How to Export WhatsApp Chat! Quick Method

We all know the WhatsApp privacy policy has been changing. If I’m not accepting the new privacy policy then maybe they don’t allow to use WhatsApp and you can’t send messages to anyone, also not getting the notification, and call from the WhatsApp. Basically, we share with you how to export WhatsApp chat.

Users are scared, and many users are switch to other platforms. Who’s don’t want to allow for the new privacy policy will stop using WhatsApp. In fact, they can’t use the chat section.

But you have suspicious chats and you want to save these chats and not delete them at all. If you have some personal information for yourself and you can get them. In this case, you can export WhatsApp chats. While you save all your chats and get all the messages and media, while a single click, to export WhatsApp chat

The method is very simple as we explain in the next few paragraphs. You can follow them to get all your chat list with media files.

How To Export WhatsApp Chat

The way of export is very easy. Once open WhatsApp on your phone. Then you upper right corner you see the three-dot click on It and get the Settings option click on it. After you have a lot of options. In these options to find the Chats section go in this.

WhatsApp export chat

Here you see the last option Chat history click on it.

Into this session, you find out the Export chat option. Simply click on it after that you have to select the person or group you want to export the chat.

export WhatsApp chat

When you click on that one message is showing on your screen, they ask to you will go with include media or without media, in case you go with the media option then consume more data to save.

Although whatever you select to your requirement, and the next screen has asking to share the export file via Gmail, Bluetooth, or Google Drive. My suggestion is you select the Google Drive option to save on Google Drive.

Even all your chats are saved on Google Drive, anywhere, any time you can access the exported chats.

I hope you export WhatsApp chat settings to help you to save your WhatsApp chats. Meanwhile, you easily share the exported file with others.

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