How To Install Drivers In Windows 10!

Many people don’t know what is driver. So here we clear for those people driver is just like software for example if in your PC sound driver not installed then your PC has no sound. Totally mute and you can clearly see the cross icon on the sound icon bottom of the screen. Here we are sharing the quick steps to install drivers on your PC.

Many users face different types of drivers’ issue it means sometimes they feel the display is a little blurry then they think is have PC’s problem or any loss connection issue. But they don’t know this also happens in the case when the driver is not installed or if the divers are installed but some Windows updates are half updating so uninstall the driver and try to reinstall the driver this could solve your problem.

But many users say how to install drivers this is different for all the computers and laptops. As you want to install the original driver so go to the brand’s website and search for the specific driver that you want. Otherwise, we share the method so you don’t need to go on the brand’s website. Do some clicks and install the latest drivers on your PC.

Although we share how you can check if your drivers are installed or not?

If you are a new user then follow the baby steps. We simply define how you find them and where to install them. These are a quick few steps that you follow while your drivers are not installed or you don’t know how to install.

Let’s get start.

How to install the driver?

First go to, This PC and then right click on it and you see the Manage again click on it.

This PC and open device manager

Then the next windows are opened and you clearly see the Device Manager.

open device manager and disk management

Click on and here are the full list of all the drivers that installed on your PC.

If you see the driver in yellow color that means these are the drivers are not installed on your PC.

If you want to install the driver so simply right click on that.

Here you see the update driver option press the button on that.

And there you see the two different options one is to Search Automatically for drivers and Browse my computer for drivers.

install drivers

Now you go with the search automatically option there you see the Search for an updated driver on Windows update. This means the drivers are updated from the Windows update. They switch to your update section while the Windows update is running. They choose the drivers that suitable for your system’s requirements.

You follow these steps to install all the drivers, without any trouble.

In fact, if you want to install drivers manually then go on their own website and search for the drivers. It process takes more time for the Windows update. Even the Windows update method is a great method to install the drivers. The new users easily install the drivers.

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