HDD vs SSD: What’s the difference?

In this blog, we will be sharing with you how SSD is better than HDD. Even every PC needs to use SSD. Basically, in today’s article we sharing how HDD works and how SSD works. SSD is using for higher-end laptops or PC. Now a day, SSD is a running product in the market even customers asking for the SSD. And aware of SSD. They know that. How actually SSD is faster than the normal HDD.

What is HDD?

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HDD is a data storage media where you can store the data. They live inside the PC. It has spinning disks where data is stored magnetically. The HDD has an arm with several heads that read and write the data on the disk. I give you an example to explain how HDD works, like CD writer, insert the CD and writer read the CD and also read the data. Same case in HDD the heads read the data and the actual disk is rotating, like a CD. Overall the process works. The HDD is available in two options 2.5inchs HDD use on laptops and 3.5inchs size HDD used on desktop PC. The HDD is a lower price than SSD and stores more data on your PC. You store more data than SSD. But we don’t trust the HDD for the long-time data option. Some time they crashed it. Even you lost the data.

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What is SSD?

intel optane NVMe SSD. Best ssd.

SSD’s full form is “Solid State Drive”. Here is no moving parts and the data stored on integrated circuits. Then SSD gives you actually read and writes performance. Because there is no moving disk in there. So the data transfer speed is higher than the HDD. The enhance the performance. The SSD is totally different from HDD lot of implications in size and performance. Basically SSD available in many different types like M.2, NVme. PCIe SSD. SSD makes the laptop slim and lightweight. Specially they reduce the weight of M.2 5-6gm. Another side the HDD is heavier than this. The usage of a 2in1 laptop to make the laptop slim lightweight and compact in size.

The SSD is more pricey than the HDD but the read and writes and transfer speed is filled the price gap. But they available in storage option. For higher storage options like 1TB and 2TB than the cost is soo much.

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SSD is making the users choice and users convenient about SSD. People knowing about SSD and they want it. Because they know this advantage. SSD is less power constipation than the HDD because HDD needs more power to run their motor to read the data. When HDD runs you listen to this noise. You clearly hear the noise of HDD. But in SSD no moving part only circuits and the data transfer and data store between circuits. An SSD-equipped PC runs faster than an HDD. A hard drive takes time to read the data, when you start your PC they start slow and after boot up, they work normally. But no changes in SSD, SSD does normal work as boot time and after boot up the PC. They work normally as nothing happens. A PC or Mac run faster with SSD you launch the application or another program and do your basic task. You don’t feel lag in your system and your system works smoothly. Whether you are using PC for fun, computing, coding, read books and watching YouTube videos.

The SATA SSD speed is also more than the normal HDD even you use 5600rps HDD or use 7200rpm. The actual PC performance in SSD boosts your system to the highest speed and they enhance your speed and work faster than the other HDD PCs. If your work is based on speed so SSD is necessary for you. Even you have normal computing even then you use SSD. The reason is behind the Windows 10 is very heavy and the Windows 10 is not working with hardware. For example best use of hardware and software, we see in Apple products. We see both the combination of hardware and software Apple well managed in their products. People want the best to the best experience. many times we see the Windows 10 is not compatible with the hardware. If you have the best of the best performance then upgrade with SSD.

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Advantage of SSD?

  • The data transfer speed is too fast
  • Low power consumption
  • Light in weight
  • Minimum chances of data corrupt

Disadvantage of SSD?

  • Data recovery is too hard
  • Hight speed transistors cause the heat in SSD
  • The cost is high

Advantage of HDD?

  • High in storage option
  • Usual price
  • Data recovery is cheaper than SSD

Disadvantage of HDD?

  • More moving parts in HDD
  • Data transfer is slow
  • More power consume
  • Make noise & vibrate when in use

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Your work is heavy then you go with SSD and also need for storage than use can use both. The PC boot and program install in SSD and other data stored in HDD then your extra SSD cost is reduced. Then you can use 256GB SSD or 512Gb is enough for your usages. Because we save our data in HDD and do all work in SSD then the performance issue is solve and the storage issue is also solved.

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