How to unlock bitlocker without password and recovery key

bitlocker recovery key

Are you locked out of Windows? Do you have no access to your encrypted drive?

We can help you unlock and recover data from your Bitlocker encrypted drive. Here is the ultimate BitLocker encrypted drive without a password and recovery key.

You will learn how to unlock BitLocker encrypted hard drive or SSD without a password and recovery key in windows 10.

According to the report of Acsdata, in that statement, they said if you wanted to recover your data then it might have cost around $1000-$2000. It depends on your data.

What is BitLocker?

BitLocker is a security feature that is included in Windows Vista and later versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. BitLocker helps protect data by encrypting it with a key that is stored on the disk drive. The key is only accessible when the computer is turned off and locked, or when it is used with a compatible BitLocker-capable device.

BitLocker is available in the following editions of Windows: Enterprise and Professional.

How to turn off BitLocker without a password or recovery key

1. Use command prompt

Command prompt is a powerful tool that you can use on your computer to get quick results. You can use it to do things like change settings, run commands, and access files. Command prompt is also a good way to learn how to use your computer.

There is no option to recover your bitlocker recovery key with the CMD.

Because the bitlocker key is stored in the Microsoft account, there are no options to restore the key in CMD or get the recovery key under the CMD.

If you have reached that point when they ask for the drive letter. This is not just simply drive letters like d, e, f, g, and so on. Microsoft creates diffrent drivers for each user.

So ideally there are no options to recover your bitlocker key in CMD. Although you reach out at a point then they’ll ask for the drive letter.

And don’t have driver letter.

2. Create a USB recovery drive

Yeah, this is the right way to recover your BitLocker recovery key. When you are activating the BitLocker then you should use the USB recover drive option to save the recovery keys in USB,

So you can restore them when you need them. This is the easy way to recover your BitLocker keys.

How to unlock bitlocker with the recovery key

Insert USB into the USB port.

You’ll be immediately pop up the more option and click on it below see the enter recovery key option to put to click on it and your recovery key is automatically entered.

That is for unlocking the drive.

3. How to Unlock Bitlocker with Microsoft Account

So first make sure you identify your login Microsoft account to that system. After you can open your Microsoft account on a different device like another laptop, PC, or smartphone.

now you can click on this link from that device to open your Microsoft account.

All things are done.

Here you can see all the recovery key and you can see the particular drive showing the Recovery Key ID number that will be showing when you try to open your drive and they ask for the recovery key and match the Recovery Key ID from to your account and enter the recovery code.

The recovery key is approx 40-50 numbers so fill it correctly otherwise systems will reject your wrong entered key. If you don’t want to hustle with you so two times confirm the key and enter it.

NOTE – Note down the recovery key in the future they will be asked to you😅


BitLocker is a new security feature of Windows and it’s coming with the new operating system. BitLocker is designed to protect your data from other users who may get access to your computer. Well, the USB key method is very uses full for those who have can’t remember the key and Microsoft login credentials. So simple they just make a USB key and store it in a safe place.

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