How To Get Full Backup Of Your Windows 10: Instant Get The Backup

If you are a Windows 10 user then you must face the Windows 10 corrupt issue, in this case, may your data will be wiped out. The big question is that how we get the corrupt Windows 10 backup. While you follow the steps to get the backup of your drive. So if you have no idea how to get a full backup of your Windows 10. This article might help you.

Here is no reason when Windows corrupt and why. No one can tell perfectly. Even behind there is the major reason, that we ignored it like we update the Windows but not properly install it, maybe you delete some Windows files, there are many reasons but we can assume. What we last do with Windows we can guess through like we something delete it, update the Windows, crash, or simply stops working

While your Windows when corrupt then a lot of data has stored in your C drive. The question is how we recover all of the data from corrupt Windows. Almost this happen with all the Windows 10 users in life, in most case they lost the data, cause they don’t know how to do that. 

The simple search on Google how to recover data, how to backup corrupt Windows 10 data. In my experience in most case user lost their data, and some software’s are available in the market they claim they recover your data. But we can’t trust them, it’s very risky. We can’t bet on our data.

We have three options to get backup of your Windows 10 and do away with the tension.

This is my favorite option for getting a backup of your Windows 10 this method is like a gift for every Windows user. Most of the users don’t know about the feature but there are some extraordinary features from Windows. Even everyone uses this feature to get your PC backup automatically.

While if you want to enable this option, so go on the Settings>Update & Security>Backup then you see the Backup using file history under Add drive option. There you can add them by selecting the D, E, or F as feel you comfortable. After selecting the drive, go on the More options, where we see the common folders that can add in the backup, and we can manually add the folder like we want something different location in Windows drive.

Backup settings

Top of the screen we have a backup now option to create an instant backup. We have an automatically create a backup through selecting the time in there, as you want you to have many folders and files you change them every hour, every 3 hours, or every 10minutes option, there have also Daily backup option.

It means when they get your backup on daily basics. Below you get the Keep my backups feature it means someone wants to backup their data for 1 month after, they don’t have the data. So, in this scenario, they delete your created backup after 1 month, if you don’t want to delete the backup so it by default selects to forever

create backup

As we share with you, we have added a folder and exclude the folder option. Although you don’t want more backup you can simply stop the backup, to choose the Stop using drive option. 

As I share with you this method will help a lot for me as you can want every single piece of data then this feature is also available in the Settings and you might configure that. This is more than enough. After enabling the backup option to you didn’t have to take backup manually. It’s got automatically backup of your Windows 10.

If you want to install fresh Windows 10 on your PC then this article may help you.

I need to restore Windows 10 then the restore option may help you. Apply this option to get Windows back.

Once you make the image of your system file, it’ll corrupt in the future you can repair the Windows. How you’ll make the system image? In this next paragraph, we will disclose the trick.

Even if you create the system image open the Control Panel>System and Security>Back up and Restore (Windows 7), here you have to create a system image. 

make system image in USB

Click on them and connect the minimum 8GB of a USB drive. Select the USB drive and hit the next button, simply follow the steps and you’ll make the system image. If whenever you lose your Windows then reinstall the Windows. In the next point, we are discussing that.

make system image in USB drive

Even you want to save on another drive then you can connect it to the network drive you, first you add the drive on the network after you select the path to the network drive. Your PC complete backup created in another PC.

Also you can create bootable USB drive from Windows Media creation tool.

Now we have successfully created the system image If in case you didn’t know that how to use them. So, we’ll share the same easy steps, simply follow those steps and you’ll restore your Windows.

Power off your PC and constantly press the boot key after getting the boot key to navigate to the USB drive and hit the enter button. After you’ll be seeing the Windows startup window, click on the Next button. There you have to repair your computer option in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Click on the Troubleshoot option.

In Advance options, you have to see System Image Recovery click on it.

Next, select the targeted Windows 10 option.

Here your system finds the lost file from your system image drive and they repair them. 

After they will complete the process then Next save the changes. Although it takes more time to configure the Windows and settles your files. So don’t shut down you if you have a laptop then connect it to a charging adapter. Keep patience and chill all happen well. 

When Windows 10 corrupt then you have only one Advanced option to get the backup. If you didn’t know how to get a complete backup of your Windows 10. Once you have the recovery option then go on the Troubleshoot option, after you are on the Advanced options under they have Command Prompt option to open it. 

There you can see the command prompt windows. Now you type here notepad.exe and press enter, you’ll access the Notepad, on the Notepad has top-left corner File option click on it, and here you get the Save As option click on it.


After clicking on them you get access to all the drives of your PC. If you need to backup your Windows 10 drive then go in that and select the backup if you have an only desktop, download, documents, and video folder, then you follow this pattern C:\Users\USER NAME(Your PC name). 

backup files

Make sure you select the file type to All Files at the middle-bottom. When you select it all file, you see all the file. Otherwise, you don’t have to see your data.

save file option

But in that, you have to select a one-by-one folder to copy and paste it to the previous drive. You can’t select all the files at a time, just put a one-by-one file from them to paste it to drive.

While you complete the backup, now you ready to install the Windows to system image USB drive, or if bootable USB drive.

After getting a backup of your Windows 10 you can share it with your friend this article helps a lot for them, they instant backup of their Windows and I just hope you got your PCs back up and happy to have your backup. If you need any kind of support you can contact us.

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