How To Book Your Vaccination Slot! 4 Tools To Help You

Now that time whole Indians are want to vaccinate. But the big problem is the availability of vaccines. Here we see every state has received limited vaccine availability and after 3-4 day vaccine is out-of-stock. But here is the big problem, the vaccine slot booking. In fact, many people are don’t know about that, and also don’t know how to book the vaccine.

Now in this article, we share all the details about how to book the vaccine and how to vaccinate our family. Try to understanding who’s not known about this process and I request to you where are you living their some people don’t know about that so please help their to vaccinate those people who are not able to do register yourself. Basically, I want form you to help those people who are not vaccinated. Please try for those people to book the vaccination slot, they have no information about that, also no idea, how to book the slot. So please help others, after you get the vaccination.

Many people till now when the slot is open and whenever it booked. Today they see the slot is booked, and tomorrow they’ll see the slot booked. In this article, we share when will be a slot open and how you open, and book your slot.

If you did not know when will be your area vaccination slot is open? We share the websites that give your local area information, when will the slot open.

Maybe different have different times for slot booking. In my area vaccination slot is open around 9:00 PM. Some states say the vaccination slot is opened between 6 PM to 10 PM.

Booked with PayTM

How to book vaccine on PayTM

On top of that, PayTM has the option to find the vaccination slot find near yours. The best part of that feature you can Notify me when slots are available click on this. When vaccination slots are open then PayTM informs you, and you can go out to the cowin website and book your slot.

Basically, this feature appears when PayTM app is opened by you, this option visible in the Featured section> Vaccine Finder. When you click on the icon you see the search by PIN Code and search by the district we recommended searching through the PIN code. Below see the 18-44 or 45+ and Check Availability to check if the slot is available. Otherwise, you go with the Notify option when will vaccination is available for booking then a message send on WhatsApp. PayTM notify your to book your vaccine.


get vaccine notification

This is another alternate, also you go through this website to check the vaccination slot, and same as PayTM you set the reminder on WhatsApp. But genuinely we say that this is not work in my case. But PayTM vaccine finder word proper in my case.

I’m not blaming that but I have not received notification from Vaccinationme. I think this works for you, also you try this. This is developed by HealthifyMe. We only say not depend on one website. Try on multiple sites, cause one is not sent the notification so another one the definitely send it to you.


vaccine notification on Telegram channel

Under45 is a great platform, as I think. The working system of the Under45 is amazing. I am definitely sure about it this will 100% work. Basically, this works on the Telegram base channels, I explain when you on the Under45 your select the State and after that select, the city and then they will show you one Telegram channel in that channel you received information about your local areas, and how many slots are open and where.

Overall full details about your local area. If you join your local area then you are the smarter in your area🤫. You get the information every day about vaccination and how many vaccination centers will open tomorrow.

Again we are saying this is amazing and work perfectly. So join your areas on Under45.

Note – If your city Telegram channel is not created so wait for few days they make it. When we go for the first time I’ve not seen it. But today they were created my city channel. Now your turn goes and joins your city channel.


vaccine slot notifier

Getjab is a covid notifier website. Where your get notified when the slot is open. By the way this Getjab simple and minimalistic. You fill in all the details are required like Name, District, email, and phone number, and just press the Get Notified button.

Whenever slots are opened, they’ll Getjab notify to you. They are saying in their statement their SMS support service launch soon. 

Getjab clearly says, your data won’t be shared or sold to anyone. Maybe you get the first email 24-48hours because of the high number of sign-ups. So you will wait for the first email.

 If you are only dependent on Getjab so we recommended to follow more notifier that we mention above.

Pro Tip

how to book vaccine on cowin

All above we share the notifier, but the PayTM is booking the slot and all these are notify you. My recommendation for you, when you receive the slot is open then instantly go to the official site and log in to your account. Now when enter the area PIN code and you see the how many slots are booked and how many is N/A. Incase you rapidly refresh the page, and copy the PIN code and paste it. You follow by then the site slot is not booked. When you see the slot is open instant go and select the time and above fill the captcha and confirm.

I hope after read this full article you successfully book your slot for vaccine.


Q 1. When will COVID vaccination start?

It’s depend on different states and cities. Almost it start on 9PM but in some districts it start between 6PM to 10PM. Not 100% sure when will they start for vaccination. But the ideal time is around 9PM.

Q 2. How to book slot for vaccination?

It’s very simple if you’re register yourself. When the vaccination slot is open go to cowin website and book you slot. Also we share all the methods with you.

Q 3. How to notify of vaccination?

Above we share the some website that helps to notify when the slot is available.

Q 4. Find nearest vaccination centers?

Go to cowin website and enter the PIN code hit the enter button, now the list is in front of yours.

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