Download Windows 10 ISO on Your PC: But How?

In today’s blog, we discussing How to download Windows 10 ISO on your PC. Basically, we had also discussed how to install Windows 10 on your PC. But in today’s blog, we share with you that where to download windows 10. So first, go to Microsoft’s website and download it. But it’s not easy as you think. I mean you don’t easy to download ISO on a PC. Only ISO file download in the smartphone. But here we share the download method.

If you go Microsoft website they show the Download tool now and the Update Now option. There is no option to download ISO.

how to download windows 10 on your pc

Basically, open the website in Chrome browser and right-click on the screen and they show Inspect option click and go.

how to download windows 10. Right click on background and click inspect option.

Its set Mobile or Tablet screen responsive rate. and click on Refresh. Then the page refreshed then the page has changed.

Now you can see the select Edition option and select the Windows 10 edition.

Click Confirm.

now you refresh the page and you can clearly see windows 10 edition and select to latest update.

Then select the product language. We select it to English International. Click Confirm.

now you select the windows 10 language and click confirm.

After that new windows open they show architecture for Windows. Select to 64-bit because the new software supports 64-bit. Again click Confirm.

And ISO file start downloading.

select architecture to 64-bit

You are happy to install Windows 10 on your PC. We also make an article on this topic. So you can click the link and go to that page where I explain. How to install Windows 10 on your PC. If you have an old PC so this method does not work for you because your PC has no UEFI mode only LEGACY MODE. If your PC is old and you want to install Windows 10 so check out this link.

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