How To Backup WhatsApp Chat: Without Lose A Message

Most asking question when switch a phone. How to backup WhatsApp chats?

For most people have data is everything. And they don’t want to lose their data at any cost. But the actual loss is data. Many tools available on the internet to you store the data and keep it safe and secure. Like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other many, many platforms are available on the internet that provides free space and paid space. When we talk about WhatsApp, and if you don’t have a backup so how to do that backup and how to restore the backup. One small mistake could be lost the data of years.

In fact, hardly to we say it takes so much time, it just takes a quick minute if you have a good internet speed, or the data is no longer. Anytime anywhere to save the data on the cloud. WhatsApp has featured to save data on Google Drive and if your data has under 15GB then it free for you. If you have only personal data so it’s okay that, 15GB is enough for that. By the way, Google Drive offers 15GB of free space, if you feel 15GB is not enough then you pay off it.

Apply these steps you can also transfer it to a new phone or if you factory reset so also you can follow these steps to get back your chats.

How To Backup the WhatsApp


Many times we see the phone more lags and they have also crash on their UI and apps. So we tried to factory reset the device and should improve the performance. But reset is not a problem the data is the main problem of how to keep it safe, secure, and restore.

So good news for WhatsApp users that have a featured to save data on Google Drive and restore the data. The app automatically creates a local backup on WhatsApp every night. Don’t worried about it you can set it on daily, monthly, and weekly. That can protect your data and safe to restore.

How To Get WhatsApp Backup

  • Open the WhatsApp
  • Click on the three-dot,  go to Settings
  • Tap on Chats, then click on Chat backup
  • Now you see the Backup option click on it

Now the backup has been starting. At the top of the screen, you will see the log of your recent WhatsApp backups starts. Make sure to check the internet option if Wi-Fi is possible then don’t worry, if you have only Mobile data so set it to mobile data.

Below you can choose the Google account where you store the WhatsApp data. And just below you see the include video option so please off this option cause if you on the option so it will take more time to get back up. If you don’t want to backing up videos so turn it off, to quickly complete the backup.

It works with Google Play Service if your phone like Huawei you don’t save the backup on Google Drive, cause there have no Google Play Service support. Additionally, WhatsApp backup is not secure, it’s not protected to end-to-end encryption.

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup

When after a successful factory reset, you want to restore all the data and every single message. Before you log in the WhatsApp please make sure the same account is configured on Google Drive.

  • Install the WhatsApp from Play Store & App Store.
  • Open WhatsApp, and verify the number.
  • Tap on the restore button when prompted during the setup.
  • Tap Next and wait while the WhatsApp backup is complete.

Now you have successfully restored all the WhatsApp messages, then move to media, which may take time. If you are reinstalled the app on a phone that has a local backup, WhatsApp uses their instead copy of data to restore. By default, your WhatsApp has last seven days save the backup on your phone’s internal memory, you can see the last seven days backup from file manager WhatsApp/Database msgstore.db.crypt14. and some have msgstore-2021-05-03.1.db.crypt.14 and the last one is the date. You see the note when you backup.

So I hope this article will help a lot to back up your WhatsApp. You save all the single messages while using these some steps to backup your WhatsApp.

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