15 Best Designer Work Bags For Female Lawyers

15 Best Designer Work Bags For Female Lawyers

In the digital era, lawyers are carrying around a lot of stuff than they used to, but fast-paced life means you’re constantly running from one thing to the next. Like most female lawyers, you should need the best designer work bag that can take your status next level.

Being a female lawyer is not a simple job; it all time hustle job. Their busy daily schedule has forgotten some paper, laptop, and essential items.

It would help if you carried a bag to put all your important stuff. Here we are sharing the Best designer work bags for women lawyers.

Because female lawyers have a lot of pressure, they manage their home life vs. court life. So sometimes they forget to keep things. 

Our purpose for making this article is those female lawyers can find the best designer leather bag within the court and outside with friends, coffee shops, and parties. 

USA has around 38% of women lawyers, according to the CENSUS.GOV report.

This is a massive number of women in the USA; I’m damn sure they are suffering from the same situation.

Here we are sharing their salutation for them.

It’s a professional job, so we collect the industry’s best designer work bags for female lawyers.

It is all around 15 Leather bags of collection to pick your favorite leatherwork.

We have also added the Pros & Cons of all bags.

Let’s start over the list of bags.

What things to look at before buying a Female bag?

What things to look at before buying a Female bag

Women are so conscious of the bag that there will be a tote, handbag, or shoulder bag every time they want to have any kind of bag.

There is no extra pocket to store their items; men have pockets to keep the things on it. If a female can hold, it doesn’t suit them. 

So the prefer to use the bag with it every occasion. A female lawyer has more pressure on the work. They will be attending the court, so they want to keep all files and folders related to the case and carry them.

We share some kinds of things you consider before buying a Female bag.

Let’s jump on it.

1. Material 

We had shared almost vegan leather bags; moreover, some of these are made with genuine leather and so on. 

First of all, you decided to choose the material of the bag. My recommendation is if you belong from a professional, then you can go with the leather bag or vegan leather bag, which looks like leather, at a lower price. 

If you want to spend decent money on a leather bag, you can choose the full-grain leather bag for you.

Otherwise, you have an option to go with the canvas, fabric, and so on. 

2. Compartment

It’s an essential part of the female bag. They want more space and compartments to store the stuff. Probably more pockets and compartments look more organized and very well.

You probably have your file, folder, makeup, phone, laptop, and many more if the bag has a compartment to organize with your use. All files are in different rooms. 

Types of compartments and pockets:

Main compartments 

  • Slip pocket
  • Pen pocket
  • Card slot
  • Zipper pocket
  • Middle zipper pocket
  • Padded compartment if you have store the laptop.
  • Mobile pocket

These are the main compartments where you can hold most of the stuff; this is necessary for the bag to carry things.

3. Durability 

The handbag’s material measures durability if the handbag is made with genuine leather, so more durable than the other bags. First, make sure a work bag you are choosing is more durable through real-life reviews on amazon. 

4. Straps

Ideally, the handbags are allowed for the handle strap, but the shoulder or messenger bag also has shoulder straps. Keep in mind the shoulder straps are non-slidable and comfortable to wear.

5. Style of bag

Style of the bag is the most important thing when we buy a bag, especially for women. Their lifestyle is different, so if they allow wearing the shoulder bag, messenger bag, sling bag, tote bag, and many more styles.

So please consider before buying the bag which style you prefer most.

6. Trusted Brand

Well, you are choosing a branded bag, so it is far more expensive than another unknown brand. But before selecting the bag, you can do a little bit of homework. Read the review on amazon to get a good clarity about the bag.

The best way to choose the bag is to see a bag on Amazon, click on them, and scroll down. There will be other brands are suggested in the auto-related categories so that you can choose from them. This is the best practice I have researched through this method.

7. Colour

Same color ideas for the Best Designer Work Bag For Female Lawyers.

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Coffee
  • Gray
  • Olive Green
  • Pastel color 
  • Yellow
  • Orange 
  • Pink 
  • Blue

8. Weight

The weight of the handbag matters because of your essentials; bulky handbags tend to look ugly sometimes. Lightweight handbag smile on your face; heavyweight bag discomforts your face and changes your expressions. So pick the lightweight bag if you want for daily use.

9. Customer Review

Before cracking the deal, which product you selected, do some research on it. Read about all the positive and critical reviews around the product. Almost 60-70% of people find customer experience/review more important than its actual discounted price. So make sure to check the review of a product before making any purchase. It saves you a lot and gets some extra information about them.

15 Best Designer Work Bags For Female Lawyers

1. BOSTANTEN Leather Lawyers Briefcase Shoulder Laptop Bag

Bostanten Leather bags are most famous in the lawyer’s industry. There are making such great-looking leather bags for female and male lawyers.

The Bostanten leather briefcase quality is next level.

It is made of high-quality genuine cowhide, durable fabric lining, with custom hardware.

The zipper is heavy-duty, and the zipper is closed for safety purposes.

In that bag, you can add your 14″ laptop, iPad, iPhone, A4 size file, and other office things that are easily fit into this briefcase. Also, it has one big compartment, two open pockets, two zipper pockets, and three card slots.

It’s 2.42 pounds of weight. The Colour is Black and Coffee, the black one is large, and the Coffee color is medium size briefcase.

When we see this bag for the first time, the beauty is simplicity. Professional artisans make Bostanten’s hand, and it can be used as a lawyer’s briefcase, office bag, and carry-on indicator. 

The classic design is perfect for female lawyers; they prefer more attractive bags, and the Bostanten Briefcase bag is enough for their usage. 

It has a unique design and simplicity in design. If you want to add extra protection to the Bostanten bag so should add a protection plan. 


  • Nicely crafted by Bostanten’s handmade professional artisans.
  • Briefcase’s premium, classic and simplistic design.
  • Slim profile briefcase.


  • You can’t add too many things because of their slim size.
  • Not suited for big laptops

2. Bosentan Formal Leather Briefcase 

Bosentan Formal Leather Briefcase is also known for its quality and classic and unique design.

It’s not providing any hanging things around this bag; it looks clean and sober.

As we can feel, this is not made with genuine leather, and this looks like vegan leather.

Although the bag quality is excellent, if we talk about the compartments, there is one big inner compartment, two open pockets, three card pockets; with it, you can briefly carry out the iPad, iPhone, and A4 size files. 

You can comfortably place your 15.6″ inches laptop in the more oversized compartment. 

Bosentan provides our customers with a prompt response and 100% satisfaction after-sale support. They aim to resolve any issue regarding the bag when you are using it. 

If you have any trust issues with the Bostentan brand, leave a message that they will check and reply.

Apart from that, the bag is available within the two different sizes are large or medium there. You can place your 14″ laptop in the medium and 15.6″ in a large bag.

But you have one color option for that.

The under edges are made with the coffee colour, and the remaining are black. 

It looks pretty much gorgeous with two color shades.

The bag also includes the strap and; whatever you feel comfortable using.


  • Ultra-slim feel and look
  • Dual straps(handle and shoulder strap)
  • Easily fit 15.6″ laptop
  • Crafted by the premium finish


  • Not a genuine leather(Vegan leather)
  • Smaller compartments

3. Cluci Leather Briefcase For Female Lawyer

We first clarify that PU leather, a polyurethane leather, is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer.  

The leather briefcase is made with real cowhide leather. Well, this is the perfect fit for female lawyers. 

The Cluci briefcase comes with rust-proof silver metal hardware and colorful side design for durability and fashionable, inner coffee fabric lining soft to touch.

Although there are one main compartment, one padded laptop compartment for a 15.6″ laptop, two large compartments, two zipper pockets. 2 pen pockets, three slot pockets, and eight cardholders.

Outside, the bag has one front pocket and one back zipper pocket for your valuables. 

It is enough a giant bag to hold your laptop and office supplies and files and place your accessories in it.

While we suggested this one, cause women want to store more and more stuff in their handbag. You can hold all your supplies in the Cluci Leather women’s briefcase.

You can hold it with the handles or shoulder straps to wear. Who can adjust this non-slip shoulder strap to the most comfortable length according to your height? 

Very practical, and spacious but look slim when business, courtroom, or outside travel.

It can be available in a lot of colors.


  • The size is excellent as we expect for the female lawyers.
  • Elegant bag and excellent quality.
  • A lot of space for adding the extra supplies.
  • Easily carry legal size file folders.


  • The length of the zipper at the topmost seems a bit short for putting in and taking out files and laptop
  • The leather starts cracking daily (I think it depends on the services).

4. Mosiso 17 inch Women Leather Tote Bag

Mosiso’s 17-inch women’s leather tote bag is such a huge bag, and it can easily carry your 17-inch laptop without any issue.

It’s made of waterproof premium PU leather, that’s our most durable and fashionable.  

The laptop bag provides a thick professional padded compartments foam section with a hook and loop impact strap closure for your laptop.

It can fully protect your laptop against accidental impacts and scratches. One zipper pocket in the middle of the bag. Perfect space for all your daily needs, such as a tablet, smartphone, iPad, keyboard, mouse, credit cards, water bottle, makeup kit, books, and so on. 

That will always keep your items well organized.

Removable shoulder straps allow you to carry it as a crossbody bag, shoulder bag, or tote bag. You are offering an excellent way to carry your leather bag, tote bag, or shoulder bag all in one bag.

Ideally, who might use it for daily use at shopping, courtroom, café, college, school, travel, outdoor activities, etc.

I love the size of this bag, and it almost solves all the problems who want the bigger and more sophisticated bag to wear for every woman, adult girl, and teen. 

Who owns the 17 inches for this is not less than a god gift.


  • Fit legal files and fit a 17-inch laptop easily.
  • Overall well customized and sophisticated design. 
  • Three compartments to organize the items.
  • Removable straps. 


  • Also, it has its pro and cons of having 17 inches. Somebody likes it, or somebody does not like it.

5. Dreubea Women’s Soft Faux Leather Tote Shoulder

This bag is far cheaper than the other tote bag. Dreubea bag is made with faux leather.

It includes only one compartment to store your items or a small side pocket. This bag can hold a mobile, tablet, cosmetics, books, and so on.

This is the simplest, casual, fashionable tote bag/ shoulder bag with tassel decoration. 

On the upper top inside, convenient magnet closure design and soft material, comfortable to carry.

Dreubea bags are for daily use, traveling, working, shopping, courtroom, and many other places.

One more thing that we love about this bag is that it is so lightweight, and it’s also available within the so many color options as you wish you could grab the deal.

Note: If you use a branded bag before you suddenly move on to this cheaper bag, it might feel inferior. If you don’t spend too much on bags, so genuinely, this is a perfect choice if we compare to the premium bag so we can buy the hundred and more bags. Suppose you wear daily a new bag till worth it. 


  • It’s such a lightweight and elegant design.
  • Very affordable price.


  • Some quality issues(but at this price point, justify all the problems).
  • Thin material.

6. KomalC Leather Shoulder Bag Tote For Women

KomalC leather shoulder bag is made with genuine buffalo leather. If you love the real leather or the smell of the leather. So you can buy the KomalC Leather shoulder tote bag for a female lawyer.

It suits your profile, especially when you wear the bag on your shoulder in the office, courtroom, college, and so on.

Great as a ladies’ tote, shopping bag, lady’s purse, handbag, shoulder bag, diaper bag. Fashion elements, comfortable touch feeling, and trendy premium design can be used as shoulder purse handbags. 

There are one main compartment and one pocket inside. The women’s leather handbag can hold your iPad, books, cellphone, wallet, cosmetics, even an umbrella, etc.

You can hold a 15.6″ laptop in the KomalC leather bag. If you have a larger laptop than 15.6″, then you can place your computer in the bag.


  • Made with full-grain leather.
  • Ample space for storing laptops and other kinds of stuff.
  • Vintage style.


  • The other smell a kind of original leather.

7. Bromen Women Designer Handbag

The Bremen tote women’s bag is made of high-quality faux leather by a professional craftsman with 30 years’ experience. Zippers’ closure ensures the safety of your belongings.

The soft leather, clear nature texture, with simple styling. No matter if you are an office woman, lawyer, or employer.

It is long enough on your shoulder. You can be comfortable and convenient wearing this handbag in 2 ways; tote and shoulder.

There are various colors, and you can fit a 15.6-inch laptop or A4 size file and folder in it.

This tote bag has a central zipped pocket, including two open pockets, three slip pockets, one inner zipper pocket. And a lot of mini pockets inside the bag.

Five studs are attached at the bottom. It is not genuine leather; it’s vinyl.


  • Every section was wrapped, and the interior was stuffed to keep the shape.
  • 12-inch strap, so the elbow doesn’t hit the bag when we put it on the shoulder.
  • Lightweight and color accuracy are perfect.


  • Some zippers problem.
  • Odder smell cause vinyl.

8. ECOSUSI Leather Messenger Bag

They made stylish pieces of the designer bag for women. This bag is ideally made for women who are lawyers, teachers, college students, and so on.

In that, you can easily fit the 15.6-inch laptop within. They have one padded pocket for the laptop, two small slip pockets, one small zippers pocket’ exterior back zipper pocket for quick access.

This bag is designed versatile with a top handle and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap; this laptop bag can be used as a briefcase, satchel handbag, or shoulder bag to carry your daily stuff.

Although the bag adds a more feminine touch to this professional briefcase, to look more feminine, they have added the detachable decorative bow, which makes it more feminine.

It is made with high-quality vegan leather in a Saffiano pattern. Equipped with two high-quality buckles, avoid suddenly opening.

It allows the larger space to store all your daily stuff. 

While we can handle it with handles or shoulder straps, also we can remove the shoulder straps.

Genuinely, the design is more suitable for women. It’s pure, simple, sober, and none of the extra things are put on it.


  • Feminine design.
  • A detachable bow.
  • Look stunning.


  • The bag strap is too cheap if we carry a laptop and books.
  • Thin material.

9. EasyGave Laptop Briefcase For Women

This is similar to the ECOSUSI briefcase. At the same time, some change is done in this as we discuss there.

The first thing is this is available in 15.6 inches and 17.3-inch laptops.

EasyGave takes on a modern classic style; the laptop briefcase is crafted in vintage purple Saffiano eco-friendly leather and finishes with an embossed logo on the front of this bag. 

The beauty of this EasyGave laptop briefcase is that you can wear it in everyday fashion, in office, college, and other places. 

Other most loveable things are large compartments, two slip pockets, and one zip-fastening pocket. 

Carry the ladylike briefcase by the top handle or on the shoulder with the comfortable, fully detachable wide crossbody strap, which remains chic through all seasons.

The laptop bag provides a thick padded foam section with a Velcro strap closure to your 17″ laptop or tablet—a professional design to protect your computer from accidental impact and scratches thoroughly.

The most important thing is that we can add multiple files and folders simultaneously. And we just added the two laptops in a bag.

It’s bulky, like 3lb. There is a various color for choosing.


  • Larger compartments.
  • Suits every profile.


  • Too bulky (3lb).
  • Maybe you don’t like the bigger size.

10. Cluci Women Oil Wax Leather Briefcase

The Cluci leather briefcase is made from vintage oil wax cowhide leather. It features a fashion design in a structured silhouette with two top handles and a detachable shoulder strap that offers versatile carrying options.

This briefcase with top 3 zip compartments design, including five slot pockets, five card slots, four open pockets, two inner zipper pockets, one padded laptop compartment, and many more extra pockets or carry the stuff.

So that you can easily carry A4 paper, folders, legal files, and a 15.6-inch laptop in that bag.

The leather case is a front magnetic flap. Adjustable padded non-slip shoulder straps are more comfortable to use on one shoulder, and it also has removable straps to remove the straps.

This is not genuine leather, but it looks like real leather.

The oil wax leather can give you some waterproofing if you carry essential paper and files within the bag. It fewer chances they can wet in the rain. 

If it continuously is wetting so, it can affect your inside stuff. 

It can handle average rain with oil and waxed material. When we open the bag, it looks like a wallet, fully open the bag.

Attach a bag strap on the rear zipper pocket to easily hold the briefcase on the trunkback pocket. At the same time, this is under the back zipper pocket.


  • Invisible zipper back pocket for your valuables.
  • Bigger compartments.
  • Adjustable and detachable shoulder straps.


  • More weight if we add laptop.
  • Zipper assembly issue.

11. Edoday Women Tote Bag

If you don’t want a designer briefcase, you just want a simple, sober, classic briefcase. So there, we recommend you go with the Edoday women’s tote bag, this super perfect tote bag for female lawyers.

They offer improved shoulder straps to be more robust and more durable. They claim if you get old belts, they can replace them with new ones. Otherwise, you can contact me for more info.

One middle protective layer is about 0.6mm thick with a top elastic clasp.

There are several pockets and extra padded compartments to place the laptop in and protect it from damage.

Where you can nicely add the 15.6-inch laptop in them.

There are three colour options coffee, brown, and black.

In the end, we say enough about this perfectly crafted. We can’t see before this type of finish in this laptop.


  • Perfectly crafted.
  • Elegant design.


  • I doubt on straps.

12. Lovevook Women Large Office Bag.

This is another tote bag that will be coming in a lot of colors. The laptop bag made of high-quality PU leather and polyester lining offers a water-repellent scratch-resistant advantage, trimming with contrasting. 

The laptop bag is structured and roomy and can accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop. Thickened soft foam protective pad lining can fully protect your computer from accidental damage and impact. 

Like all that large briefcase, it can hold A4 size paper and legal papers files, and so on.

The multiple compartments keep your items well organized. The handbag consists of a 15.6-inch laptop pocket, an iPad pocket, middle zipper pockets, and a lot more pockets to store more essential items.

With this bag, you also get a purse. By the way, when we read the review on Amazon, most users say this is roomy and large compartments, so much space, and all that.

One more thing we forget to share, the Lovevook bag has a USB charging port to charge your smartphone and gadgets.


  • Roomy, with plenty of space.
  • USB Charging Port.
  • You get an extra purse with it.


  • If you buy the USB charging port, some users face issues while charging.

13. Augus Leather Briefcase Messenger Laptop Bag

If you want the genuine cowhide leather bag, then your wish had completed. Augus presented the authentic leather messenger bag for women and female lawyers. 

The hand-crafted man’s messenger bag finish has rugged durability, water-resistant anti-theft, simple appearance, showing your fashion sense. 

Where we can place it inside the 15.6-inch leather purse, but you get disappointed if you own the 15.6-inch laptop because it’s fit for a 13-inch laptop. 

This briefcase is handmade using traditional techniques, high-quality leather hardware connection buckles, smooth explosion zipper to prolong the service life of the briefcase.

This is a unisex bag well, and anyone can use it with the messenger bag style.

It comes in flat envelope style. Sewn well and sturdy, and is a good weight.


  • Flat envelope style.
  • Made with genuine cowhide leather.
  • Rich-looking style.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps


  • The size is limited to a 14-inch laptop, but we suggest it for a 13-inch laptop.

14. Dasein Women Handbag Large Tote Shoulder Bag

If you want a variety of colors, in your case, you can go with the Dasein women’s handbags. They have an extensive collection of bags.

But the Dasein women’s handbag is made with vegan leather with gold-tone hardware flat bottom with studs.

This is 100 percent eco-friendly and has no animal harm. 

The Dasein handbags come in a two-tone design. There is a limited size for a 13-inch laptop, iPad, or tablet.

Fabric fully lined interior, one zipper pocket, two open pouches, and one main center compartment. We can add 6-8 cards and some cash with that wallet. 

Ideally, this is a great handbag set of gifts for your wife, girlfriend, mother, birthday, and Christmas.

Shoulder straps are adjustable and detachable. 


  • Too many color options.
  • The perfect tote for females.
  • Best gift product.


  • Super hard
  • Heavy

15. Scarleton Large Reversible Tote Bag for Women

You don’t want to spend too much on the tote bag, so this Scarleton Large Reversible tote bag is an excellent choice. This also comes with high-quality eco-friendly vegan leather (PU material).

Ideally, the tote is used for office, fashion, daily routine, and travel. This looks gorgeous on females; the tote bag has a large shoulder strap and large compartment.

If you are bored with the single-color bag, it allows changing your bag color with the help of reversible techniques. So you can turn it into the second color.

Tote bag for women with magnetic closure; One bag becomes 2 with the reversible sides; Super convenient to match your outfits for work and after without changing your purse. 

Even though this is not a zippered tote, it has a magnetic lock. There we get another purse with the tote, which we can attach with the tote, and we can store with coins and cards; it’s removable and can be used alone as your wristlet pouch bag.

We know that this is made with vegan leather but if you touch and feel on leather so looks like a genuine leather tote bag. 

This is the most recommended tote for women who don’t want to use the designer or heavy bag. It can be sufficient to store your items.


  • Premium good-looking tote bag.
  • Reversible tote bag.
  • Soft and lightweight.
  • No animal harm (vegan leather).
  • Great shoulder strap.


  • Doubt on straps (if you load heavy stuff).


At the end of this article, I hope you got the right work bag for you. If you haven’t so, please comment your doubt. While if you are facing any issues regarding selecting the work bag, you can directly contact us. 

For a quick guide: choose the lightweight and soft material those two points you consider before buying a female.


1. What is the best handbag for work?

There are we are sharing a list of top and most affordable bags list which we are selecting:
BOSTANTEN Leather Lawyers Briefcase Shoulder Laptop Bag
Bosentan Formal Leather Briefcase 
Cluci Leather Briefcase For Female Lawyer
Mosiso 17 inch Women Leather Tote Bag
Dreubea Women’s Soft Faux Leather Tote Shoulder
KomalC Leather Shoulder Bag Tote For Women
Bromen Women Designer Handbag
ECOSUSI Leather Messenger Bag
EasyGave Laptop Briefcase For Women
Edoday Women Tote Bag
Cluci Women Oil Wax Leather Briefcase
Lovevook Women Large Office Bag.
Augus Leather Briefcase Messenger Laptop Bag
Dasein Women Handbag Large Tote Shoulder Bag
Scarleton Large Reversible Tote Bag for Women

2.  Best work bags for female professionals?

Well, in the market a lot of bags are coming, but the question is which one is perfect for us. There we clear all your doubts and make a list of the best 15 handbags that you can buy for yourself.

3. What type of bag is best for work?

Plenty of bags are coming in the market, but if we talk about the best women’s bag, ideally females like the tote bag and handbag, such as genuine leather bags are perfect if your budget allows. Otherwise, the vegan leather (PU leather) is perfect for you. 

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