Best Leather Furniture Dye Review 2022

Best Leather Furniture Dye Review

Leather furniture and accessories can be beautiful, but they can become stained and fade. 

If your leather furniture looks a little worse for wear, don’t worry – there’s a solution! You can use leather dye to recolour your furniture and make it look new again.

The leather dye comes in many different colours, so you can find the perfect shade to match your furniture. The dye is easy to apply, and it will last for years.

The best leather furniture dye is the best way to get the natural Colour of your leather goods.

Leather is a popular material for furniture because it’s strong, durable, and comfortable. One downside of leather furniture is that it can be challenging to get the natural Colour of your leather, and there are a few different ways to dye your leather.

The best leather furniture dye is a great way to protect and preserve your valuable leather goods. 

According to the report by Research and Market, the leather dye market is increasing drastically. Infect they jumped from $53,946.6 million in 2020 to $58,613.2 million in 2021. And market analyzers are predicting that the market has expanded more. It’s simple to think that if the leather dye market is increased obsessively, the leather market is automatically expandable. 

Here we share the best leather furniture dye to colour your favourite leather items to maintain their shine and look.

There are many ways to maintain your leather furniture. If it gets damaged, then we have a solution. 

But, here we share with you the top 9 best leather furniture dye review that can be perfect for your leather furniture or leather essentials.

Let’s get started.

If You Are in a Hurry, then Our Best Pick

Fiebing’s Leather dye

Leather Furniture Dye Buying Guide

If you’re looking to dye your leather furniture a new colour. There are many leather dye options on the market, and each offers its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Before making a purchase, read the product reviews and compare prices to find the best option for your specific project. There are different kinds of leather faux leather, top-grain, full-grain, cowhide, etc. These products are made with other sorts of leather.

Here are some tips for choosing a suitable leather dye.

There are a few things to consider. 

  • What kind of leather do you have?
  • What kind of dye do you want to use?
  • How much dye will you need?
  • What kind of leather conditioner do you need?
  • How do you apply the dye? Here’s a buying guide for all of your dye needs.
  • Alcohol-based is made with alcohol seeps, so it has more vibrant colours; it seals the dye, which stays for a more extended period.

Leather Furniture Dye Review

1. Fiebing’s Leather Dye

I love Fiebing’s leather dye! It is the perfect Colour for my leather furniture, and it has lasted for months without fading or wearing off. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to add a little extra colour to their leather furniture!

Fiebing’s leather dye is a well-known brand in the leather dye industry, as I think it makes the best and ultimate quality leather dye. They made dye run longer and without fading and wearing off. 

Fiebing’s leather dye is the most recognized penetrating alcohol-based leather dye discussed above. The alcohol-based dye is the best pick for the long run.

You can use it with a sponge or vegetable tanned or unfinished leather.

Feibing gave us assurance it will not peel, crack or rub off when fully dry while remaining flexible. 

It is also available in many colours you can select according to your need.

It will be required for at least two coats on here. Each coat took maybe 40minutes to dry, and I had to every of it out with rubbing alcohol after and then seal it with the Fiebing’s. 

Here is a simple mathematic if the different colour leather items are more expensive so you can buy the leather dye and dye into your favourite Colour.


  • Pocket friendly 
  • Minimum coat and get maximum results.
  • Easily clean from your skin (our recommendation is to use hand gloves to avoid dye stain).
  • Perfect shine


  • Harmful or fatal if swallowed, so be careful can cause eye irritation

2. Leather Hero Leather Colour Restorer

Looking to bring your old, faded, scratched leather furniture back to life? Look no further than Leather Hero Color Restorer! This unique formula is designed to blend, look, and feel just like the original finish while being flexible and won’t rub off. 

Just apply it to your leather furniture and watch it magically transform right before your eyes. You’ll be amazed at how new and refreshed your once worn-out furniture looks!

Leather Hero on leather seats, furniture, shoes, purse, and car seats. Leather Hero is an excellent choice for all smooth leather, and it’s not for suede leather.

Leather Hero dye is made with a non-toxic formula. It can be easily cleaned up with water. 

Especially if your leather couch looks older, you can easily use this Leather Hero dye for your leather items.

It’s available in almost every Colour.


  • Available in various colours.
  • Bigger pack
  • Easily removable from hands
  • Best for all types of smooth leather(Excluding the suede)


  • Not Found

3. Rit Dye

Rit Leather Dye is the perfect solution! This easy-to-use dye comes in various colours, so you can easily find the ideal shade for your needs. Whether you want to hide a laundry accident or refresh an old piece of furniture, Rit Leather Dye is up for the task. 

Get creative with an easy dye technique like tie-dye, marbling or shibori and create something unique and beautiful!

Perfect for rejuvenating faded clothing, changing the Colour of apparel, shoes or accessories, and leather essentials. 

The best thing about the Rit dye is it can easily apply on any surface; also, there are 1000+ colour recipes available on Rit’s official website if you want to find the perfect Colour for your favourite item so check it out.

It’s best to work on wood, cotton, wool, nylon and more. But here we have a little bit of doubt about it. 

It works but not in a significant way. So you try it or avoid it, But, Yes, it is perfect for fabric. 

As like it is cost-effective.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Works on cotton, wool, wool, nylon, leather and more.
  • Bigger packing


  • Please keep it away from your eyes, as it irritates your eyes.
  • But not perfectly work well on leather.

4. Angelus Leather Dye

Introducing Angelus Leather Dye, the perfect way to restore, customize and transform your leather goods! This heavily pigmented dye is available in a single 3-ounce jar and comes with a wool dauber for easy application. 

It’s alcohol-based and professional-grade, so you know it will be of the highest quality. 

Plus, it’s perfect for saddles, tack, shoes, belts, purses and wood – anything you want to add a little colour to. So don’t wait any longer; Angelus Leather Dye is the dye you’ve been looking for!

This heavy-duty dye will give your leather items a whole new lease on life, whether you’re looking to change the Colour or refresh what’s already there.

Angelus Leather Dye comes in a handy dauber bottle, making it easy to apply evenly and avoid any wasted product.

Just make sure to work in a well-ventilated area, as the alcohol-based dye can be fairly strong. Once you’ve finished applying, you’ll be left with beautiful, professional-grade results apricating. 

This is a well-trusted brand and is available at a lower price and in decent quantity. 

If you get the wrong colour leather product, you might buy the leather dye at a nominal price and change the Colour of your favourite leather essentials. It’s simple😜.


  • Perfectly work on leather
  • One coat can look better. You don’t need to apply 2nd coat
  • It works excellent on suede leather
  • Available in almost all the famous leather colours


  • A bit pricey as it comes in a small bottle

5. FurnitureClinic Leather Re-Coloring Balm

Furniture Clinic’s Leather Recoloring Balm is precisely what you need if you’re looking to restore Colour to your faded or scratched leather furniture.

With 16 colour choices, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your leather couches, car seats, clothing, or any other genuine leather product. 

They said Our formula is backed with decades of expertise, and the product is more than 50% larger than our competitors!

The product was evaluated by the good housekeeping institute and after rigorous testing by their experts. 

We like the refund policy as if you don’t like the product so you can share your experience with experts, they offer a money-back guarantee. This means they believe in their product; otherwise, no one can provide this policy.

The FurnitureClinic Balm is easy to apply; follow the instructions and rub it with a cotton cloth. After about an hour of dying, you can sit on the leather surface without Colour transferring to your garments. 

The product comes in sealed protection too. 

Some users face issues with this Balm, which wears off after applying them. Maybe they use different leather or anything missing.

And some users are very satisfied with the FurnitureClinic Balm.


  • Accurate colour selection.        
  • Satisfied results.
  • The high-quality leather balm


  • Some users said the Colour is wearing off.

6. Tandy Leather Eco-Flow

Looking to breathe new life into your old leather items? Tandy Leather Eco-Flo is the perfect answer! This dye comes in various colours, so you can choose the ideal shade to suit your taste. 

Not only does Eco-Flo restore Colour and vibrancy to tired leather, but it’s also environmentally friendly! So why wait? Give your old leather gear a new lease on life with Tandy Leather Eco-Flo.

Inside the package, you’ll get eight different leather dyes that you can apply to the other leather stuff like couch, purses, wallets, shoes and many more. 

Each container comes with a 62mL quantity of leather dye.

Another best part of this leather dye this is non-flammable and works well on faux leather.

It’s a highly rated and premium quality leather dye that can be satisfied by customers. 


  • Comes in 8 different colours
  • Cost-effective


  • Bottles are leaking during shipping

7. Fortino Leather Dye

Fortino leather dye is the perfect way to restore your car seats and couches to their original condition. Our vinyl upholstery repair kit is ideal for quick and easy refurbishing jobs, and our leather restorer is carefully blended to perfection. Whether your leather is cracked, peeling, or just faded, Fortino leather dye can bring it back to life.

Fortino leather dye can make old, cracked, and faded leather look new again. It’s perfect for car seats, couches, and other upholstered furniture. With our easy-to-use kit, you can restore your leather to its original condition in no time.

Our vinyl upholstery repair kit is perfect for quick and easy refurbishing jobs.

Our leather restorer is carefully blended to perfection.

Whether your leather is cracked, peeling, holes, burns or just faded, Fortino leather dye can bring it back to life.

Car seats and couches are essential pieces of furniture, so it’s necessary to keep them in great shape. With Fortino leather dye, you can repair your damaged leather and make it look new again.

As they have said, our brown leather filler is much easier to work with and does not require learning. Get professional results and the best brown shade instantly for all kinds of the leather restorer. 

This leather refurbishing cleaner does a fantastic job on leather belts, boots, handbags, purses, steering wheels, and lacing needles. 


  • It’s working fantastic above the expectation
  • Perfect colour match if you have a darker shade
  • Remove pet scratched


  • Small size tubes
  • Sometimes a bit challenging to match the Colour.
  • The instruction guide is not included, and no video guide.

8. Tarrago Self Shine

The Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye is a versatile water-based dye that can be used to change the Colour of your leather, canvas, or synthetic leather. Its fast-drying formula is perfect for repairing scuffs and scratches on your shoes. 

The Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye comes in various colours, so you can find the perfect shade to match your style.

If you’re looking for an easy way to touch up your shoes, the Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye is a great option. Its fast-drying formula is perfect for repairing scuffs and scratches on your shoes. 

The Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye comes in various colours, so you can find the perfect shade to match your style.

If you’re looking for an easy way to touch up your shoes and favourite leather stuff, the Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye is great. Its fast-drying formula is perfect for repairing scuffs and scratches on your shoes. 

This is a professional leather dye; clean the surface where you apply and use this product exclusively to dye them. 


  • Repairs scuffs and scratches on your shoes.
  • Comes in a variety of colours.
  • Easy touch up for any leather


  • So many options for selecting the Right Colour
  • The bottle is too small

9. Kaps Leather Dye

Kaps leather dye has a natural and synthetic leather and textiles. Suitable for leather accessories. It is an excellent product for covering leather defects or changing shoe colours to a different one; often, we see one Colour look boring after some time. When we purchase, we pay a higher price for that time, and we don’t want to relieve, but ideally, we are bored with this Colour. So now we have an option to colour the leather and get a new colour.

It can be dry 24 hours after applying the dye and restores colours permanently.

This is manufactured in Europe by a family business with decades of experience in shoe care or leathercraft.

The best thing we like about this Kaps dye is that we can get 500ml paint, and we have various options to choose the perfect match dye for leather. Be careful while selecting the colour cause here are many colours presented, each has different shades.

Apply only three coats of dye to get shine like new.


  • 16.9 fl – 500ml packing
  • Less Price
  • So many colour options


  • The Colour wear off after drying for 1-2 days.


Leather furniture is a popular choice for many homeowners because it offers a luxurious look and feel. Over time, leather can become stained and faded, making it look old and tired. A great way to revitalize your leather furniture and give it a new lease on life is by dyeing it with one of the best leather furniture dyes available.

Leather furniture dyes come in various colours, so you can easily find the perfect shade to match your home’s décor. When choosing a leather furniture dye, it’s important to select one specifically designed for use on leather. This will ensure that the dye adheres properly and doesn’t crack and peel over time. I hopw you enjoy the best Leather Furniture dye review and getting your the best leather dye for your loveseat.


1. How to dye a leather chair?

Ans. When it comes to dyeing a leather couch or chair, the process is pretty similar regardless of the type of dye. First, you will need to clean the surface of the leather with a mild soap and water solution. Once the leather is clean, apply the dye according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow the dye to dry completely before using the piece of furniture.
It is essential to take care when dyeing a leather couch or chair, as applying too much dye can cause staining and blotching. It is always best to err on the side of caution and apply less dye rather than more when in doubt. With patience and care, you should be able to successfully restore your leather furniture using one of the best leather furniture dyes available.

2. How do you apply leather dye to furniture?

Ans. The best leather furniture dyes on the market are specifically designed for use on leather. These dyes will adhere properly to the leather and won’t crack or peel over time. When choosing a leather furniture dye, be sure to select one that is the right Colour to match your home’s décor. You will first need to clean and condition your leather furniture to apply the dye. Then, use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the dye in even circular motions until you have achieved the desired look. Allow the dye to dry completely before using your furniture as usual.

3. What is the best leather dye?

Ans. There is no single “best” leather dye, as the best one for you depends on several factors. However, some popular choices include Fiebing’s Antique Leather Dye, Leather Hero, and Angelus leather dye. Each of these dyes has unique properties that make them well-suited to different.

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