How to Activate MS Office in New PC-Quick Activation

How to active MS office in new buying laptop or desktop, here is a big question how active the MS office home and student version in new PC. Don’t worry we are today’s blog on this topic of how you can activate MS Office.

Every new user doesn’t want to they trap in trouble, here we share sharing some easy guides you can simply follow the step and you can get the correct information to active MS Office.

MS Office

When buying a new PC then MS Office is pre-installed but doesn’t activate. So you activate the MS Office and get full access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote. These features are includes in MS Office. If you want to use the Professional MS Office then you can purchase the original one. Basically, you got the home and student version of MS office.

Activate the Windows

activate windows

When you got your new laptop then first you’ll start your laptop and configure the laptop and active your Windows. You can connect it to the internet a few seconds later your Windows has been activated. You can check through go in the Settings>Update & Security>Activation then you’ll see the Activation status – Windows is activated with a digital licence linked to your Microsoft account.

How to Activate MS Office?

Now we move on to active the MS Office.

  • For this you can make a Microsoft login ID, you make the ID with Outlook or Hotmail. Whatever you want you to go with any of those options.
  • Simple you can go on the and click on the sign-in button, here you have a create an account option to make a new account with them.
  • Now you’ll create a successful account on Microsoft. Then the next step is we do with that.
  • Go on any of these Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • Once you go on them than where you see the Account option, click on them.
  • Here you just an option for sign-in (left-hand side). Fill in the Microsoft ID you have created. Enter all the detail and next.
sign in

If you added the Microsoft ID then the Microsoft ID appears on the screen. Alongside, you might check the status of the Activation of MS Office. If you can just saw the Product Activate that means your MS Office is successfully activated, or if you have seen the Activation Required that means your MS Office is not registered with your ID.

While when you set up your account they are asking for some license management and conditions then you can Accept all these permissions.


In this case, you have an option to activate your MS Office. Then you saw the Office Updates run the updates, when the update is successfully complete your MS Office is activated or you have seen the same message on that.

Just restart the PC and open Microsoft Word. Go on the Account section and there your MS office is activated.

update now

In case you saw the Download Pending, don’t be panic. It takes time when they are up-to-date then you saw the Product Activated.

Where to Check Office is Activated?

If you want to check your MS Office is activate or not. Go on the

Here is an option Service & subscription click on them and there you got all the account service and subscriptions details.

office install

If your MS office is activated then you can install it when you change the PC or install Windows. You go to, there are install options to get your MS Office.

You can explore more options in the Microsoft account.

Hopefully, you successfully activate your MS Office and now you can use it on your new PC. If you can face any issue then you contact us for a solution. We are ready for helping.

We sharing with easy steps and an easy guide and I already attached the images to get the right way and images can make work easy to understand.

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