. 200-300 even we experienced that. And they provide with warranty. Who buys online were to claim a warranty because not amazon, not Flipkart gives warrant. The warranty gives by the company I think anything going wrong with you. After what will you do. The good is that you go local and search for it.


Kingston A400 120GB

Kingston, the name you listen to that. Most of the deal with IT segment like Pendrive, HDD, SSD, memory, and keyboard other some IT products. This company belongs from America. So obviously we can trust them. But the prices are a little bit higher than the usual SSD.

Kingston A400 120GB

Hikivision 120GB SSD

This name you listen to in the CCTV camera industries. but they make SSD. Why they start making SSD we don’t know. They establish in China. The reason behind they provide cheap SSD is you also know that.

I think this is the very very cheap SSD in the today’s market

they provide RS. 1700 for 120GB SSD.

Hikivision 120GB

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