9 Simple Ways to Free up RAM on Your Windows PC

We know that why are you here, you want to free up RAM on your Windows PC. You need some tips and tricks on that topic. So finally your research is over. Here we make an article on this topic and fully read and apply it on your Windows PC or free up RAM.

free up RAM

Also, we share the “What is RAM & how’s it works” in the next paragraphs we share how to free up RAM if you’re rid from this situation then we can feel your problem.

What is RAM & how’s that work?

As all know the full form of RAM- RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY. It simplest like the name when we access the random app on the PC then they can handle that. For example when we open the Music Player, the video player in that case we open the random apps. RAM’s work is they have to access the memory to run all of these apps. It’s a very simple example to explain how that works.

The more RAM that’s in your machine, the more programs you can run at once without negatively affecting performance. When your computer runs low on RAM. It uses a part of the storage drive called the page file that acts as pretend RAM. This is much slower than actual RAM, which is why you notice slowdowns when Windows uses it.

Because RAM is volatile, you’ll lose its contents when your computer shut down. Anything you want to keep must save to permanent storage, like HDD or SSD.

How to Free Up RAM on Your PC

1.  Restart Your PC

This tip is very common when we having any trouble on PC then we first restart our PC.

After, if an error exists, then we try to solve out. Even this trick is familiar with, or anyone can apply on PC.

Restarting your PC will also clean your system cache memory, RAM, or background running apps. Obviously won’t increase the maximum RAM availability, it simply cleans all the background running tasks that could be eating up your memory.


You should restart your PC regularly to keep it from getting bogged down, especially if you use it all the time. We saw many people like this who use their PC and just put it to the sleep mode and hibernate mode. Then sometimes they are asking for this is safe?

Here my answer is that for their guys- if you probably use your PC the whole day and at the night you can properly shut down then this is very annoying. Because that time you can use your PC and in that time they save the apps and some data on RAM then this quite sounds different.

So my suggestion is for you guys if you away from your PC for a long time then you can shut down. Then a lot of running tasks are shutting down. When you open your PC then you see the free-up RAM. You might see the difference.

2. Check RAM Usage

If you don’t know that where is your PC using RAM, you don’t have to guess what’s using your RAM. Windows has the best features to show your RAM usage. Just open the Task Manager by searching on the search bar or right-click on the taskbar then you got the Task manager option to access this option, even to get the option with press Shift+Ctrl+Esc shortcut.

Now there you have an option to more details then click on that. Here you see the full details of the CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, or GPU.

While you click on the Memory tab and you’ll see the RAM usage if any apps are using more RAM or they could be useful then, close the apps which consume more RAM. Selecting the app which you want to close and right-click on them and End the task. It’ll be free up RAM on your Windows PC.

Under the Task Manager, you’ll select the Open Resource Monitor to see the whole details about memory. This is the simplest and working method that will really work.

3. Scan for Virus

The chances are very high to full your RAM when the malware or virus attacks on your Windows PC. Below we share the Task manager tip to see the full details about the consuming RAM.

Although you’ll see the unnecessary extension grab more RAM usage than instant end task. Check the details about that extension. Maybe a virus effect on your PC so the PC reserved more RAM.


Always use genuine antivirus software no, I personally use the Kaspersky Total Security, but you choose any of these antiviruses with a valid license. Run a full scan on your system if any malware is present then they remove and show on the PC screen. This will free up RAM or work smoothly on your PC.

4. Uninstall Unwanted Software

Now that you’ve seen what apps use most RAM on your system, think about whatever you really use them. An easy way to free up RAM is to keep a program you never use anyways from consuming it!

Apps you haven’t opened in months are just wasting resources on your computer, so you should remove them. Follow the step to remove the software Settings > Apps and click Uninstall on any app you want to remove.

In that list find out that apps you can’t use for a month then or that app is not so very useful in that time uninstall the unwanted app to free up RAM.

5. Use lighter Apps

What if you really want, if you just see your friend is using Photoshop on your PC then you just thought why we can’t installing them. This is the wrong method to identify your need.

Here is the best alternate for Photoshop GIMP is one of the best apps to edit your phone make changes to your photo.

Here is some way to find their alternate apps, Chrome you are using Chrome then the Brave browser the one of the best, you can install the Brave browser on your desktop. This is a very advanced option in the Brave browser.

You can find out more best apps alternate to replace your current apps. They can free up RAM and increase more performance.

6. Stop Background Running Apps

It really sounds cool in that case the many apps are opened in your taskbar then you close the unnecessary apps.

Many apps are opened in your background then they also affect your RAM and it’ll consume more RAM. If the app is not useful, remove the app from the taskbar.

If the apps are not very important or you are not using those apps for a month then definitely you can uninstall the apps.

You stop the app from background running- Settings > Privacy >Background Apps or enter the search query in the search bar.

When you access this tab then there is a lot of that you can stop from the background.

7. Install More RAM

This is the last option we have. If you need more RAM or you work heavy on your laptop, then you must more RAM on your PC. Also, you can check compatible RAM on Amazon or eBay.

If you’re laptop or PC has more RAM slot here you can check out this article. While you adding the RAM to definitely break through your problem.

Consider when you install the RAM check the slot like DDR3 or DDR4 the latest laptop or PC has a DDR4 RAM slot, both are different RAM slot. Make sure to choose the same frequency RAM for your PC.

It’s one line answer when you added more RAM to your PC than when you work on a PC or multitasking on them. It really feels like too much improvement.

On a desktop PC, the RAM upgradations are very simple just put down the side panel, and here you have to see the more RAM slot on your motherboard.

Take a look for laptop users, in that simple case you are owning a laptop then it will be a little bit difficult than desktop. There is no option to add RAM simply, you just put out the back cover of your laptop and open your laptop. Different laptops have different opening patterns.

I just really hope these are methods are very helpful and you see the improvement in your PC. In that article also we are trying to find out all these ways to free up RAM. Also, we share more related articles.

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