Google Has Been Tracking Your Location: How to Stop Location Tracking

In the digital generation, hiding the location history is like a dream. We’ll share with you some tips to hide your location and disable unwanted location permission. In fact, location tracking can be very handy. Sometimes we see the when we visit the place and suddenly a pop message came from the Google Map and they say You know this place. Even some time again asking for reviews.

So how they know we visit the place and how do we prevent the location tracking and can we disable the unwanted location tracking. Anybody doesn’t want Google save your location and track.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to stop location tracking in Android and how to delete your location history from your browser, As always we know when we install the popular social media app then, we must sure they first asking for the location and after they runt he app. In case we could not accept the location then they not to run the app. While we have no other option and then we allow for the location.

But at a time they all are collecting our location data, in many cases, we hear about the data breach. You all know the latest Domino’s data breach. When they have access to see our location then they show me similar ads like when we have search on Google about Manali’s trip. Google puts the travel agencies and hotels ads. So now we can understand the importance of location.

We are using the Redmi Note 5 Pro and the option are just similar to other Android phones. If you don’t get the option then you can contact us.


Google has various options to track our location in the list the first came Google Activity controls to control your data and location. Although we can see our search history all we search on the Google and Google Map and YouTube watch history. Now we first of the Web & Apps Activity.

Web & Apps Activity is very much important as they show ads on your search results. Whenever we search on Google then we see our related ads.

  • There you have to see three options that’s Web & Apps Activity, Location History, or YouTube History.
  • Now you choose the left-hand side activity controls option and go with them.
  • Scroll down and choose any you did like to turn off.

Let us introduce these options and suggest what to do with these options. Especially when we search on Google for any single work they all are counting in the Web & App Activity. Also if you are searching the location on the Google Map then they show your results on the web activity.

You’ll probably check the Include audio recording option to untick. If they enabled then disable that. As well as you can go into the Manage activity, there you have a delete option to delete your web & apps data.

Just simply click on that, and you’ll see the options like last hour, last day, or all time, so select any of these and delete your web and apps data. While you delete the data then you delete the YouTube, Google News, Google Play Store, and more other active service data. Make sure to consider those data and delete whatever you want.


  • You have the option to pause the location history to turn them off.
location tracking
  • If also want to delete the location history and then click on the manage activity option.

They redirect you to your timeline here you have the bottom right-hand side settings icon and click on them you just see the Delete all location history option to delete all your location history.


  • Go to Settings. Find “Account” or “Google” and tap on tap on your Google email account. If there’s more the one account listed, tap on the one you want to choose.
  • Tap on the Manage your Google Accounts option,
  • Go to the Data & personalization option.
  • Here you have to see Activity controls and click on the Web & App Activity option
  • Now if the Web & App Activity option is enabled then turn them off.
  • Also, you can turn off the Include audio recording option.
  • If you want to delete the web history then tap on the Manage activity.
  • Scroll down and you can just see the Delete option.
  • Select the time range and delete.
  • Choose which services to delete activity from.


  • Same as go into the Activity controls.
  • If you see your location history is turn on then turn it off.
  • You need to delete your location history then tap on Manage activity.
  • They send to Google Map and you see your location. On the top of the left corner you have to see the three-dot, click on it.
  • Tap on Settings and privacy.
  • Scroll down and saw the Delete all location history.
  • Click on “I understand and want to delete“.


If you want to be able to turn location tracking on or off as you need it, you can do that, too. One way to arrange this is to use the Quick Settings bar. In that try, you can able to access multiple controls like data on-off, Wi-Fi, location, and many more quick settings. There is a “Location” option and some phones have a “GPS” option, you can simply tap location and off them.

But they can’t properly off, Simply hold the location icon and you will see the location access if they turn on then off this option.


Some phones have maybe different location access option you can search it on your phone or Google it.

  • When we go into the location access apps.
  • Click on the app that you want to disable the location
  • There is App permission to deny the location.


Google is very advanced and they have many options to get our location, in fact, we disable the location after they have more apps inbuilt options to track our location. And some services we would turn off the location. Unfortunately, many apps we can’t access without enabling the location service.

Even Google is very smart they access our location from the location service via emergency location service, and Google location accuracy, and location sharing.

  • Once you click on the location service then have an on or off option.
  • If they enabled then disable that option.
  • You can turn off all the location services.

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