Buying A Used Laptop Guide: 10 Tips To Know Before You Buy

Whenever we thought to buy a used laptop then the first thought comes to mind. What these things are considering when buying a used laptop. When we buying a used laptop many things you have to follow them and pick a perfect laptop.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world is fighting to covid. And in this situation, no one can’t buy new gadgets while they suffer from the pandemic and won’t buy new gadgets. Now this time the refurbished market speed up very fast.

Used/refurbished laptop has more benefits also they’re available at cheap. We’re talking about buying/refurbished laptops.

Now, a lot of people usually stay away from used gadgets, because most either have a lot of trust issues or they prefer buying a new one instead for various reasons like warranty, but for those how are tight budget and want to buy a good used laptop for work. Here are the to check when buying a new used/refurbished laptop. In fact, also we made an article on used/refurbished gadgets are safe.

Most people don’t prefer to buy used goods, they think used goods are just a waste of money. If after buying a good if they face any problem they spend more and more, they don’t choose to buy used laptop. People who have need for their work to buy used laptop they have a separate budget they can buy these goods. But here we share some tips to apply when you buy used goods and you can prevent from future any loss on the gadget. Let’s start the buying a used laptop guide.

amazon refurbished

When you buy the used goods the first rule is that, secure yourself. Otherwise, you have greedy then you trapped. While when we see the used gadgets on online many websites have bought the used gadgets. And most of these are not secure. It means they don’t check the gadget, they buy from the refurbished market and sell on the online platform.

Also, these types of sellers do not give a warranty, return policy or refund. So always follow the first rule when buying the used gadget online. Never be trapped.

If you want to buy a used laptop then buy it from an authentic seller, like eBay, Amazon, or Swappa will give you buyer protections as a refund, return, or quality check.

You’ll still be able to buy form trusted platform some seller are gives warranty on them with better price.

buying a used laptop

When we getting the discounted deal we have gone a made. But in this situation, you think through your mind. Sometimes we see ads on Facebook Marketplace or other online sellers. If you see someone ads on FB Marketplace and instant message them and they say to you send them money and they send their laptop.

It’s not a good deal because we don’t know each other. The best way is you choose a face-to-face deal. If you think they are trusted then maybe okay.

But try to convince them to deal face to face when possible. Getting your hands on the laptop before you close the deal it’s the best way ever to make sure you’re happy, the product works, and you can use it and check the condition.

hardware or software

Don’t be over-excited about a laptop, when you buy so check all the components are work fine. Check all the Ports USB, Ethernet, Card reader, charging port. And are ports are checked then check the laptop all the keys works on the keyboard or the mouse pad is working fine. Also, check the mouse pad gestures are working.

As the laptop has original Windows so check them it has original Windows. May it have optical drive to check it.

Check web camera and mic while using the Windows camera and make a video and check sound quality and video quality.

Play some audio to check the speakers.

While all check the next check to the display through the playing video or run display test software. Looking for any dead pixel or damaged pixel.

Make sure Wi-Fi or Ethernet are working properly, also check for Bluetooth. Run the internet and check the speed.

Fan working properly and listing to their sound. While we power on the laptop don’t have any error message. Check it to two-three time shut-down and power on.

Not forget to check the battery life, this is a major factor in your laptop. Consider which laptop you buy they give you good battery backup. Otherwise, hanging the adapter with your laptop all the time. Please proper check every single detail.

Make sure you can run latest software on it without any hustle.

If you feel comfortable with this deal and condition, so buy it. If you find any fault then convince them to give a discount if they weren’t previously declared.

used laptop compare

When we look at the deal with the $100 off then we feel they such a huge discount. It’s easy to think buying a used laptop will automatically save your money. But you don’t know that unless you check on the other platforms to compare prices.

If you aren’t saving much then the new laptop is worth it. Other than the new one has come with the warranty, and after-sales service support.

Buying a used laptop won’t really great for every time. May new gives you better value.

get right specs on used laptop

When we searching for the used laptop we think about they come with the older generation and lower in specs. But think about it they actually fit into your specs. All matter on that CPU, GPU, RAM, or SSD, and many more things to check on them.

While always not see on the price some time few bucks gets you a great deal but again few bucks grasping steal the deal. So think about your specs what should you have in a laptop.

valid receipt for used laptop

No matter how you buy the used laptop online or offline. Ask them for a valid receipt. Because you buy from them and the only proof this it. If the seller gives original boxes and original charging adapter so checks all of them.

Match the serial number on the brand’s website this original and the specs are the same no changes in the specs. You can do the deal. If you won’t give to valid bill them not buy from them.  Maybe it was stolen from someone so they have no valid receipt.

responsive price

Not, all the time seller gives a responsive price. You can track the price and when it comes down then buy it. When you get a lot of discounts on them. Search the same laptop on the other platform if maybe some offer a great price and some accessories then, you have a win-win situation.

Maybe some research on the other platform and if you see the other online seller sale with good price then better option. You can check on eBay, Amazon, or Swappa in all of them who offer great buy from them.

check the laptop hardware

When we buy used stuff then diagnose the whole laptop is very important. If may have an issue with them you can consult them. Many of this software are available in the market to scan your whole laptop.

One is necessary for the laptop HDD or SSD test, may they have bad sector and damage. Perform the HDD or SSD drive test to check the bad sectors on them. Samsung Magician has software for Samsung SSD’s, although WD has its own software to check the SSD health.

Once you complete all the tests then you decided to buy. Even the test failure say them if they change the part or might be less in the price. Here you can more bargain to them. It makes your solid point you convince on it.

dent on used MacBook laptop

There’s no denying that scratches are the most annoying. and even a minor scratch on your new, shiny gadget can leave you sleep-deprived. Depending on how old the laptop is. It is important to check the scratch and dent on the laptop because the dent might damage your laptop any part.

If you’re getting the laptop is very responsive price then ignore the minor scratches. But suffering from the minor scratches, not many scratches or dent on the laptop they might’ve damaged more in the laptop.

warranty and return policy

As we say to again and again buy from the authentic seller, they offer to you warranty, refund, or return get with the laptop. You know above we say, first secure yourself. If means you buy the used laptop and spend a part of your wallet.

In case, the seller didn’t offer a warranty, return, or refund any of these conditions. Don’t buy from them, cause you to buy the used laptop, if assume after 2-3 day something happens with your laptop then. You could not do it here. Make sure the seller gives at least 2-3months warranty, or replacement policy then will be fine.


Minimum 8th Gen older laptop has more problems, 3rd Gen Ryzen processor.

Make sure you can add the SSD, it’ll 256GB or 500GB as you want. If they have HDD then deny the offer. Say to him you put the SSD on the, or without disk drive if when possible.


I hope these are the tips help when you buy the used laptop. Find out you perfect used laptop with 10 tips, and grab the deal.

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