Budget Premium Laptop: Dell 5402 best premium laptop

If you are looking for the best budget and premium laptop than your search is over and you still choose the Dell Inspiron 5402 laptop. This laptop comes with decent price point and gives to you value for money. If you pick this laptop you feel so premium. As i talk about the another brand in the market than no one can beat to Dell. Because Dell gives you sleek and clean design and elements like diamond-cut edges around the touchpad ad the aluminium cover and palmrest add a luxe touch. 17.9% larger than the pervious dell laptop generation. The touchpad provide extra space for batter usage.

Configuration: DELL INSPIRON 5402

Dell make a tag line “Comfort is key” so basically the Inspiron 5402 comes with ergo-hinge technology that can add your laptop life because the laptop lift from the bottom and up from the bottom of the screen. This means laptop has always cool and the typing experience is more hanacement. When the laptop lift from the bottom than many user say then the laptop lift on it then some miner scratch made it. But here is solution for you guys. Dell made the bottom of this laptop from rubber then the reduce the chances of the scratch.

Dell Inspiron 5402 has 14″ laptop but is look like 13″ laptop. Because they have 3 side narrow bazel and 4th side reduce the bazzel. The display is FHD WVA(wide viewing angle). Dell Inspiron 5402 coupled with 2.7 miniaturize temporal noise reduction camera that help to reduce the noise from the background and dim-light.

Infect the Inspiron 5402 has two types of processor i5 and i7 11th Generation Intel Core processor with iris Xe Graphics who delivers immersive, super smooth, and seamless multitasking. Easily switch between applications with up to 32 GB the 3200MHz. You have to see them RAM slot. The base model has 8GB of RAM. Adaptive thermal technology can help when you don’t work on the laptop then the laptop goes to silent mode when you work heavily the laptop boost the performance and fully utilize the fan and cool your laptop. New thermal technology helps to batter perform.

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Inspiron 5402 supports up to 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD with dual SSD slot. NVMe SSD boot your laptop speed and easy to access. For privacy maintain the fingerprint is given as well. We spacilly face the lid open sensor. That’s work faster than faster we aspect. When the lid is open than few seconds the laptop boot up and fingerprint lock screen comes on the laptop ( if you set the fingerprint).

Dell work with both hardware and software. Anyone can mirroring the smartphone screen on laptop from Dell Mobile Connect even you send the document and file and pictures form Dell Mobile Connect like Apple products to another apple product, And change the color from Dell cinema color, Dell support is far-far batter than to communicate to others.


Dell Inspiron 5402 has dadicated graphics card that alos has Nvidia Geforce MX330 2GB DDR5 graphics memory. Whether you’re in bed at night watching your favorite streaming video or travel in dark airplane, train, and bus the backlit keyboard allows to use to esaily type in dim-light settings.

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Now we talk about the connectivity 1MicroSD card reader, USB 3.2 GEN 1, Headphone/Microphone combo, HDMI 1.4, USB 3.2 GEN 1, USB 3.2 GEN 2 Type-C, and Power jack. Inspiron 5402 is slim laptop 16.74mm thicker and weight is 1.429kg.


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Price = ₹ 58,000

you can check the warranty offer and other additional offers from the dell.in

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