Google Learning With Free Certificate: Google Digital Unlocked

Due to the covid pandemic, most people are not getting offline classes. Where our education is digital then why we go anywhere. Many of those platforms are available that are providing free learning courses. Here in this next paragraph, we’ll share the Google Learning courses. In that courses are paid for and some free with certificates. Why you are searching for the learning course on Google? Google Learning program is already running their service with the free online course and some of these paid.  

google learning

The best part of these courses they give you a free certificate. Before that the only way to get a certificate if you join the paid courses then they give you a certificate. Otherwise, no one can give you a certificate.

The Google Learning program that is “Google Digital Unlocked “offers a bunch of courses free-of-cost and paid. There you can filter the course according to your need.

Introducing The Google Learning

Eventually, first, we introduce the menu here we can just use the My Learning Plan to find out current recent active learning courses. If you are not completing your courses then, you can go on it and restart your learning. The second options are Online Courses there to find more courses. The third option is Offline Course where to you apply for an offline course which means you go and learn offline but the option is not available here. 

Next, Remote Word to work any time, in today’s environment, more employees, educators, and students are working remotely. To help, we’ve gathered some tools and resources you can use to stay connected and productive.

More, you can explore the various features like see your certificates, partners, tools, mobile, and my profile, and some more options to find out there.

When we explore the categories we might be filtering the courses through the many other filters as if you want the course length, certificate:free-paid, course difficulty: beginner, intermediate, or advanced, or last course provider to select the course on finding related your interest.

When we find our interest-related course you click on it. After you getting the course information to see the time of the course, and it is free or paid, also check the modules. They simplify your course with the level like they featured with course type it’s for beginners, intermediate and advanced, also check the course time. 

Google Learning

Below you would check the certificate information, cause some course provides the certificates and some are not providing. 

As per my suggestion if you have time once you check out the Google Learning program. Then you can learn a lot of things from Google Learning. For now, you can find only the beginner level courses but advanced level courses are not available on the Google Leaning program. While you simply start your course then all the courses have separate videos and quiz. The course has a certificate option then you can get the certificate while complete the course.

learning video

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We promise to you we make more article on this topic, cause people to know about that free platform. In the next articles, you can see the free learning courses related articles. If you are a student or the current situation you can learn something more interesting as Digital marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, and a lot more. This is the current time you can just start we free-of-cost. If once you get solid information about your interest then you can check for the paid learnings.

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