How to Check your laptop has more RAM slots: How to check RAM MHz?

Hello Guys, In this blog, we discuss Without open Laptop check the other slot is empty or not? And Also share how to check RAM MHz and can you change the Laptop RAM without getting help. The first thing we clear that, if your laptop has Windows 10 so you can do that. It’s a very very simple method.

Right click on Task bar that show Task Manager click on it.

how to open task manager and go to task manager

And you show the Task Manager is open and click on Performance.

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how to check your laptop has more RAM slots. and also check RAM's MHz

The show many options like CPU performance, Memory, GPU, SSD, and HDD some other option.

Now you go to memory option for checking RAM slot is available or not and also check the MHz.

Check your RAM slots. and increase RAM.

So you can see the Speed that your MHz of your RAM like 1600MHz 2666MHz 3200MHz. Different laptops have different MHz and supporting issues. Even you can change by yourself by checking MHz.

Now you see the below option Slots Used option that show. How many slots are available for the RAM single slot or dual slot.

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