How to correctly measure laptop size (super easy steps)

How to measure laptop size

Sometimes, when we buy a new laptop bag, we don’t how to measure laptop size. You should know your laptop size.

Maybe anytime break your laptop by accidentally, according to the report of Easy as almost 30% of laptops are accidentally broken, 24% are liquid damage and rest of unusual accidents included.

So if you do not know your laptop bag size and how to measure your laptop without the measurement tape.

Some people say I’m at home and why we need a laptop bag the above. 

It is very important while you can safely put your laptop into the bag. And something might happen unusual with it.

Every laptop has a different size and every brand makes different models. If you pick the wrong laptop bag then it will be a headache for you.

Don’t worry steps are not so hard just relax and read it carefully at the last we also share bonus tips with you.

That anyone can follow even if they don’t know anything about how to measure a laptop. 

I’m sure if they read the article carefully full they’ll get everything about it.

The article is going to be very interesting and doesn’t miss a single step otherwise you’ll mess with it.

So let’s with the first step of measuring the size of a laptop.

Steps to measure your laptop size (100% accurately)

Before moving to the next, Let us know what all basic ideas are needed before moving over the measurement.

Tools that we need

Tape measure

Large Ruler

Things to know before taking the measurement

First thing, the screen size does not say anything about your laptop size. Both of them are different as it does not include the bezel part of the laptop.

The second thing, it is always advisable to add up a few inches to the actual measure if you buying a laptop bag.

Remember this is not particularly measuring the screen size but the laptop size includes everything. 

The standard measuring unit used in most places or sites is Inches. But if you have any other measurements. You can convert once done. 

Step 1. Measure Laptop Diagonally

The actual size of the screen of the laptop and the whole measure of the laptop is different. If you have a tape measure so you can measure the width of the laptop.

You’ll be surprised with the numbers, and you think that the seller must give me the wrong laptop. I am lucky, they gifted me a bigger laptop. 

That’s because, if you have measured your laptop’s size by width, you have measured it incorrectly.

It is just like television, your laptop size is measured diagonally.

If you look at the width and height of the laptop screen, you will never find the correct measure of the laptop, that the adversities size of the laptop.

Because the only way to find the exact measurement within your laptop screen is by looking at the diagonal measurement of it. 

Step 2. Measuring Width

How to measure laptop width

Now we will be measuring the width of the laptop for a perfect size bag. Then you need to place the measuring tape horizontally on the top of the laptop from left to right to measure the width accurately.

Measure perfectly don’t add any inches for, otherwise, you’ll mess with your size and you ordered the wrong bag for your laptop.

It’s may look odd and too bulky to be carried.

Step 3. Measuring Height

How to measure laptop height

Next up, now we will be measuring the height of the laptop. You are measuring live measurement, so differentiating between hight-width could be difficult. You can follow the process as is said.

Put the measuring tap middle of the laptop. And stretch out the measuring tape and measure from top to bottom. This will be the height of your laptop. 

Make sure to add more to the measurement if you are looking for a laptop bag.

Step 4. Measuring Depth

How to measure laptop depth

Last but not the least, this is important to measure the laptop depth, it means your laptop is slim or bulky.

Now, we will measure the depth of the laptop. Look over the side of the laptop and place the measuring tape vertically on the sides to measure the depth of the laptop.

Simple to follow the image you will get a brief idea about measuring the depth of the laptop.

Measure the Screen Size with a Measure Tape

The most important thing to know when measuring the screen size, cause the screen size is measured diagonally. 

Of course, the screen size shows the exact number of the screen size.

Generally screen size is measured from the bottom right to top left corner. If the number is shows like 15.6” then this your actual screen size. 

Warning: The laptop screen size does not include the bezels, they only include the screen surface. 

Here we share the image, you’ll get the idea about measuring the screen size.

Search Online to Find Your Laptop Screen Size

How to know the screen size of a laptop without measuring?

Here we have another option to find the screen size of the laptop. If you don’t know your laptop screen size. 

Don’t worry we have huge access to the internet, there we enter our search quarry and got the result based on our search.

You can go to the search engine and type your laptop model number. You’ll get all the specifications about your laptop.

How to know the screen size of a laptop without measuring?

What if we don’t have any measuring tape, one option we also share with you above. If your laptop isn’t popular then the above method does not work for you.

Most of the people live alone or hostel. Even they don’t have any measurement tool to figure out the size of the laptop.

Don’t be panic, we have a solution. 

You just simply download the Rular app on your smartphone and measure your laptop size. 

These are proven simple strategies to measure your laptop. 

Now you will ask a laptop is huge and a smartphone is small?

Make a removable line on your laptop with removable chowk and on the line point out by your phone ruler moving forward your phone and when complete then calculate the total number that you get.

Now you get your laptop size.

What’s your laptop screen size, standard or different?

What’s your laptop screen size, standard or different?

When we buy a laptop then generally most of asking questions in the whole world. I hope above we share the methods to you get an idea about your laptop screen size and laptop size.

If you did not get an idea about it. So what is your laptop screen size standard or different? 

You see around your friends and colleagues are using the same laptop. 

Then you will get a definite screen size cause they are using this laptop and this is your ideal screen size in your region. 

Most of the office users are using a 14 inch or ideal 13-inch laptop screen size. If your laptop is matching with your colleagues then maybe, your laptop is the same as they have.

How to measure laptop size for sleeve or bag

How to measure laptop size for sleeve or bag

Now you measure your laptop size and it’s time for choosing the bag for the laptop. If your laptop is just 15.6” 14” and maybe 11” inches. 

So how to consider a bag and what’s a bag for your laptop. 

Basically when we buy a bag the seller mansion all the details about the bag. Which size of laptops fit into the bag.

For example, your laptop size is 14 inches then make sure the bag should be 1inch bigger than you’ll select. 

Cause most of the time users when buying a laptop bag then they stick with the same laptop size and they ordered.

When they received the bag and check to insert the laptop into the bag then the laptop fits into the bag but there is no extra space for any other accessories.

Consider bag size before buying the laptop. If you don’t need any extra accessories in the bag then you can go with the same bag but in my opinion, you go with an inch bigger than your laptop used cause they proper fit and protect your laptop.

Note: Make sure to choose a 1 inch bigger laptop bag, a laptop is comfortably fit into your bag. Otherwise, we see a lot of people using similar to the laptop and very difficult to fit into the bag.

Things to consider when buying a laptop bag

Everyone has a different profile to use the laptop some of them use it for office purposes, student and general use.

Every profile needs different bag requirements. Office guys want might be external keyboard and mouse with it of a student need some short of books they make notes for study.

Let’s check the key points whenever we need a laptop bag which things we keep in mind when we buy the new bag. 


Every person has a different profile so office user has a different use and students are different kind of user. It all depends on the user profile may be an office user who likes to use an external keyboard and mouse for comfortable. 

A student has a different profile like, most of the students are we studying with the laptop then they have to carry pen or paper with the laptop.

Or women need different bags they wanted to use some makeup and touch-up accessories all like that.

So first find your user profile and after go for a bag.


Comfort is also a big part of that when choosing the laptop bag. Someone feels comfortable with the messenger bag and some sort of people like the back supportive bags.

It depends on the different-different user. 

Find your comfort and go for the right one.


It’s better when choosing the bag if you are owning the 13inchs laptop and you are using the 15 or 17” size bag.

Then this is going to be a mess with it and look very odd and difficult to manage your laptop. 

So follow the above method to get the right size of your laptop and get the right bag of it.


If you are using two laptops then you have to choose multiple compartment bags for your laptops. You don’t need to carry two laptop bags.

For example your wife, brother, sister are using laptops and they hand them over to you to manage their laptop.

In this case, you can go with the more compartment laptop bag that will be yours.

Generally, more compartment bags are more useful than others cause they had already too many compartments and you can add many kinds of stuff to your bag.

Round Up

I hope you got clarity about measuring your laptop and getting the size of your laptop. As is promised to you at the start, in the end, you have good clarity about how to measure laptop size.

If your measurement is correct then you are on the right path. The height, width, and length are properly measured then all done for a perfect bag.

If you don’t have a tape measure or measurement tool don’t worry about that. Above I share all the methods to get the size of your laptop.

In short, measure the size of your laptop, you solely need to look at the screen of the laptop.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there is no standard screen size. Your needs and the use of your laptop will determine the optional screen size for your particular situation.

If you’re looking for a better gaming experience and greater work efficiency, larger screen size will work, but if you need a lightweight laptop that has a long battery life and is easy to carry, a smaller screen is a good choice ideal.

If this guide is effectively helpful then comment your thought below, which method is very helpful for you. And how you measure your laptop screen size with a tape measure or without a tape measure.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Bonus Tips

  • The screen is measure form display corner, not from a top screen corner
  • Whole laptop size measure from top corner
  • If you take measurement in centimeters to convert in inches
  • Measure laptop thickness or height when laptop is closed


What is my screen size in inches?

If you don’t what’s your screen size in inches then simply go to the conversion calculator and whatever your measurement unit fill the detail and convert into inches.

Laptop screen size chart?

Every laptop has a different size. Above we share every detail of how you measure your laptop size with a measuring tape or without any tool. It’s just a simple method once you’ll do all stuff. You’ll get the actual size of your laptop.

How to measure the laptop for the sleeve?

If you don’t what’s your laptop size, first of all, you measure your laptop size as above we mention step by step guide to measure the laptop size. Once you get the laptop size. 
For example, your laptop size is 15 inches then make sure your bag should be a 16 inches laptop cause they perfectly fit. If you buy the exact size of a laptop bag. Maybe the laptop fits very tight and you can’t add other accessories to the bag.

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