How to Find your lost laptop?

When someone lost their laptop and no way to have the idea to get their laptop back. Today we will be share with you how to get your lost laptop. Because in the laptop your personal data and personal photo and other personal details stored in your laptop. You don’t want to share with others. Although you have to lock your laptop and check the current location of the laptop.

Keep ready if your laptop is theft. So first you sign in to your Microsoft account from the Settings then go to Account and sign in to your Microsoft account.

The second thing type in the search box of the setting Finds my device option is ON. If they are off then immediately turn it on.

find my laptop and turn on find my device option

If your device location is off again turn it to on.

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Then sign in to your Microsoft account that is log in to your device same account to sign in to a different laptop or smartphone. Go to the device and you can see clearly your device is added to the account.

find your laptop via microsoft account

Then you click on the device and you see the Security & protection option click on it then click on Find my device now you see your laptop’s live location. If your laptop is connected to the internet and or location is on so they see the live location and then you search the laptop’s current location and get the laptop back.

The chances are rear to get your laptop back but you try can try this. Even everyone is vicious. Care for your laptop especially in public places and when you travel alone.

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