How to Choose A Leather Bag?

If you are want to live in style or you consider buying the leather bag, but in your mind, a lot of questions are running how to choose a leather bag? Types of leather bags? How to measure the laptop size for a laptop? And where to buy the top grain leather bag?

All these questions are running in the mind and grabbing its answer. While in such a scenario, we cover all your doubts about the leather bag. 

Each and every doubt are clear until the end of this article.

Bags are available in fabric nylon, canvas, polyester, and twill.

But the leather bag has its own identity. No one can beat this. Most professionals choose the leather bag because it looks classic, cool, and fabulous.

If anyone uses the leather bag, they never replace it with another fabric; they always stick with leather.

If top buys the most expensive full-grain leather, you can not move backward. It’s such a soft texture and feels.

If we talk about the toughest fabric is leather bison leather. While this leather is used in hard military shoes and large bags. 

The bison leather is hard, and many items are made with hard leather. Basically, it is used for their hardness.

Let’s deep dive.

And share all your query related to the leather, so you can comment below to better understand.

Types of leather 

Types of leather

If we talk about leather, many other types of leather exist in the market. 

Full-grain refers to the strongest and most durable part of the hide of an animal.

Basically leather is only one fabric they have many a large number of type, and we can choose it with our need. 

Full Grain Leather

Full-grain leather bag

Full-grain leather is the most expensive leather available in the market, and it is the highest grade and superior quality leather right now. 

The grain must be fully intact for the full-grain leather to be considered full-grain. No sanding or buffing can be applied, not even to remove the natural imperfection.

As full-grain leather is not modified in any way, naturally, there will be some imperfection on the hide, just like the human body. But the imperfection feels like real leather.

Like other fabrics, if they are the same but not on leather. It will always be unique, and no two are exactly the same. 

Which is the sign of real leather. Every leather has a unique pattern.

The leather has more fiber strength and durability as it ages, and it will develop a patina over time. 

Full-grain leather is regarded as the highest quality leather, which is why ultimately we choose to use it for many of our bags and accessories.

Full-grain leather lasts much longer. As it ages, it develops a patina, which changes color over time. 

This change occurs faster on untreated pieces and is considered a highly desirable characteristic of leather.

Why this is so expensive? Three main reasons are preparation, tanning, and crusting.

While it takes time to prepare the leather, after they go through the tanning process, the last process is crusting, which means they clean the unwanted oil, hairs, buffing, and glazing.

The whole process takes time. Every single leather is a unique texture. 

Everyone has a different pattern, and if they don’t touch the real color of the leather. 

Top Grain Leather 

Top Grain Leather bag

The top grain leather is the second-best quality of leather available in the market right now. 

Ideally, this will be used in the most high-end leather bag or purses. 

If the full-grain leather is corrected in any way, it then becomes top-grain leather. This means if the full-grain leather can have imperfection removed, sanding and buffing techniques can be applied. 

This means top grain leather has removed unnecessary imperfect marks from the leather. 

Although top grain leather bags sometimes lose that uniqueness, you get from full-grain leather. 

As corrections are possible with top-grain leather, this type is often thinner, making it easier to work with and generally a little more affordable than full-grain leather.

Finish coats are usually applied to top grain leather bags. While this reduces breathability, it can lead to stretching and prevent the formation of a natural patina.

This final coat will protect the bag from stains from the blemishes that would sing right into the full-grain leather.

Top grain leather is still appropriate for luxury goods.

But, know that the durability, and the future patina of the leather, have been compromised by affecting the topmost layer of the skin.

Pebbled Leather

Pebbled leather also refers to pebble leather. It is a term that refers to leather with a particular type of textured surface. 

The surface is pressed with little rounded, rubbed, raised areas or bumps. 

The pebble leather texture is very soft and pleasant. 

Pebbled leather is a term used to describe a raised, pebble-shaped texture applied to the surface. It can be natural or faux leather. 

The pebbled texture adds visual appeal while making the leather more scratch or abrasion-resistant. Pebble leather is used in a variety of leather goods.

It’s great to have a leather material available to look great after extended use. Also, this is cheaper the top grain leather.

Once the leather is tanned or dyed, it is sent through presses with pebble etched metal plates. The leather is imprinted with the reversed pebbled pattern to create the pattern, similar to how a minted coin is made.

Mostly the pebbled leather is used in handbags or purses. The pebbled leather is so soft and ultra-smooth finish. If they work on that leather easily, they do that.

Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy Horse Leather bag

Crazy hours leather is a unique leather type that undoubtedly stands out from the rest, and its name comes from the leather used for the creation of horse saddles and which is also known as saddles leather.

The name crazy horse leather does not mean that it is made by horse skin. 

Crazy horse leather is actually made of the highest quality full-grain cowhide leather. 

Which guarantees that it will withstand many years of use and abuse. Full-grain cow leather is the strongest and most durable leather, which implies that it will only intensify its wonderful charm over time.

If you decide to purchase a Crazy horse leather bag is an excellent investment in having a bag that lasts a year to come. 

Crazy horse leather starts by talking a 100% natural cowhide of the topmost quality. The leather is treated by applying a special coating and wax to a full-grain cowhide leather surface. 

The coating and wax make it softer and more reliable for a longer duration. 

Which prevents form water or make it water-resistant. Not waterproof.

It’s a handmade process that makes Crazy horse Leather special and keeps it beautiful day after day. The most important feature is wax. 

 Which is highly resistant to water and other liquids.

It protects the fibers much better than other substances used in common leather goods when applied to the leather.

We know that the Crazy horse leather bags still look great after 10-20 years or more. 

The beauty of this leather increase day by day. And the color gets darker. So it feels so natural and aesthetic. 

Bison Leather

Bison Leather bag

Bison leather is also known as buffalo leather. And if we compare it to cow leather, it is hard to the cowhide leather. 

As it is around 40% stronger than cow leather. 

Rugged and beautiful, bison leather comes in various styles that will fit the needs of your leather projects. Great for moccasins, bags, boots, and other leather goods.

This durability comes from its pebbled texture, making it a more popular choice for everything from boots to military uniforms. Also, the larger leather bags are made from this leather to make it harder or carry a lot of weight.

These types of leather bags have a unique aesthetic and appearance. 

Bison hides are not starched during the tanning process. Since their hides are not starched, bison hide is thicker and more durable than cowhide leather(almost 40% stronger).

The buffalo or bison leather is different if we deep dive into it, and the American Bison is found only in North America. Early American settlers called them “Buffalo” because of their similar appearance to the buffalo, and the term stuck, but it is actually incorrect.

Somewhere the bison or buffalo hides are similar to that. The top grain buffalo leather hide is quite distinctive from the others.

Again this is the most durable and stronger leather in this industry.

Goat Leather

Goat leather bag

Goat leather is an extraordinary flexible material with several uses. Tanned goat leather is extremely durable and used in rugs and carpet bindings. 

Basically, the goat leather is extra soft, especially on super easy work. Due to the presence of a waxy grease produced by goat’s skins called lanolin, the natural attribute of the goat leather is water-resistant and gentle. 

Another reason to go with the goat leather is its particular texture that is tight and grainy with ridges resembling pebbles.

In most cases, goat leather uses in making handbags, shoes, gloves, and sofas.

As compared to other leather, goatskin leather has a resilient finish. Therefore, goatskin jackets, boots, and other products look fantastic after a long period. 

But a lot depends on the tanning process. 

As per my experience, the goatskin leather is no longer taken because it peeled after some time, and it peels off from the sofa and shoes and hand gloves. 

We know it all depends on the tanning process. But if the leather presence of lanolin in the leather makes it softer and supplier.

It is also water-resistant and hence more durable than cowhide. It is warm and comfortable to wear, like goatskin leather.

If you think about how to identify the goat leather if you get the presence of the lanolin, which is completely opposite to hard cowhide. 

The goatskin leather type is warm, softer and breathable, and comfortable to wear.

Goatskin leather can also be identified by a distinctive ridge on the surface. Goatskin also has a good appearance as compared to cowhide. 

So it is pretty easy to identify and distinguish goat leather from other leathers.

Python Leather

Python leather bag

Python leather comes from python snakes originating from tropical climates such as Africa, Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific Islands.

 The python leather is extremely fine, elegant, or expensive leather on the earth. Basically, the python leather for clutch bags and more capacious bags, boots, belts, clothing, and many other accessories.

Python leather grows more beautiful and elegant over time, and products made out of this leather will last for many years if they are cared for properly by the owner, so it long lasts.

It is identified by the detailed image of the surface, which consists of the scale of the animal from which it is derived animal is different. So every bag made of python leather will be unique and unrepeatable.

Bags and accessories in python are limited edition bags. The available are timeless classics of fashion.

By the way, python leather is commonly used for designer handbags or clutch bags, but also for more capacious bags.

Crocodile Leather

crocodile leather bag

Crocodile leather comes with inexpensive leather categories, and they’re for python leather are belong from this industry. 

Crocodile leather is famous for making shoes, belts, handbags, and other essentials. 

This is the hardest leather or durable leather you got the genuine leather. 

While sometimes, it’s difficult to find genuine leather or fake leather. But some tips are there to find genuine leather.

The brand Louis Vuitton is a French high-end company luxury fashion house. 

They made real crocodile leather handbags and other fashion accessories.

Ideally, genuine Crocodile leather small clutch, you’d be paying at least $860 at a lower end. 

 Also, a couple of crocodile skin breeds are most valuable in Nile and Saltwater crocodile leather. 

Even genuine crocodile leather small clutches can sell from $800 to $13,000 depending on makes. For example, you’d be paying $13,000 if you make a purchase at Hermes. 

Cowhide Leather

Cowhide Leather bag

Cowhide is the natural and unbleached skin and hair of a cow. Cowhide leather are most famous in the leather industry.

The cowhide leather is stronger and looks super cool. From this leather, we make every single fashion item. 

Cowhide leather is the result achieved through various processes. Once finished, the leather is used to make several different products. These products include leather jackets and apparel, shoes, wallets, furniture, and many more.

Cowhide leather has more strength than other leather, which shows how rugged it is.

Even cowhide leather has low stretchability, it does not have superior flexibility. For flexibility, goat leather is perfect, but this is not strength.

Cowhide leather feels heavy if we wear this jacket or carry the bag. It feels heavy.

If we talk about the warming, cowhide leather won the battle; they are warmer. 

Although the cowhide leather is not so softer, this feels like rugged leather. If you want smooth leather, you probably choose Lamb leather, and it’s so soft, or you could choose sheep leather.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

It sounds like annoying vegetable leather. The process through which animal hides are turned into leather is referred to as tanning. 

Vegetable tanning leather is one of today’s main leather production methods: approximately 10% of all leather is vegetable leather.

These techniques involve using natural vegetable tannins to alter the hide’s protein structure, causing it to become leather. These organic substances give hide functions such as preserving, strengthening, and giving color to hide.

Tannins are commonly found in other fruits, plant species, and seeds, which are discernible due to their quick test. 

But when it comes to vegetable tanning, tree bark, leaves, roots are often favored due to their exceptionally high tanning. 

 Leaves and roots are often favored due to their exceptionally high tannin concentration. A list of tree species commonly used to make veg-tanned leather includes Brich, Mimosa, Catechu, Oak, Willow, and Chestnut.

The resulting leather was then used to create the primitive type of cloths, which kept them warm and provided camouflage for hunting and bags for transporting their possessions.

There are serval methods to clean the leather and prepare or tanning process.

The first pre-tanning process removes the wool, hair, and fat residues. Under the tanning process, the tanned the leather with nature, and when the impression gets stronger, they replace the leather; for this tanning process, it takes around 2-3 months.

Treatment, after the tanning process is completed, It’s necessary to lubricant the leather with a blend of conditioning oils and waxes. 

This enhances the color and resistance of the leather also improves overall durability, reducing the likelihood that the leather will crack in the future.

Once the leather is oiled, the leather is stretched, trimmed, and measured. Depending on the desired finish, it can then the subtly refined further.

Vegan Leather

Another veg leather, vegan leather, or faux leather are the same thing-essentially a fake ‘Leather’ material that does not use animal skin.

The most commonly used materials for synthetic leathers are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU), which are plastic-based materials.

We call it fake leather; fake leather is “Pleather,” from plastic leather.

In particular, these two commonly used synthetic materials have raised questions about the safety and dangers of vegan leather to the environment. 

Even very few vegan leathers are made from natural sources, although it is possible to find more eco-friendly products made from materials like cork or kelp and even pineapple leaves.

Basically, vegan leather is produced by the different chemicals and a totally different industries process to real leather. Bonding a plastic coating to a fabric backing is the most common way to make faux leather.

The types of plastic used in these coating vary, which defines whether or not it is eco-friendly.

PVC releases dioxins, which are more dangerous in confined spaces and especially dangerous if brunt. It also plasticizers such as phthalates to make it flexible.

When vegan bags are made from PVC materials, they are definitely harmful to our environment. Especially dangerous if brunt.

Vegan/faux leather made with PVC or PU often has a very strange smell from the chemicals. It’s often described as a ‘fishy smell’ and can often be very hard to get rid of.

PVC can also outgas dangerous toxins that give off this nasty smell/

In case you’re nature’s friends, then you’ll like the leather bag instead harm the animal.

Here, we benefit from the vegan bags coming with environmentally friendly materials.

You know about that the PU or PVC leather will be peeling after a few months of buying, so how you can prevent form these situation, there for we make a dedicated lesson around them you can check them through following links.

Which Leather Is Right For Me?

Which leather bag is right for me

Now we come on to the selection part. We are discussing how we can choose the perfect leather bag for ourselves. 

While above, we share all the leather information. If you’ll want the expensive leather-like, Python and Crocodile leather is the most expensive leather.

Basically this type of leather we can buy only the handbag. For the larger size, it can not justify with style.

Ever they are perfect for small cattle or purses.

Although the travel bags also come with heavy leather-like bison leather because their leather is too hard and strong. 

 So we suggest the bison leather for that. Basically, the military appearance is made from bison leather.

They want high strength. Bison or buffalo leathers are the hardest leather or thicker leather in the world if you want a larger bag.

Cowhide leather is commonly used for jackets. The cowhide leather is warm to wear or easily breathable. But it’s your choice the cowhide leather is the second strongest leather.

You have a lot of money to spend on premium class leather, and we suggest you go with full-grain leather.

The full-grain leather is uncut. The full-grain hide is built with its original texture and color (maybe color the leather or not).

Short tail answer: if you have a tight budget to choose the goat leather, you have to spend a little more, so go with the cowhide leather.

Although you want extra premium leather, we suggest you might choose full grain or top grain leather. Whatever you feel comfortable with, there has minimal price difference. But actually, both are top-end leather. 

How Is Leather Made?

How is leather made

Every leather has different cleaning models, and some have hairs, wool, fat, and rugged hide. 

But some processes are similar to them. Making leather is a lengthy and technical process that has to be followed with precision and care to produce high-quality leather with the same finish each time. 

The processor starts with the animal hide, and by the end of the journey, there will be a piece of leather ready to be transformed into a bag, shoes, belts, clothing, or any other leather items.


The raw material is important to make leather hide almost any animal, including pigs, sheep, goats, pythons, bison, crocodiles. The most common hide to be used is that form a cowhide. 

When a hide is prepared, this skin is removed from the animal, and then flesh needs to be removed, which can be done by hand or by using the fleshing machine. 

If you’re doing it by hand, the process must be done as quickly as possible as the material can easily dry out. 

At the end of the process, you should be left with a white, clean leather surface.

Now time for slating or being placed in a salt brine. This needs to be a very generous layer of salt as the salt stops it from decomposing. 

If a hide is not slated brined, froze, or smells bad within a few hours of being removed, the decomposition process can bring and the hide may because useless and be wasted.

The hides tend to be stored salted and folded with the fresh sides touching and will remain salted until it’s not ready to be processed.

It should be soaked in water to remove any dirt or other materials.

If a hide has hair on it, it will need this removed executed using a chemical solution containing calcium oxide, and this may be called a lime bath. 

It will take two to three days. This processor also softens the hide. If you don’t want to use chemicals to remove the hair, then hands removed flash.

After bathing and cleaning, the hide will be full of moisture. So it will swell to be around 4mm thick and can be spliced into two layers. This is done such separate parts of the hides can be used for different leather items. 

The upper part of the leather spilled is saved for the highest quality product, such as full-grain leather. 

 The due to the fact the upper later has a much tighter fiber structure making it more durable. 

 Other remaining leather makes cheaper products such as jackets, bags, shoes, belts, or many more fashion essentials.

It will be kept for cheaper leather with less overall quality than the top layer. 


Now we come on the tanning process, that the hide has been prepared tanning. The second stage of leather making will convert the hides into leather by preserving the material and halting decomposition.

These processor hides need to be loaded into a special tanning drum along with the special tanning solution. 

This drum will contain a special vegetable tanning or chromium salt mix. Even a vegetable tanning mix contains extracts naturally used for luggage or furniture.

Basically, the chromium slat produces more stretchable leather, so it will be typically used on clothing or handbags.

For getting a better result, they will open the drum after 1-2 months, while this period drum has slowly rotated. 

Now moisture needs to be removed-usually by applying high pressure to the hides by passing them through heavy rollers.

After going through the process, the hides can then be inspected and arranged in levels of quality, with those impaired with imperfection being of lesser quality. 


It’s the second process for leather to be re-tanning again, and it can occur to get the leather fully ready for its intended purpose. This will be repeated using the vegetable mix or chromium salt.

They add the plant leaves under the vegetable mix or other natural things to make it look like natural leather. 

We think this can absorb the almost smell of the leather, so the again prosed for this. 

When tanning is completed, now it’s time to dry the leather cause it has intended with the moisture of leaves, or we added the chromium slat. So it’s necessary to remove the dryness from the leather; otherwise, dryness intake the smell of nutsy smell. 

 So it is better if we dry it. Here are two ways to dry the leather air-dried or vacuum dried. Air drying a hide involves putting a hide on something like an overhead conveyor that will be rotated until completely dried. 

The natural process is the best way to dry the leather, and it can dry very deeply, and it dries every single pore.

As well, vacuum drying is another process, but we don’t like that, but it is a quick method of drying, obtained by removing all the air from around the leather.

But this method will shrink the hide slightly but will leave the hide with a smooth and tight texture. 

In the end, we can say that air-drying is the best method to dry the air from the hide.


Another method we can go through after tanning or re-tanning the hide. In that processer, we can dye the leather to make is eye-catching handbag or purse.

Leather is just a medium, but if the leather has no color, or someone likes the full leather bag. Then dyeing comes into the picture. The leather dying process adds wonderful colors to a finished leather design.

This can be anything from the browns and black associated with leather to bright, bold colors. 

Every color has a formula that, as we can call is color code. If we mix the color manually, it might every time we get a new color, and we mess with colors.

This is a highly accurate compute program that can mix the color, which it would be impossible to get a consistent color each time.

By the way, if we make a color manually, sometimes we add extra color, or sometimes we take less color. While we make the color manually, we get a new color shade every time.

It’s impossible to maintain the same color every time, so in that situation, the color mixing computer program can help them.

The dyeing process can be incredibly lengthy, with hides needing to be added to a large drum with their chosen dye for a long period to ensure the dye takes. 

 After almost 8 hours, a cutting should be taken to ensure that the dye has completely saturated the leather. Until the leather will look patchy or color spots on the leather-like somewhere color are well coated to somewhere not.

After completing this step next step is to dry the dye from the leather. The best method to dry the dye from air-dried.

Let’s leave it on air, check several times, and move the leather time by time. It will take around 1-2 days to get the best results. 


How to apply wax on leather

The leather reaches the last stage when the dyeing process is complete. This 

is the stage where the leather will be worked to ensure that it has the supple, flexible nature desired in leather and the glossy finish. 

A polish that protects the surface and one which can be easier to clean.

Leather has softer oils, and many other natural oils will be added to lubricate the fabric. This stretching motion also tightens the pore structure of the leather.

Basically, polishing helps to maintain the quality of leather. The final touch is to apply a finish coat on the leather. For instant results, a coat of acrylic can be added for a patent leather finish, a mother of pearl can be added to give a pearlescent finish, and at this stage, leather can be embossed with patterns. 

After that, they apply the oil and conditioner on the leather to sustain its durability and last. Apply the conditioner on leather in a circular motion so the leather can be absorbed by the oils and conditioner.

After the oiling process, the leather came to the final stage. This is ready to prepare the essential leather item. After applying lotion and other oils to leather, it will take time to reach their pores to make them more beautiful and gorgeous.

The last stage is the quality check, where they check the leather on some parameters, such as leather has correct color and that there are no tears or anomalies in the leather. 

How They Made?

Here are two ways to make a leather bag: one is made with a machine, and the second is handmade. Handmade leather bags are costly because the designed by hand. It will take time to make a bag. But the finish is the ultimate quality. 

Machine Made

Machine made leather bag

Most leather bags are machines made. Even the big brands have no time to make each bag by hand, and they can make thousands of bags in a day.

If we need very detailed work on a leather bag. So it is possible on through the leather. Because that time has been changed every work that a worker can do, and it’s possible to do the machine.

The machine works faster than the worker. Also, if you want perfection on the leather bag, you can get the perfect machine-made bag.

Ideally, all the manufacturers are made bags with machines. If they can generate more sales, they earn a lot of revenues.

Sawing machine makes stronger stretches on the bag, and it can help sustain the bag sawing. 

Handmade Bags

Handmade leather bag

Handmade bags are high in price, and the worker spends many hours on a single bag to prepare that. 

But it has quality if you have a lot of money to spend on it. So you can go with that, or you are okay with the machine-made bags.

The handicraft man has a superpower in their hands to make a simple leather look like an amazing piece of leather. 

They mix the tear and sweat to make a single purse with full dedication. Even you know that the Rolls Royce make a strat line on every car. They can’t get the help of the machine or any other tool, just their man draw the lines with their hand, and it looks so clean, anybody can’t say this is drawn by hands.

So now it’s your choice which one you pick: handmade or machine-made bags. Machine-made bags are less in cost than handmade bags. If we go with the bigger brand, it comes with a price tag obsessively.

How to Recognise The Leather Is Fake?

Now that time, some parameters are available, making it easy to find which leather is easy to make and which is synthetic leather.

Sometimes sellers say this is original leather, selling synthetic leather. First, the price carrier, genuine leather, is more expensive than synthetic leather.

Because they pay for the real leather and after that, they also have trusted brand in the market. They don’t want to down their image in the market, so they can not do that bullshit.

Another trick to finding genuine leather is that the smell and quality of the material’s grain is another identifying element of real leather. An original leather bag smells and presents imperfection on the duplicate leather.

Otherwise, if you feel any imperfection in the leather bag, duplicate leather or synthetic leather is a sign. 

In short answer; Price, if the price is available with very discounted rate then this might be duplicate leather, maybe some brands are making a discount on festive seasons, that’s a different way,

Smell, the smell does not feel like real leather, then it’s not, because if the bag is made with leather, they have the natural smell of leather. If the sellers say this is genuine, they remove the smell and then don’t believe in them.

Details; when the leather is genuine, the stretches are definitely seen very perfectly. Otherwise, you can compare it with the same bag, and they lack imperfection. Those are the three parameters to find real leather.

How to measure Laptop Bag?

How to measure Laptop Bag?

If you don’t have any measurement tools, don’t waste time. We make a dedicated lesson around how you can measure your laptop without a measurement tool.

For measuring the laptop size, we need some sort of things;

  1. Measure tape,
  2. Ruler
  3. Laptop

There is the thing we need to measure the laptop size of the perfect bag.

Note: if you’re buying a laptop bag, you can not measure the size of the screen, and you want to measure the full laptop size to get the perfect bag.


First, place your laptop on a flat surface. Now you measure your laptop from the middle left to the right corner place the measuring tape horizontally on the top of the laptop from left to right to measure the width accurately.

Measure perfectly. Don’t add any inches. Otherwise, you’ll mess with your size, and you ordered the wrong bag for your laptop.

It may look odd and too bulky to be carried.


Next up, now we will be measuring the height of the laptop. You are measuring live measurement, so differentiating between hight-width could be difficult. You can follow the process as is said.

Put the measuring tap middle of the laptop. And stretch out the measuring tape and measure from top to bottom. This will be the height of your laptop. 

Make sure to add more to the measurement if you look for a laptop bag.


Last but not least, this is important to measure the laptop depth, and it means your laptop is slim or bulky.

Now, we will measure the depth of the laptop. Look over the side of the laptop and place the measuring tape vertically on the sides to measure the depth of the laptop.

Simple to follow the image, you will get a brief idea about measuring the depth of the laptop.

Still, you doubt that you may follow our measure lesson before you purchase the wrong bag.

How to Choose a Leather Bag?

When making a purchase of the leather bag, some things keep in mind that are important factors. While you miss these points when buying, maybe you will release your fault in the future.

So save yourself from getting the wrong leather bag. Each aspect of the buying leather bag guide covers here.

Just simply ask three questions from yourself;


It’s an important aspect while choosing the leather bag. Black, brown, and charcoal these colors are mainly used in leather. If you have already selected the color, you are a few steps away from getting the perfect leather bag.

Colour choice is very important when we buy new leather, and it depends on us which color suits us.

However, they are black or brown, but the white color is also trending. Otherwise, a bunch of colors is available right now, but these are the trendy colors. 

You can anywhere find these colors easily, and the suits are on every style and outlook.


Obsessively, style is the main factor in choosing the right leather bag. If you’re office guys, it can’t make sense to buy a backpack.

According to your style, you have a messenger bag or shoulder bag. Otherwise, you go with the briefcase, and it looks super cool. And move your style towards the next level.

Every person has their own style, what they wear, their job, etc.

If you are a student, you can also go with the messenger bag or choose the backpack that fulfills your needs. Even college/school students need some books and notes to carry with their laptops.

So you can easily add the other some small thing in it. Ideally, the backpack is the perfect choice for students.


Whenever you buy a leather bag, the first thing is to check its durability. 

 It plays a major role in a leather bag. How leather is long-lasting? What is the age of the leather?

So make sure it is durable a sustain for a longer run. If you are ready to spend more on the leather bag, you should go with the bigger brand.

The ideal bag can hold a certain weight and easily move around without being weakened at all. That’s why grain is crucial-full grain leather makes more durable bags. 

But if you want to spend more on leather bags, the top-grain leather is a more affordable alternative that also works.

The bigger brand has more trust and is more reliable. Actually, the leather depends on the care a durable process. 

 While you properly maintain the leather bag, then it passes lasts. 

Country Of Origin 

The origin of the leather determines the quality of the bag. Some countries that constantly produce quality leather include England, France, and the US, and those countries have a good track record of leather.

But this day you need to be attended to that, even can’t focus on origin country. Some companies try to capitalize on the Italian reputation by doing all the work in another country and simply finishing the leather in Italy and stamping on the bag.

These companies misguide you to show the label of Italy and sell another country’s leather, or people blindly trust them, or they bay the Italian leather. 

This is my personal experience when we are selling my shoes on the market, and the salesman says, “Sir, this is pure Italian leather check the quality,” but whenever we check the leather, that’s not genuine Italian leather.

So only can’t believe the single factor. 

Where to Buy a Quality Leather Bag?

This is a universal asking question. If you are a leather buyer, I’m damn sure once you have been asked the question. Where to buy genuine leather.

There are chances of delicacy in those industries, and we have no doubt that genuine sellers are also available on that platform.

My personal advice is to buy the leather bag from the unofficial way so you might have a chance of the delicacy. Always buy from an authentic store or official website.

Otherwise, you have traped into the discounted price or maybe buying the fake leather bag, and there are no changes to get your money back.

How to wear a leather bag?

The messenger and shoulder bags are not the same, but the wearing styles are the same.

The shoulder bag has been designed for bikers, riders, couriers, and messengers.

 But today they are in fashion trend for daily life, especially for the men’s fashion. But judging from the people’s bags, there seems to be a little confusion out there about how to properly wear a shoulder bag.

Below are some suggestions on wearing a shoulder bag while following the different styles.

Do you also have a Tactical Sling bag or don’t know how to wear it?

Wear your shoulder bag casually

The intended way to wear a shoulder bag is to strap over one shoulder and across the body, and you can do it in crossbody format.

It depends on you which shoulder is comfortable for you.

Sometimes the straps are meant in a certain way, and thus the choice will be made for you.

You should also try with a single shoulder. If you feel uncomfortable while wearing the cross bag, try it on a single shoulder to look more casual.

How to wear it with casual dress

A canvas shoulder bag match your casual t-shirt, shirt, jeans, or denim jacket.

They are ideal for going for a coffee and running errands.

Otherwise, you can simply carry your passport, phone, tickets, or IDs like important items on vacations.

Make sure that you match it with a pair of stylish leather flips flops, a loose shirt, and denim jackets with many pockets with the bag.

A lot of pockets shoulder bags are the perfect fit for your outfit cause at that time, you might have more items in your bag, just like park tickets, train tickets, passports, brochures, and many more miscellaneous items.

So ideally, the more pockets shoulder bag fit in a casual outfit.

Wearing shoulder bag crossbody style

This is the same as casual you can wear it on your left or right shoulder. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Crossbody styles are very popular in the shoulder, messenger, or sling bag.

Carrying With handle

Carrying on the handle if you are traveling or you don’t feel comfortable while carrying your shoulder bag on your shoulders. So you can carry it in your hands with the help of handles.

While someone has shoulder pain, they can’t be worn with a shoulder. They can also try this style.

Frankly, if you are walking in town, this looks like a super cool way to carry your shoulder bag.

If you’re curious about more styles to wear the bag, you should follow this article to get detailed information.

How to clean and care for a leather bag?

It’s important to clean these things that we use. Even the leather bags are needed clean and care. If we can’t remove the stains from the leather bag, if permanently make an impression on the leather bag. So it’s very important to clean the leather bag.

If you really want to clean your leather bag so refer guide this very helpful for you.

Leather conditioner 

The leather conditioner maintains the look of the leather bag. With the help of the leather cleaner, you can clean your leather bag easily or look shiny and soft like a new bag.

A leather conditioner is like a moisturizer for your leather. Without it, leather will dry out over time.

To prevent cracking or flaking the leather, you should use the leather conditioner on a soft cloth and gently rub it over the entire bag.

For better durability, you can apply, up to once a month or so, to keep your leather bag soft and supple. You apply the conditioner at least twice a year. 

While you are searching for the Best leather conditioner, here we solve your problem.

Leather Oil

Generally, oils are great compounds to keep your leather goodies moisturized. Experts recommend using the essential oils over cooking oil (olive oil) as the latter could cause damage over time.

To prepare, dip the dry clean cloth add 10 drops of essential oil onto the cloth. Gently massage it on your leather bag.

Hand Sanitizer

If any satins are stuck on your leather bag, you can use hand sanitizer to remove the tough, older, and any type of stain from the leather.

Especially your leather has been while when the stain is more visible on them clearly.

For that, you can gently spray the hand sanitizer on the white cloth and gently rub it on the white leather bag. 

You’ll see that stains are disappeared from the bag. Because hand sanitizers have isopropyl or rubbing alcohol, those ingredients have the power to clean the stain from leather purses or bags.

Still, you have had a stain on the bag, so you would follow our detailed article, how to remove a stain?

Does the Leather Bag is Waterproof?

How to waterproof leather bag

The short and simple answer is no. The leather bags are not waterproof or water-resistant, and we can make them waterproof or water-resistant with the help of some methods.

Treatments Can Help Make Leather More Water-Resistant

There are a few methods we can apply to it to make our expensive bag water-resistant. The most popular of this treatment is a Waiting or conditioning method.

  • Make sure the leather is entirely clean, as any dirt or foreign material can interface with the effectiveness of the wax.
  • A small amount of wax should be added to a cloth (not directly to the leather) and then rubbed all over the leather. The wax must be pliable, so if you find the wax too hard to take, you should warm it up beforehand with something like a hairdryer.
  • You should be repeated as necessary.
  • There is only one condition, the wax is dry naturally for around 50-60 minutes. Do not use the dryer or blower to dry faster. It can shrink the leather and wrinkle the leather.
  • After totally dried, wipe the extra wax with the dry clean cloth.

As well as waxing, waxing, and condition are equally as important to keep your leather conditioned. If you find your leather is becoming hard and cracks, now are the time for conditioning the leather.

Most probably we take care a lot for a leather bag, but sometime it gets wet during rain or other reasons, what to do next.

While condition makes your leather new again, but also softness and keep waterproofness.


After drying the wax, now it’s time to condition the leather. This permeable nature of leather means it will absorb more of the conditioning treatment as the water evaporates from leather. 

  • Take a small amount of conditioner on the fingertip or dry white cloth, and work into your leather, being careful to get treatment into all the nooks and folds of the leather. If any water drops are gone inside the bag, it can damage the leather and item inside the bag.
  • It should be allowed to dry naturally at room temperature. Remember, though, waxing and the conditioning method works on certain leather. If you have something like suede, you ruin the material by putting wax on it. In these cases, you will need to use a special spray.  

If you are using synthetic leather, it does not require waxing or conditioning the leather. It is made from plastic, “Polyurethane” it has different waterproof needs.

How to Wash a Leather Bag?

We do not recommend washing the leather bag frequently. Because washing the leather bag rapidly can damage the leather bag.

If you are washing the bag once a year, it’s okay. If you wash every month, it is not good for the leather bag. 

Continuously washing the leather can damage the leather along with the soap. Frequent, wash dull the shine of the real leather and leather-look like rugged leather. 

Although the subject of leather bags has been discussed in-depth, the fact remains that they are very durable, beautiful, comfortable, and practical. The leather bags are so sensitive if we don’t care while washing, so we can damage our leather bag. If all are going to go so smooth, you wash your leather bag properly. 

Meanwhile, you can not properly dry the leather bag. It would shrink the leather or stiff. Many 

people ask about the idea of washing leather bags. 

Once you properly wash the leather bag with proper steps, it might look new again.

Completely Empty Your Bag

Before we continue to wash our leather bags, here are the things you should know.

Empty your leather bag, and place the item outside.

And close the zipper of the bag. 

Place the leather bag in the laundry bag.

How to wash your leather bag by hands

If you have stains on the leather bag or the stains are tough and older. But it looks hard to remove.

The bag will look new once you follow these steps.

If you want the water to dry out, mix it with a small amount of detergent or soap.

We suggest you put a non-abrasive cloth into the mixture.

The mixture should apply to the small part of the bag. Before applying the mixture to the stain, make sure there’s no discoloration.

Use the dry microfiber cloth to wash the stain. So you can try a mixture of water with a small amount of vinegar. 

When you completely wash your bag, the next step is to dry the leather completely. 

Some products are claimed to be machine-hygiene-proof detergent. If you put the synthetic leather bag in the washing machine, we don’t recommend it, and the bag can damage the hot water in the washing machine. 

If you are using the vegan leather bag, you worry about it. You’ll be able to clean your vegan bag by hand.

After leather gets damped, you apply the leather conditioner to maintain its shine and glow. If you cannot apply the leather conditioner on the damped leather after it is dried, it wrinkles and shrinks the leather.

When the natural oil evaporates with water, then leather shrinks or wrinkles. Before it gets fully dry, apply the leather conditioner to it.

How to wash leather on the washing machine?

If you want to wash your leather bag in the washing machine, you need to keep in mind some things.

If you have a soft, gorgeous leather purse, you need to care for it thoroughly, buy a special cleaner, and handle it tenderly. 

Wait! If you think, put the leather bag on the washer with gentle detergent and a gentle wash cycle.

Even if you asking to use so, we don’t like to wash the leather bag in the washing machine. Otherwise, we can dampen the towel and rub the bag to clean it.

The washing machine method is hectic or like we have an expensive bag if washing machine can’t damage them. So ideally, we suggest washing your leather bag through your hands.

Still, you wanted to wash the leather purse in the washing machine, then fill the machine with cold water or add the best quality detergent for the washing leather bag.

Now, run it on the gentlest setting on your washer. When it is washed after, put the low bag heat in the dryer with a couple of clean towels for a few minutes. Your leather purse will hopefully come out fresh and clean.

The Price

 When you go with the full-grain leather bag, it comes at $200. It depends on the brands and leather quality. If the brand is reputated or well known, they sell their bag at a higher price.

If you know that brand, they have good quality leather, but they are not very famous in the industries, so grab the deal. 

Above, we share the methods to find fake leather.

If you are buying online, make sure to purchase from trusted sources. Otherwise, it’s your first time, so you can buy it from offline stores to have a certain idea about the quality and leather, even different types of leather available in the market.

Ideally, the decant gorgeous bags start from $200.

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