Don’t Buy the Jio Book: It’s not for you

Why you don’t buy the jio book. The Indian network provider Reliance Jio has been staggering growth since its public launch in late 2016. The Jio has launched the LYF smartphone and Jio phone. Frankly speaking the Jio’s smartphone and JioPhone is not good, because Jio is not work in this category. So in simple language, we say Jio is not a professional smartphone maker and their phones and user experience are not so good. The LFY smartphone is only for focusing on the only Jio SIM. And thing about the only Jio. Even the Jio Phone’s as face the same condition the Jio Phone has ver problem like battery and OS and their keypad is very problematic. The overall way can surely say the Jio’s main work is Providing is the network and that’s doing a good job in this field. So How, Jio is an entry in the Laptop segment.

Rather than all the laptops have Windows 10 support. The JioBook seems to be is running Google’s Android OS. As the same Jio does in Jiophone in custom os then now Jio Book runs on JioOS. According to the XDA report. Jio’s laptop currently using Qualcomm Snapdragon’s 665 chipset(11nm). That was almost 2 years old. The chipset comes with a 4G LTE modem. We think the jio launch the two laptops only is basic and another one is a premium laptop so in the premium one, the 4G LTE option is available.

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Jio’s partnering with China-based Bluebank Communication Technology, The company creating mobile devices and develops the software for third-parties. Bluebank is mention, jiobook running the KaiOS. a mobile operating system for the featured phones. According to the documents we reviewed, the JioBook is preparing for the JioBook from September 2020. Assumed the launch to the approx first half of 2021. Here is no confirmed date for JioBook. So only, for now, we can assume that. Some specs. are leaks that are the jio book comes with the 2GB LPDDR4X RAM and 32GB of internal storage, 4GB LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB internal storage. Jio seems to be sourcing the low-cost components from a variety of vendors, most notable for Samsung, and other is Qualcomm for its Snapdragon 665. The components as well use in a general laptop all those used in the jio book, like mini HDMI port, WiFi over 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, Bluetooth and three-axis accelerometer and a Qualcomm audio chip.

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We could the jiobook is cut down on costs. Because of the Snapdragon 665, while Google’s app is not installed on their laptop. Same side the laptop comes with Jio Store and other many Jio apps like JioMeet, JioPage, and Jio Page ad service. For official work, jio is access to use Microsoft office, edge, and Team.

Why JioBook is a Good Option?

The simple reason is the Jio book is not coming with a penalty of features like other laptops have. Also, you can connect it to jio phone, the battery is very cheap, the keypad and the OS are very buggy. Same situation on the laptop side the laptop has limited options. We clearly say jio is not a professional laptop maker. Here in the field many major companies like HP, DELL, ASUS, LENOVO, etc. So jio make it from third parties. In this field, jio has no information.

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Rally answer for no to jio book. While in the market many laptop brands have Chromebooks. The Chromebook has much more comfortable than because the jio is entering the segment. People don’t trust blindly. As in the market, many laptops were launched with the 2GB/64GB iBall and Acer is an example of the jiobook. So please if you want a laptop like the budget the Chromebook is a good option until you are and student and your work are only studying on the internet and watch an online class. We know about the Chromebook but we don’t know about the jiobook. So go with Chromebook that feels like android and the plus point of jiobook is only one is that has Android support. So same support Chromebook gives you. If you extend your budget so you must go with a higher laptop like i3,i5. So don’t be a fool. Please check the jiobook details. Again we can say to you many companies make 11-13″ laptops with the same config. But really jiobook use very cheap materials in this jiobook. When the company offers you a low-cost laptop that should be also cut off in the body material and look. They are using cheap components. All of these things are making laptops cheap.

Again don’t be fool. Think again.

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