Laptop Buying guide: How to Choose Perfect Laptop in 2021?

Here is in today’s blog we’ll be share with you that how to choose the perfect laptop in 2021. Some important factors are work while choosing a perfect laptop. Here we share all the factors that play important roles while choosing a laptop. All the components that work in laptop-like RAM, Processor, GPU, HDD, and SSD.


Is i3/Ryzen 3 is best?

i3 vs ryzen 3. which is best for new user.

The i3/Ryzen 3 laptop is worth it then your work is only, work in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You use the internet and browsing and social media and accounting work can do in all of the i3 series like 10th gen and 11th. Even Ryzen 3 generation change year by year. You can do all of the basic work we share with you. As you can do some extra work like. Sometimes you can use Photoshop or other nominal work to do with i3 or Ryzen 3. If your work is limited to only Photoshop. Nothing to adding extra so without wasting money. Direct go for i3/ Ryzen 3 processor. So here in the i3 processor year and year, Intel releases the new Generation. Now, i3 comes with 11Gen, and also some i3 10Gen models are available in the market. Basically no difference between 10th Gen or 11th Gen. For basic use you blindly choose one of those. So without and thing and any myths you can go with 10th gen or 11th gen both are same not changes in speed side. No dought Ryzen 3’s new generation is also doing excellent work for you.

Can i5/Ryzen 5 be batter for me?

intel i5 11th gen processor with intel irisxe graphic intel xeon

As I share i3/Ryzen 3’s usage now we are sharing i5/Ryzen 5. If you have heavy work like Photoshop, rendering, and Autocad like 3D designing work can doing on this laptop. Because this is the mixture of the i3/Ryzen 3 and i7/Ryzen 7 you can do the all middle work on this laptop because this is a kind of middle man. Can do all the i3 work very smoothly and doing all the i7 work but it will take time because it’s i5/Ryzen 5. But you are doing entering and you start your career you can start form apart of that. No dought i5/Ryzen 5 is doing a good job in that case. i5/Ryzen 5 means some heavy work like editing and 3D work do well and basic stuff all the doing easily.

Should I go for i7/Ryzen 7?

intel i7 10th gen processor

Here is the question-answer we share with you. If you have a lot of heavy work like 3D designing and Video Editing in 4K, do a lot of heavy graphic work on it like all kinds of heavy work can do in this processor. Even two processor-making companies one is INTEL another one is AMD the two different names but the processor range is the same even the Ryzen processor is doing great work in many terms. Also, the Ryzen chipset gives you a shared graphic. No dought, now Intel 11th Gen processor gives you shared graphics like AMDs. Now we can say Intel copy the graphic technology from AMD’s processor. Infect you have a tough job so i7/Ryzen 7 is best for you my friend.

Are i9/Ryzen 9 worth for me?

ryzen 9 processor

Even we can also discuss that. This is the last stage of processors you can doing a seamless experience with both processors. Now you can clearly say the i9 and Ryzen 9 processor the good choice if you have to do a lot of heaver work. You can’t imagine the performance this is dope. Literally, those chipsets give you ultimate performance. Also, i9 and Ryzen 9 laptop is expansive. As same as you work is also so very high. So they doing great work.


NVMe ssd and normal m.2 and macbook ssd.

SSD is important to factor in the laptop segment that could be used in many laptops. Many people know about the SSD and many people are not knowing. What is SSD? SSD means Solid State Drive. That had been used in a premium laptop. Then the SSD’s price is very high in the market. But now, it’s a low cost, and many types of SSD available on the market. Even SATA SSD, NVMe, and M.2 SSD’s type and other various variant are available in the market like MacBook use a different type of NVMe SSD. When you buying a laptop make sure. Your laptop has SSD or otherwise choose that has an SSD slot. Actually, Windows 10 is a very buggy and very heavy Operating System. This is the main reason. So SSD can handle these loads on your laptop. SSD is like a circuit that works faster than the normal HHD because HDD has a rotating disk that can read the data and after the process and that can produce the data and present it the front of you. But SSD’s case, it noting SSD is basically like RAM and circuit the datastore on the circuit. The circuit to circuit data transfer speed is very fast and the direct connection on Motherboard. Because HDD is connected to connector and SATA and Power connector. So it will take time to read your data. Before buying the laptop you consider the laptop has SSD or otherwise you don’t have a budget you upgrade in the future so confirm that the SSD’s slot is available in the laptop. Generally, many of the laptops come with SSD and SSD slots on board.


desktop RAM and laptop RAM

In general all the basic to the basic laptop has 4GB of DDR4 RAM with the laptop. In day-to-day work, 4GB of RAM is sufficient for work and normal tasking. Because you are using SSD on your laptop. You don’t need more RAM(as per my perspective). If you need more RAM you can extend the RAM and add on it. Before buying the laptop one more thing that the more RAM slot is available on it or not. Many laptops come with onboard RAM and many laptops have a single RAM slot. In case your laptop has a single slot or RAM and you want to increase more RAM. So you can remove the RAM whatever that is. Expend the new one that you want.


Desktop hard disk.

Also, we share the info in SSD’s paragraph. Again share the basic info. You must know it. The hard drive is basic work for storing the data and personal data and personal videos and all of your stuff. You say it in simple language this only works to store your data as an external drive. One truth is sharing with you. If you choose SSD and HDD both on your laptop. So HDD is slower than your laptop because they consume more power and the impact see on SSD and they boot, your laptop a little bit slower. So in case, you don’t need so much storage only 512GB or 256GB SSD is enough for you. The lighter your laptop’s weight.

Screen Size

dell inspiron 7501 lapotp with screen size. light weigh laptop.

If you want 14″, 13″ or those laptops are light in weight and look so small and cute good looking laptop. Even the smaller size of the laptop gives you a better viewing experience and better picture quality. Infect the 13″ and 14″ laptop look sleek an compact and good looking and also lightweight. You must need a 15.6″ laptop so those models are available in the market. and those are heavier than 14″.


numeric keypad laptop. acer

In case you are accounted and doing a CA you may need a numeric pad on the keyboard. Otherwise, the general user doesn’t need. So consider if you want a numeric pad or not. But you choose 14″ or 13″ laptops these laptops don’t have a numeric pad.


ports in laptop. HDMI, USB, charging port , and headphone jack.

This main important factor is that your laptop has basic ports like HDMI, USB 2.0 USB 3.1, and Type-C these are the ports used many times if you are using a laptop. Doing a data transfer you use a USB Pendrive Type-C Pendrive. Even you make sure the Type-C port is in the laptop. The Type-C port connector buys from the market and you can assess all ports through the Type-C dongle.


how to change macbook pro battery

In this generation, the laptop has an inbuilt battery. And they use a Li-ion battery that has 2 cells, 3cell, and 4cell and they give you an approx 4-5 Hours battery backup. When you buying confirm it the laptop has fast charging option.

Graphics Card

premium graphic card with 64GB video graphics

Graphics card is using for graphics usages. You can do that all the heavy graphics work doing the help of a graphics card. Basically, two companies that make graphics cards Nvidia and AMD the both can make supper graphics cards. Even not doubt Nvidia graphics is more famous than the AMDs. Gamers like the Nvidia graphics and really Nvidia gives you to super cool graphic experience. You select the DDR5 graphics card and higher graphics like DDR6, and 7. These come with 4GB and 8GB and 16GB of video memory and can do heavy to heavy work. So as for your graphic requirements you go with the 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and more (more means higher use). The graphic main work is to do all of the Graphics work. Not, this means to boost the performance.

Warranty and Offers

While buying a laptop/desktop you consider the laptop’s warranty and ask the store dealer for extended warranty offers and other extra offers like many time brand give you accidental damage protection, the warranty extends option at miner price, and many other accessories like Hard disk, speaker, and antivirus offers. To confirm it to your dealer. If you want these offers so check out the brand’s website. Don’t buy Amazon or Flipkart and other e-commerce platforms. Buy through the company’s website and authorized dealer, because if you buy from Amazon or Flipkart or other e-commerce sites. In case of warranty issue face you.

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