Want To Mute WhatsApp Group Notification?

When the internet has been started this is an advantage and disadvantage. Now in here, we are not discussing internet advantages and disadvantages. Today we are discussing notifications those are the big hustle of their life and everyone. When the phone ringing on notification then people are checking their WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Many times we were not interested in these groups but some kind of reasons we have in it present. So you could mute WhatsApp chat and group notifications. But How here we explain.

But you did not want to see every message notifications. Even you don’t want to see group notifications. As same as a person that notification is not important for you this is only time passing you. So we have to mute notification of their person and group.

This feature is available for those iOS users and Android users.

How To Mute WhatsApp Group Or Person Notification?

So simply follow these steps to mute your WhatsApp notification.

  1. Here first you go to the WhatsApp and click on that person or group that you want to mute.

2. After selecting the person you show the upper right side shows many options like pin chat, mute, and archive chat so simply click on the mute button(speaker symbol) to mute the chat.

3. Than that person and group send you to notification they don’t disturbing you. only when you open the WhatsApp they show the notification.

May be this trick work for you if you want to mute the person or group notifications. This might save your time and energy.

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