Best tips to Uses for the File by Google App

In today’s article, we share the Best tips to Uses for the File by Google App File by Google. File manager application and many more features to make this app extraordinary. Here we share other useful things about File by Google.

File by Google is a decant app by Google even all the Google apps is also very good but still this is very very good as per my opinion. Every smartphone user need this app to clean your smartphone and delete time to time junk files.

1. Delete Junk File

If your smartphone is full of unused apps and unused files that not only consumes your valuable storage. They slow down your Android phone. Using the File by Google you just clean up your device.

Open the File by Google and click on Clean they show you duplicate files and unwanted apps that you can’t use for a long time. So simply delete these apps. In this option, you can delete all the junk in your device and clean the junk to feel free.

Click Confirm and free up.

2. View Hidden Files

File by Google has a specific option to access your hidden file on your device. Tap the three-line menu button in the left corner, click on Settings, and switch on Show Hidden File.

3. Share File Between Devices

This application is also knowns as sharing files between two devices. These features to send and receive files instantly, without and hustle. This is P2P sharing option also encrypts your files in transit to keep their data safe. If you want to share a file to click Send and Receive. So first you to download this app on both of those phones, and send and receive.

You can either connect to WiFi or use Bluetooth. Tap continue to grant your location. Ask the other person and follow these steps. and click on the avatar icon and they will be shown and click on the user and connect, and connect both devices. Once sent, you can either choose to Send more Files to share further items.

4. Find Files Easily

When someone sends an image, video, doc. you can’t see the file easily. You search all the places but nothing to find there. Here you can easily find any items like images, video, PDF, and etc. If anyone sent to telegram you confused about where to find their default location so you can just go.

So File by Google app and select the section-wise like images, Download, Videos, etc. Just simply tap on their icons like image, Document, and Video to find your file.

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5. Keep Safe you Files

If you have private photos or videos to don’t show other people to the embarrassing front of them. So you can safely add the photos or videos to the Safe folder to File By Google. To set 4 digit PIN. This feature navigate the photo from the gallery to hide from the gallery and only shows it in the Safe folder. You breathe feel too free. On the side who mention privacy, this option is very useful for this because they hide all the personal things to their actually private.

If you send the items to the safe folder. So the first thing you select the item like images, video, or click on the three-dot menu and you see the Move to Safe Folder. And all that selected items move to Safe Folder.

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6. Back up Your Data

These days data backup is a very hustle process and many times some important things are missing from data backup. Whether you want to create an online copy of the file or feel free up your phone by moving it online, File by Google makes backing up very straightforward.

Just select the item, tap the three-dot menu, and click the Back up to Google Drive. If you have another cloud option so choose another one.

7. Extract Zip Files

On the PlayStore many Zip file extractor apps available on there, to extract the zip file. But if you installed the File by Google app on your device you don’t need to install other Zip extractors. This single app is works all the tasks and lightweight app. And no need for so much storage to run their app.

Here we unlock all the features of File by Google features. Apply on their device and feel good to use your device.

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