Drives not found during Windows installation Fix it?

In today’s blog here we will be share with you if your drive is not found during the windows installation process. Also, we share about how to install Windows 10. In that situation, you can try to install a disk driver. Many different companies have different drivers. If someone is using Dell, Hp, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, and other brands they can download the disk driver from their company’s website these driver find out in the chipset section. You copy the drivers and paste them on your Pendrive. Many times company don’t want to user update their windows like change and they hide the option and users can’t find their disk driver when trying to install Windows.

during windows installation driver not found you can load driver. after loading driver drives are shows up.

You can find out your disk driver from the company’s website by simply enter your product serial no. or model number. As I mention upper you find the disk driver or raid driver as the name mentioned on their website so you should download the drivers on another system and via using Pendrive you copy the driver file and paste it on the Pendrive. After doing all the things you go to load driver options and choose Pendrive path and select driver folder and click ok and next windows will be open and asking for installing disk driver. You simply click on the OK button, and now you see your drives are showing there. Remember one thing install the right driver from the company’s website and intel raid storage download page. After doing all of these things you able to install Windows on your system and after doing that process they never ask for an install disk driver.


Go to the recovery option and select the Advance option and you can see the command prompt option than click on it. Now type all these commands(make sure to backup your harddisk)

Type in command prompt-

select disk x(they shows you number like 0, 1, 2 depend on you disk)
list partition
select partition x

last command type and enter


May be these both of the one method will be helping you.

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