Book Your Vaccination Slot Within A Moment

Simple steps to book your vaccination slot, well we booked slot for yourself.

NOTE: इस पोस्ट को आप अब अपनी मातृभाषा हिंदी में भी पढ़ सकते है | उस के लिए आप को अपने Google Chrome में जा कर ऊपर तीन डॉट पैर क्लिक करें | फिर आप को एक Translate का ऑप्शन देखने को मिलेगा तो उस पर क्लिक करें | क्लिक करने के बाद आप को भाषा दिखाई देगी जो की आटोमेटिक हिंदी में ट्रांसलेट कर देगा | अगर आप को अन्य किसी भी भाषा में पोस्ट को पढना है तो वो भी आप नीचे तीन डॉट क्लिक कर के वो भी आप चेंज कर सकते है | चाहे हिंदी, गुजराती ,तमिल या उर्दू मे भी आप पोस्ट को पढ़ सकते है |

In that article, we share India’s vaccine slot booking process that’s very critical. So here we are to share our experience with you. Cause we apply these methods to book vaccine slots for yourself or your neighbors. This method works perfectly and we tested it.

Even if you think the vaccine booking is very hard, after reading this full article we forget this line. Although everyone can book themselves for vaccinations. While some people say if you don’t have a computer then you can’t book your slot. This is no true my friend you might book through the smartphone. Anybody who says it’s not possible, then we make it possible.

In India, vaccination slots are opened every day for 18+ but lack knowledge. They could not understand the process while most people they noting know about how to register, how to download the certificate, and the last and most wanted question how to book a vaccination slot. Everyone says when we go on the website the show booked, booked, and booked.

How to Book Vaccination Slot

As we know everyone has a smartphone, So basically the booking for the vaccination has three methods, 1. CoWin official website, 2. Aarogya Setu. Or 3. UMANG.

Vaccine Booking on CoWin

Now government makes the vaccination process very easy even they remove the captcha. This saves a lot of time when we book a vaccine. Now you can just book your vaccine instant when the vaccine slot is available then rapidly click on them and book your slot.

Now that makes it very easy to use, before that we can’t book the vaccine easily. We have some knowledge of the technical field. Then we grab the slot, but the process is very easy.

But here are some twists when you log in on the CoWin portal you have to see select that person who wants to vaccinate them. And after you have to see the message “You can refresh this page only 20 times” if you refresh more than 20 times then they have to block your account for 24 hours.

Now you asking how we notify, for that you can follow this link to know all that. When the vaccination center is opened instead go and book your slot.

Before we have a lot of tasks to do for booking but here we can log in to the CoWin portal or when the slot opens instant get the slot for the vaccine.

Everyone can book their slot if you are trying for the first time then you will not be booked, but when you try next time then you definitely get the vaccination slot.

If you face some error then don’t worry be patient, you trying don’t panic

Here we add some screenshots of the updated site of the CoWin vaccine booking portal.

If you have a UMANG app so download it from this link and after download, the UMANG app, log in with your mobile number via OTP. Now the app is set up. In this UMANG app, they show you the Co-WIN service and go with Co-WIN. If you did not see the service then go to the search bar and type Cowin instant the Cowin service appears on the screen and goes with Co-WIN.

Once you reach the Co-WIN page there are two options Register or Login for Vaccination and Download Vaccination Certificate. So we want to book the vaccination slot then we select the first option Register or Login for Vaccination. When we click on it they ask to enter the mobile number which is already when we register for the vaccination. If you did not add the person you can add after login.

vaccine booking UMANG app

While you enter the mobile number and press the Submit button then they send it to OTP and you will enter the OTP and press Verify OTP button. Now you see the added person and all the details of the person. Every person in the last has one option Schedule Appointment when we click on that. Next page they asking for the Pin code of your local area.

vaccination slot booking

When entering your local area pin code, now you see the whole vaccination center list, the age for vaccination, and the vaccine detail. If you did not know when will your vaccination centers are opened. Here we drop the link to join your local area vaccination group on Telegram, in case you don’t know the current time when will open the vaccination center. UNDER45

If you want more vaccine notifier this will be help yours.

Come on to the point, when you enter the pin code. You see the current status of your near vaccination center, if they show 0 that means no vaccination slots are available. As I say you join the Telegram channel for your local area, they send you a notification when the vaccination center is available.

If the vaccination centers are open they show in green color. When the center is open the immediately click on the center, after clicking, first select the time, and click on the book button.

Now the UMANG app is not reliable we can get a lot more compilation against booking the slot, users face the issue when they book. If getting the OPPS message every single time.

NOTE: Some time a heavy load on the website they maybe show a try again message, you try to connect the server then rapidly click on the try again button. This will really help you.

UMANG app error during vaccine slot booking

After booking, your vaccination slot then downloads the slip from where you see your personal details. While when you visit the center then they ask for Secret Code please carry your photo ID for identity verification. You can check the vaccination center location from the top of the Appointment Details. they mention all the details on this slip regarding vaccination and for the slot.

download vaccination slip or certificate

By the way, you don’t know the location then type the location address in Google Maps, you easily find your vaccination center. And happy to get your vaccine.

 We repeat the points.

  • First, join the telegram channel to know the center open time.
  • When center is open go to the UMANG app and login
  • Instant select the vaccination center and first select the time and click book button
  • In case, they say for try-again then to
  • Download Appointment slip

If you follow all these method then I’m definitely sure you book your vaccination slot.

Although, You want more notifier for vaccination slot then follow this article.

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