Delete Google Search History: Simple Method

Take back control to your hands, Google knows everything about yours. This all know about yourself, even your parents can’t know how much. So in that article, we will share with your how to delete Google search history. They know everything about yours. In that post, we will share with you how you can delete your Google search history.

Even your personal data like your card details, address, your mobile number, parents number, and many more about you. We made an article on that how you can stop tracking from Google, this post may be helpful a lot so you can follow this article to know about your locating tracking and how you can turn it off.

delete Google search history

Google tracks everything your search history, location, video history. Even every single word we search on Google they have a record. Simply follow these steps to delete Google search history.

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Google is a big giant in the search industry. We can’t replace it with anything like that. If when we replace it so other search engines do not know about our correct answer.

This is true Google collect our data from our phone with our secret permission. If you don’t allow the permission they can stop the service like they ask permission or maps then they share the permission with Google search history. This is quite annoying, but it’s true.

How Google Works

Basically, Google’s working method is very simple, here we explain to you. Go and open settings of your, scroll down, and see the Apps option to search for Google. There you check the permission that Google has been accessing.

This will blow your mind they are asking every single permission to run their services. If any permission we can deny them when we are using them again asking for permission.

This is very dramatically happening on Google’s permission section. We know that Google shows ads on our search history base. You can see it in your real life. If you are planning to buy a new laptop then Google forcing the new laptop ads on your search appearance. This is similar to Facebook, also Facebook shows ads based on our interest.

If we can’t type on Google we just planning for a Europe trip they this will show a lot more flight ads, hotel ads, or more and more. It can listen to our voice and show the ads and they earn a lot more we can’t expect that.

So this is how the Google algorithm works. Even they are forcing for every single permission. If we don’t agree with them they are forcing to agree with them. Cause we don’t have a choice. So in general we forcefully agree with Google.

Who uses all your phone’s permission after that they can easily access your search history. Where all from we deny the permission. If we turn off the mic when we can’t use the Google Assistant. If we disable the location we can’t use Google Maps. If we disable the storage option then we could not install it from Google.

Yet Google service-connected to each other. They made an ecosystem. In case we use the save the contacts on Google then they ask for permission, if we use the Google message they ask for a message.

All around we are covered with Google’s trap. This is impossible to cut the trap. Somewhere we fall into the trap. But we can manage our Google search history. Also, we covered how to can stop location tracking with Google, or stop web tracking history.

How to Delete Google Search History in Desktop

If you want to delete Google search history, you’ve visited using Chrome. You can delete all your browsing history. If you delete your browsing history this can affect all your sync devices, with the same Gmail account.

1. Launch Google Chrome on desktop.

2. At the top right, click on the three-dot button.

3. Click History > History. (There you see all your Google search history that you can search on Google).

4. On the left side you have to see Clear browsing data.

5. It redirects to a new window where you saw the two options Basic or Advanced. In the basic tab, you delete the Cookies and other site data, cached images, and files or the upper first option is Browsing history.

The Browsing history option is unticked if you click on that or select the time range, if you want to delete last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks, or if you want to delete all-time history then click on All time to delete all time Google search history.

desktop search history

In case you choose the Advanced option then this will delete the download, browsing, cookies, cache, password, or site settings data then select that and delete your Google search history on desktop.

Although you need to delete a single search result then select the single search result or delete the search query. If you want two three or more then also you can select the history and delete it.

Delete Google Search History in Android

This is a more simple and more convenient way to delete Google search history in Android, As simple as that.

1. Once open Google Chrome in Android.

2. You will be seeing the top right corner three-dot, just click on it.

3. Click History.

4. There are Clear browsing data click on it.

5. As simple you have two options Basic or Advanced.

6. If you want to delete all your Google search history then go with the Advanced option and delete all the search queries.

7. Select the time range or hit the Clear data button.

android search history

8. It shows a message in front of your if in case you want website data then you just simply untick on it or click Clear.

Or you can delete the single search for the search history, you just type the search query or hold the search query or delete it.

Delete Google Search History in iPhone

If you are using an iPhone then don’t worry we share the method for you.

1. Open Google Chrome on your iPhone.

2. At the bottom right, tap three-dot.

3. Click on History.

4. At the bottom, tap Clear browsing data.

5. Check Browsing history. It may be checked by default.

6. Uncheck if any other items you don’t want to delete.

7. Tap > Clear Browsing Data > Clear Browsing Data.

iPhone search history

8. At the top right, tap done.

Or you can delete the single search for the search history, you just type the search query or hold the search query or delete it.

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