How To Use KeePass! Free Password Manager With Full Features

KeePass is a platform where you store your secret passwords and other credentials. KeePass is absolutely free and we can use it on multiple devices without any trouble. While you do not use any password manager with multiple devices and full features. Unfortunately, nothing like this here. We use hustle-free experiences, without any interruption.

First, we say about KeePass, KeePass is a safe and secure free password manager. KeePass’s developer has Dominik Reichl that developed on November 16, 2003. That amazing thing of this that runs on all the platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Most people think they see my passwords. Actually, they do not see your password they don’t save your password on the cloud or any online services, they always save your password in your local database. It means they save the credentials details on your PC, smartphone, won’t share them with anyone.

We also know the KeePass has missed a number of features when compared to LastPass, 1Password, or Dashlane, although the many third-party plug-ins made for the service help fill in the gaps. The question is whatever it is worth saving the $30 to $65 per year.

As you’ll see in our best free password manager review, if you want other password managers then others may help you. But If you don’t mind spending some time to learn and manage a very powerful application, you can do a lot with KeePass.

KeePass Cost & Platform

keepass password safe

KeePass is a totally free password manager, so definitely we check in full depth. It’s open-source software, if you are impressed with their service then you can donate to support continued development. But that’s won’t unlock additional features, you have got access to everything.

Fortunately, the KeePass UI looks so old, but the security vise very-very good. It’s totally different from other password managers. When I say to it’s more difficult for the non-technical guy if you have enough knowledge of these things so you can do it. Meaning is if someone doesn’t know about that features and new users, before that they hadn’t use any password manager. In case the user faces some problems with UI because KeePass UI is a little annoying for new users.

It’s a perfect fit for those who have already use the password manager then perfect fit for them. They can’t save your data on cloud base service they save on your local database. This means they save on your  PCs, smartphone’s local storage.

As we say, there is no cloud base service available, but you can use Google Drive and Dropbox to host your password database if you want to sync your KeePass password’s on multiple devices using the internet. Then Google Drive and Dropbox help you.

While you can generate the password in that and make a master key for KeePass log in every single time, I impressed with this service. Even here KeePass provides us to recycle bin us which means when we delete the password they move to recycle bin if you want to permanently remove then you can delete it.

Although, we can use KeePass on multiple platforms while another password manager wants more fees for them. In fact, in KeePass, it’s totally free and uses on serval platforms without paying a single dollar.

These services are available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux, while it free of cost no matter how many platforms to use. All platforms link are here.

How To Use KeePass On Desktop

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KeePass is a fully solid and secure platform for saving passwords. While we know that the other password managers have a more convenient interface but the KeePass has a late 90’s desktop interface, which means so classic and neat and clean but old. We forget all the things when we think about it’s free and a lot better feature than other password managers.

The KeePass has no plugin support for the browsers, but here we have a solution you can use the third-party plugins to continue using the KeePass. For now, we discuss the desktop version, letter we move on to plugins.

The first step to visit the KeePass download page. If you are running on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 then it will work smooth sailing.

In this article we cover up only Windows installation, you might know that how to install on Windows, but Mac or Linux are simple to install. You grab the download link and install the setup file and run it on your PC. Through some simple click to install the KeePass, and install it on your PC.

When KeePass has installed successfully on the PC after you create the new “database file” that means create the file where you store all the passwords and select the location path that’s for it. After creating a successful database you can save the passwords. In the database file, they ask you to set the master password, which means when you log in to KeePass they always ask to fill in the password, and after fill the password successfully enter to KeePass.

If you are want to add the password then press the ctrl+I next window pop up on the screen and you clearly see the Title, Username, and Password, there you add the title and also add the username and password then hit the OK button to save the password.

It’s a very simple method to save the passwords on KeePass. If you have used another password manager or you want to replace it with KeePass. So as simple as that export the passwords from the password manager. Remember one thing password is not export in a smartphone, it’ll not show the option on a smartphone, so please login on your PC after going to settings and export the passwords.

Now you ask, how to import in KeePass, It’s so pretty simple. Go to File and click on import and you’ll see the password managers list and select the password manager and file type and enter the file location and chill. KeePass all setting for you. After you’ll see the whole passwords list that you use in previous password manager.

NOTE: Please check all the passwords are imported to KeePass, in my case we add notes with passwords in the previous password manager. But in KeePass, no notes are imported so please confirm and all set you can delete your previous password manager.

Also, KeePass has an export option, in case you don’t like KeePass so in the future you can export all the passwords and import them to other password managers. In my case, we highly addict to KeePass and they such a gives lot more features compared to other paid password managers.

KeePass has all the features as well like find passwords, add notes with passwords, even you can change the language. It’s awesome I think it’s huge for free and such a nice and advanced option.

KeePass Mobile Apps

KeePass has third-party software so when you type KeePass on Google Play Store then you see a lot of results. Although KeePass has no But we suggest to you the two best KeePass managers.

If you want to use your smartphone and you want to sync data from the cloud, if you change the password from your PC, then help of internet and data sync option to update your database file and also update your passwords. Then changes are visible to all the devices, and you don’t need to go with every single device and change the password. So both the apps have a data synchronized option to sync data on multiple platforms.

KeePass DX

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KeePass DX is awesome apps for KeePass password manager, if you are using the service of KeePass then the KeePass DX is a gift for you. In that single app, all the functions are available and free of cost.

When you start using KeePass the first thing to make a copy of your database file and upload it on Google Drive and when you use it on your phone then select the location of your Google Drive. It means they access your database from Google Drive and sync your passwords.

It is quite simple to use it. Just download the KeePass DX from the link. When KeePass DX successfully installed on your phone then they ask for “Open Existing Database” or “Create New Database” So we have already a database file then we go with open existing database and select the database file path where you upload. Then enter your master key opens your existing data file and now you can change these passwords and add the password or after changing don’t remember to save the database from the top right corner have three-dot click it and see the Save Database click on it and save it. It means your database is saved and when you log in from a different device then see clearly see the changes.


keepass for smartphone

This is another great application for manage your password with KeePass. Basically, they work like KeePass2Android works perfectly this also featured sync options that sync your data with Google Drive or Dropbox. KeePass2Android has similar features like select the data path and enter the passcode and that’s it.

KeePass2Android also has edited the password and sync it, in a simple way we can do all these things that we can do in a password manager or the best part is that we can sync the data for multiple devices, if you have two smartphones then you can use the single database file to save all these passwords and use at the same time on both devices.

Especially having the biometric unlock feature in both apps you might select multiple database files and see the passwords.

Here we drop the link to download the KeePass2Android.

How To Use On Google Chrome

keepass for chrome extension

When we come to the online world then, in mind comes the question is how to use KeePass on Google Chrome. On that platform, Chrome has limited extensions for KeePass. But here we find the one extension for Chrome that is the KeePass Tusk that is also a third-party extension, it not made by KeePass.

So if you are searching for the that works on Chrome, PC, or smartphone then this extension works for you. Fortunately, you can try the KeePass Tusk extension. That will helps a lot when you are search passwords, It has cloud base options and works well.

But the worst side of KeePass Tusk it has nothing to show on the page when you search on the search bar then results appear on the screen. I think it will need more improvement.

How To Sync Password From PC

This is very simple, in this case, you want to download software from that called backup and sync from Google download it on your PC and after that select the database location in my case I have selected only the Document folder to cause the database file is located on Document. So we choose the Document folder if you want to choose the whole pc but it’s over. We have only 15GB of cloud backup from Google so we prefer to choose the only documents.

If you wanted to upgrade the plan from 15GB to 100GB or more then Google One to upgrade your Plan. After your database file is sync with Google Drive then you locate the path as same as you sync the data. I simply say you change the location path in your PC, click on the File tab and you see the new file option then select the Google Drive path where you save your database file and select it and hit the enter button.

Next time when you change the password then don’t forget to save it. And the changes are not displayed on your other devices then you sync the database instant you see the changes on your screen.

I hope this will work perfect for you. If you want any type of help then CONTACT US.


Q 1. Does KeePass is totally free?

A. Yes, absolutely free you don’t have to pay single dollar.

Q 2. Can we use in multiple devices?

A. Yes, if you want to use multiple devices so without having a fee you can use them. No matters how many devices. KeePass gives more advanced features that other password managers not providing. It such a great password manager.

Q 3. Can we use with the multiple device sync option?

A. If you want to use multiple devices like desktop, smartphone. Then you require to download Backup and Sync from Google software for desktop, select the path and that’s it. We explain in-depth our article you read.

Q 4. Does KeePass is safe?

A. Definitely is fully safe even they store your data on local storage or if you store it on Google Drive or other cloud services. They don’t read it, KeePass is highly secure and encryption-based.

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