Don’t Buy Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop with a lot of loops

If you are here for finding the Dell G7 17 gaming laptop cons then. You are on right track, here you get the actual information about the Dell G7 17 gaming laptop’s cons.

While if you will be buying the new Dell G7 17 gaming laptop then this article may be informative for you. Here we share every single detail with you.

Also, we made a dual-screen laptop list. If you like the 13” gaming laptop then also we covered up in my previous articles.

But, in today’s blog, we will be share with you the detailed information on the Dell G7 17 gaming laptop.

Dell G7 17 is an ideal gaming laptop but also this laptop comes with some loops. If you can say there have no other variety of models.

As we know the Dell is made powerful brand in the laptop industry. They also made the world’s best gaming laptop Alienware series. In that series, they also include the over-the-top gaming laptop for gamers or designers.

Everyone is knowing about how’s powerful Dell’ Alienware series. In this article, we will share Dell’s Gaming series that will be pronounced like the “G” series.

This is quite famous in Dell in general laptop series. At this price point, Dell getting tough competition with a bigger brand.

The Dell G7 17 is a victim of its lower-end linemate’s success. The G7 17 offers great features and some features like an Alienware laptop.

Why We Buy Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop

This is the simple asking question, everyone is asking before buying the laptop cause it depends on their need. If you want to buy a gaming laptop with its advantages and disadvantages. Below the paragraphs we share the pros and cons of this laptop, you can ready one-by-one pros and cons of Dell G7 7700.

Come on to the point why we buy this laptop? Should we buy a heavy laptop? If you are a professional in your work profile then we highly recommended this laptop cause every higher profile people prefer the good specification laptop. The Dell G7 17 full fill their requirement. Laptop featured with the 4-zone RGB light, with bottom chassis RGB light. Origami hinges on the design is also a plus point for this laptop.

Dell G7  7700 comes with the richer Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 or 2070 graphics card with 8GB of video memory.

Many you are working hard on paper or you can upgrade it with a laptop then this powerful machine is perfect for you guys. Anyone who enters into this gaming industry or editors we prefer for them.

You getting with this Dell G7 7700 laptop rich graphics, Intel i9 processor, 2TB of PCIe NVMe SSD, or 64GB DDR4 RAM.

All the configurations match with the rich class profile nobody seems to look like less in configuration.

Also, battery life is impacting the laptop so there have 4-5hrs of battery life with this laptop(if you play the games). You can quickly charge it with the 240W power adaptor, they charge your laptop rapidly. If you are going outside then no need to carry the power adaptor for every place. It can give you decent battery life if you are working on day-to-day work or official work on this machine.

If you do multitasking or heavy workload on this machine then it will give you 5-6 hrs of battery life that’s not a bad deal.

It doesn’t overcut your pocket, comes under your budget with $1700.

What are the Best or Worst Things of this Dell G7

If here we are sharing with you the best or worst thing about this laptop. The Dell G7 17 gaming laptop comes with a great value of $1,699.99. This laptop comes with some pros and cons.

The best thing about the laptop

So first of all we are discussing the pros of this Dell G7 17 gaming laptop-

  • One thing we loved about this laptop is the G7 17 came with a 17.3” screen with IPS FHD narrow bezel, I love this display size and display. The color accuracy is amazing and 300MHz refresh rate.
  • In that, the Dell G7 7700 has the Intel 10th gen processor the laptop with 10th gen, or you can get the Intel i9 processor with the Dell G7 17 7700.
  • They offer a 64GB of RAM variant of this laptop. As well as 16GB or 32GB models are available.
  • Storage varies for the laptop so Dell G7 17 having the 512GB base model storage option, or you can buy the 1TB or 2TB PCIe NVMe SSD.
  • 4-zone RGB light in keyboard and with chassis RGB light you can customize each key light with the Alienware command center.
  • Software support the laptop has tons of software support like Game Shift Technology, Alienware command center, or Nahimic 3D audio.

The worst thing about the laptop

  • The Dell G7 17 only comes with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070, or 2060. No option for the Nvidia GeForce 3060 or 3070.
  • It’s a bigger laptop this has its advantages or disadvantages. SO laptop has more in weight its take 2.9kg.
  • Not daily travel users, cause the laptop is heavy and daily travel with this laptop we don’t recommend. If you are a daily user then you can buy that one.
  • Only featured with the 2933MHz RAM with the Dell G7 17 gaming laptop.

There are many more reasons to avoid this laptop but most of the reasons are in favor of the Dell G7 17 gaming laptop. Here we are sharing the Dell G7 17 gaming laptop cons and pros.

So many up and down in that laptop why would buy this laptop? It’s worth it or not? It’s made for gaming? All that question’s answer you can find in next paragraphs.

Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop: Personal Experience

Gamers want the best gaming laptop they want a powerful machine, Dell G7 17 gaming laptop is made for gaming? Infect these types of questions we are discussing below this article.

Here we disclose the Dell G7 gaming laptop’s specifications. Again some point of view it looks best for gaming, but some points disappointed to me.

The Dell G7 7700 17.3” larger screen gaming laptop. The model of the G7 series gaming laptop. The G7 series are mid-range gaming laptops that sit between the low budget such as G3, G5, or G5 SE series.

Dell G7 17 comes with several variations of the G7 17 laptop. With their different variations, users can choose their favorite model of the laptop.

As at the time, the Dell G7 17 7700 has an i7 10th Gen processor, and the price has been $1259 for starting models. However, specifications vary on the price if the configuration is rich also the price is high.

If you are need something interesting with the 17” then the Dell G7 17 is the perfect model for you guys. This comes with the $1259 starting price. Next in paragraphs, we will find out the Dell G7 17 offers enough value for its price.

Dell G7 17 Design, Size & Weight

All the gaming laptops are not so stylus, they all are made for rough and tough. The Dell G7 17 gaming laptop features a thin, sophisticated design for an unforgettable look and feel. The mineral black chassis with iridescent silver accents and 4-zone RGB keyboard with WASD and chassis lighting, it’s built to elevate your game with a style that lets you go from gaming to the classroom or conference room with confidence.

As we see Dell G7 17 has a tough body so you, not that means this is the boring laptop. This is so stylus and also having the 4-zone RGB keyboard, this looks perfect for a gaming laptop.

As you see in the image of the laptop the Dell G7 17 hinge has the middle of the laptop or in the backside air vents are well placed. This looks cool on this laptop. Or I/O ports are well managed in the backside so no hustle for wires.

Unfortunately, I have a major concern with the build quality of the Dell G7 17. The entire chassis is made of plastic which honestly doesn’t befit in this price point.

Another major disadvantage of this chassis, when you use your laptop then the fingerprints and smudges. Therefore, to keep its chassis from looking unsightly you may need to keep a napkin close by.

Two-color options for Dell G7 17 gaming laptop with dark gray with blue accents.

The top of the lid bears the Dell logo in blue accents. This would have been simply chic if the lid is not so much prone to fingerprints.

You might open the laptop lid with a single hand with a single finger. This is quite important for gamers, they don’t need to open with both hands. Here we say its beneficiary features for everyone.

The screen bezel is almost thin but the bottom bezel is reduced. The camera is placed in the upper bezel.

Most of the exciting features of this laptop are the fingerprint scanner, it is one of the best I’ve seen around. It is super fast and accurate and logging on to Windows was super easy to convenient. For security, the purpose is most important for the user who needs more privacy. The shiny houses the G7 logo as well as the power button – the power button also servers as the fingerprint scanner.

Fast forward to the keyboard, it is quite sufficient for gaming as well as typing. The keys have a rather short key travel however, it has a nice clicky sound, which gives better experiences with the keyboard.

As we above mention the keyboard comes with a 4-zone RGB backlit. You can manage the keyboard light from the Alienware command center software to control the lighting. Also, the keyboard has a numeric pad so easily type for Numpad lovers.

As the keyboard key is decently sized, the Numpad and arrow keys look a bit smaller but it’s adjustable. The main thing is the keyboard is accurate, it is so soft keypress feedback.

Move on to the touchpad, the touchpad is general sized.

The Dell G7 17 gaming laptop is heavy while the weight is 6.5lb(2.9kg). I know that this is a gaming laptop so obsessively this makes it heavy. Although this is a 17” laptop so automatically weight is increased and of course, they give gaming machines so it being.

Comparison says this is heavier than the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX582 dual-screen laptop.

You can’t easy to carry this laptop for daily traveling, cause this weight is too much. As you can just use it for gaming streaming and professional works. We know weight is important when we traveling, but in the ideal situation, we can’t prefer to travel with this one.

We suggest if you have no other laptop and every time you need this one. So in this case you have no option. While this laptop is good but overweight for day-to-day travel.

If you guy, who travel in a month then it’s not a big deal. You can manage with this laptop.

Additionally, the laptop is 17” then also they include the more numbers in size, W x D x H – 15.98” / 39.82cm x 11.42”/29cm x 0.9”/2.29cm.

Display of Dell G7 7700

The Dell G7 7700 this laptop comes with the 17.9” FHD 300Hz IPS 1920×1080 display with three side narrow bezel.

If you are buying the Dell G7 7700 laptop for gaming then this is a perfect pick. They offer to you a great 300Hz refresh rate display, with an IPS panel and three sides narrow border they reduce the bezel.

The hinge is the place on the bottom middle, for air vents they perfect design. The screen is tilted when we tilt it to the upper, it because they have no side hinge than this begins.

In the top bezel 720p, HD web cameras are added on this laptop for conference calls, meetings, online classes, or video calls.

Processor & Cooling

Dell G7 17 gaming laptop having the i7-10750H processor under the laptop. You can revel in power without interrupting your gaming streaming or videos, powerful 6-core, twelve-way processing performance with this base 2.60GHz up to 5.0GHz max turbo frequency.

Ultimately, the processor is a beast you can play higher gamers, video or photo editing software, and a lot heavier software in this Dell G7 7700.

One more thing, as they added the i7-10750H chipset, all know that is insane level chipset when we play gamers or word more and more than this will generate more heat. So Dell G7 17 gaming laptop featured a dual-fan cooling system to help spread out heat and keep your system responsive and cool during intense gameplay. One fan for the processor and another one for the graphics card.

Dell G7 17 gaming laptop, also comes with the Intel i9-10885H processor here to buy.

Graphics Card

Dell G7 17 gaming laptop features Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 dedicated graphics card on that. With the help of this, you play smooth games or more graphical work do with ultra-smooth.

Till now there are no Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics cards or not RTX 3000 series. Only Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 model with Intel i7 10th or i9 10th variants are available in the market.

If you are searching for the Intel i9 11th or Intel i9 10th gen with RTX 3070,3080, or 2080 super. These are the laptop comes in the Alienware series. Those laptops are high-budget laptops.

But dedicated for gamers, filmmakers, or professionals they worth for those.

Again we are clear for now there are no RTX 2080, 3070, or 3080 models in the Dell G7 17 gaming laptop series.


Dell G7 17 gaming laptop has 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, SSD boosts your laptop performance so you can store multiple gamers or software. As we know you ask the question. Only 512GB storage is not enough software needs more storage.

Although, you can buy the 1TB of NVMe SSD or 2TB of NVMe SSD variants if you feel the 512GB of storage is not enough for me. So in the market 1TB or 2TB options are available as well.

Here to buy –




If will be doing multitasking on the laptop, so this is an important factor for you. The Dell G7 17 gaming laptop featured 16GB of DDR4 2933MHz.

If the 16GB is lesser then you have to choose the 32GB or 64GB RAM options, as well with that you have 2TB+64GB storage and 1TB+32GB storage.

I think the 32GB is the ideal choice of RAM, so you buy the 32GB RAM with the 1TB NVMe SSD. It’s the perfect combo.

In case you need more RAM you have a 64GB option with the 2TB NVMe SSD. I think this one is perfect. Otherwise, no other option you have to choose from.

Repeat– DDR4 16GB/32GB/64GB 2933MHz comes in three different variants.


The network plays the important role in the laptop as it comes with the ethernet port or Wi-Fi support. As the Dell G7 17 gaming laptop featured flexible dual-band connectivity with greater reliability, two antennas for streams. It will be connected with Wi-Fi 6 160MHz AX1650 router to experience Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds nearly 3X faster than standard Wi-Fi 5.

The Gigabit ethernet ensures blazing-fast speed and minimizes lag for smooth network traffic.

Here is no chance for network interruption when while we playing the gamers and streaming.

It featured Bluetooth v5.1, no lagging in the connectivity, feel free.

Keyboard & Touchpad

If you are a tough gamer then you know the importance of the keyboard, but we know the laptop keyboard is no longer recommended for gaming. You need an external keyboard.

But in that perspective, a laptop needs a good keyboard while typing and doing some lite work on the laptop. Assume if you are outside or you don’t have any keyboard then the laptop keyboard help a lot.

So the Dell G7 17 7700 comes with the 4-zone RGB keyboard with WASD and RGB lighting that means you can change the keyboard light from the Alienware command center. (12-zone chassis lighting)

This is the next-level thing in this keyboard. They reduce their keypress feedback. When you type on this keyboard feels a bit of noise.

The touchpad has precision-point glass allows for a smoother touchpad experience. While the touchpad has so smooth and feels good to use.

The touchpad is ultra buttery smooth, while the comes with some gesture.


Dell G7 17 gaming laptop has a decent configuration but as this 6-cell lithium-ion battery. Don’t let your gaming revolve around a plug. Quick-charge your system with a 6-cell 97Whr battery.

We can say the laptop has a decent battery backup, it is around 4-5 hours battery life of this laptop. While playing gaming than maybe they give around 4-5 hrs, if you play the videos then they might give 5-6hrs of battery life with the Dell G7 17 gaming laptop.

With that 240W power, the adaptor comes with this laptop that charges your laptop fast. No need to wait for a longer time. Quick charging features to charge fast the Dell G7 7700.

Battery performs the major factor in the laptop. While when you travel, or outside. Then you feel the actual importance of the battery life. Now you don’t carry the power brick with you.

As we can say this is the pure advantage of the Dell G7 7700 laptop.

I/O Ports

This is the heart of every laptop if your laptop has fewer ports that mean you lose the portability of the laptop. But the Dell G7 7700 featured with the 1xSD card reader, 2xUSB 3.2, 1xUSB 3.2 with power share, 1x Thunderbolt 3 USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C (USB-C DisplayPort Alt-Mode on NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650Ti GPU option), Mini DP 1.4 (on NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660Ti and RTX GPU options), 1x HDMI 2.0, Ethernet Port 1×1 Gigabit ethernet port on 1650Ti (RJ-45 Killer Networks E2500V2 Gigabit Ethernet Port on 1660 Ti and above), 1xDC jack, 1xHeadphone jack.


The Dell G7 17 gaming laptop comes with a bunch of software support. With a lot of software support when you run your application and gamers then you might increase the speed of this laptop. The combination of software and hardware is just amazing.

Many software is added to the Dell G7 17 gaming laptop. Let’s discuss it one by one.

1. Virtual Reality Ready – The computer is fast enough to support virtual reality hardware and software. For example, the software needs virtual reality then you can enjoy this feature.

2. Nahimic 3D Audio for Gamers – This feature is quite beneficial for the gamers, because when they play the games on the Dell G7 then they have to use the Nahimic 3D audio that means. While you are playing games and assume the enemy attack you from behind and you have no idea where to enemy came so the Nahimic 3D audio helps you.

If the enemy came from the right side then the right side sound plays from the speaker, if they came from the left side then play the left speaker.

So this will help to find out where an enemy attack you, easily kill them. As we think this is helpful while you play the games. so you can localize in-game sounds and react in real-time.

3. Game Shift Technology – This will boost your laptop performance and power when gaming gets critical with a simple press of a button. Activated by a dedicated key on the keyboard, Game Shift triggers a dynamic performance model within the Alienware command center by maximizing the fan’s speed to keep your system cool while the processor or graphics card work harder.

This sounds pretty much cool and it’s all happen with the single key, that’s next level.

4. Alienware Command Center – Alienware commands commonly use in the Alienware command center, but now they using in the Dell G7 series to customize your gaming profile or create your profile. Alienware command center includes a bunch of features, we will be share with you.

Here you have to see four tabs of customization.

1. Home – This is the default setting where you can see your dark mode or some other defaults settings. With several quick actions, you can have specific color themes per game as well as thermal profile, audio, and power options.

Below you have your default options and towards the right side, you can find your game library. Towards the right side finds the game library.

2. Library – Library tabs host your software or games in a single place, you can sort, favorite. You can short options and customize options individually. Also, you can let the application automatically find games or software on your computer and then add those to your library.

3. FX – FX is a bit more interesting cause here you can customize all your laptop RGB lights like where they are on the keyboard or bottom of the chassis.

So each key you can customize with your favorite color. And also customize the bottom chassis RGB light.

So this can help to change the light effects. We can relate it to effects. That means total controls of the RGB, in one place.

4. Fusion – Under that tab there are five icons on the left that represent, Overclocking profile, thermal profile, power management,  audio, and recon audio.

Overclocking For the overclocking you can check your profile please be some research on the overclocking and after you can overclock.

Thermal Profile – Thermal profile you see your performance with the temperature of CPU and GPU. They manage your fans, each profile details the fan’s speed and you can manually adjust curves as well.

Power Management – In that option, you can manage your profiles and edit each accordingly.

Audio – The audio integrates effects that you can modify and turn on and off. You can change it with each and every setting like Music, Movie, Racking, and many more profiles.

Inside the Box – Dell G7 7700, Power Adaptor.

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Dell G7 17 The Good & The Bad

The GoodThe Bad
The 17.3” screen sizeHeavy weighs laptop 2.9kg
64GB of DDR4 RAM2933MHz DDR4 RAM
144Hz refresh rateOnly RTX 2070 option
4-zone RGB light in the keyboard with WASD chassis lighting 
Game shift technology 
Alienware command center 
A lot of ports for connectivity 

 Most Questions People ask about the Dell G7 Gaming Laptop


What graphics card does the Dell G7 have?

The Dell G7 7700 features the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 graphic card

Is Dell G7 17 gaming laptop is worth it?

The Dell G7 17 gaming laptop is worth it cause it features the latest Intel i9 10th gen processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070, or 512GB of base storage or 2TB of storage variant are available, 64GB of RAM in this laptop. Also, 16GB RAM models are available as well.

Is the Dell G7 worth it?

The Dell G7 7700 comes with the 10th gen processor or they include the Intel i9 processor, On the other side, they offer Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6. 2TB of storage variant with 64GB of DDR4 RAM. Obsessively this is worth there is no chance we avoid. If you need a higher graphic card then no option for RTX 3060, 3070, or 3080. If you feel good with this option then this Dell G7 17 is worth it. The base variant is offering $1700.

Does Dell G7 have RGB?

Yes, the Dell G7 7700 has a 4-zone RGB keyboard with WASD RGB you can manage every key with a change their color. You might change the RGB colors from the Alienware command ware control center.

Is G7 good for gaming?

The Dell G7 got superb design, performance, and RGB to back its gaming credentials. To re-iterate, Dell G7 15 is a great option if you don’t wait for 11tg gen Intel chips and Nvidia RTX 3000 series GPUs. If you are not looking for Dell then you can hardware from its competition.

Is Dell better than Alienware?

The simple answer is no. But we compare it with the price and hardware. But the performance is Alienware is better especially the higher-end models. In terms of value, it is much better to compare to Alienware, but for performance, Alienware is obviously better especially the higher-end models.

How many storage options for Dell G7 17 gaming laptop?

Dell G7 17 7700 also has three options 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB of storage option as well.

Does Dell G7 have RTX 3070?

Nope, the Dell G7 7700 has an Intel 10th Gen processor or Nvidia GeForce 2070. There is no option for the Intel 11th Gen or Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 series.

Does Dell G7 have 11th gen?

No, Dell G7 17 gaming laptop has 10th gen. If you are wanting the Dell G7 11th gen then you have to wait for the Dell G7 11th gen.

Is Dell G7 have an RGB keyboard?

Yes, Dell G7 7700 has a 4-zone RGB keyboard you can change every key color with the Alienware command center.

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