5 Steps How To Use USB Backpack

Backpack with USB charging port how to use

Using a  backpack with a USB charging port makes your travel enjoyable and super smooth. Every moment you need a smartphone and anyone can’t pass through the smartphone.

Even there are USB backpacks are available in the market, if you don’t know how to use USB backpack to charge your smartphone.

According to the wicz.com report backpack sales increase day by day. If you are a traveller then I’m 100% sure you are planning to buy the USB backpack for your future trips.

In the backpack with a USB port, you have to attach a power bank to the USB port which will let you charge your mobile phone easily by keeping it inside the backpack safe.

The benefit of the USB backpack is that you do not have to carry the charger and find the charging switch whenever you travel.

In this guide, we are going to share with you how to backpack with a USB charging port, and how to add power bank or change the USB cable.

So, without wasting any time.

Let’s get started.

How do backpack with USB work?

Because you can use a smart backpack for trips without having to worry about losing your essentials. Even though this bag you can charge your smartphone connected to the USB port.

Inside the backpack, the power bank is connected to the same USB cable to charge your phone.

The electricity passes via the USB cable and then you get another cable for charging the device.

This is a sort and simple process to charge the smartphone, the electricity passes from the built-in cable within the backpack to the charging cable outside the backpack.

How to use the USB port built in the backpack?

How to use the USB port built in the backpack

Anytime, anywhere you want to charge your phone then connect it to the USB port and charge your phone with the help of the power bank that will work as a power supplier to the electric gadgets.

You will also require the USB extension cable to attach the USB port of the backpack to the device.

Follow Few Steps to Charge your Devices

  • Get a power bank yourself (If your backpack has no power bank).
  • Connect a power bank to the built-in USB cable and place it into an internal mesh pocket.
  • Connect the port with the power bank and the port inside the backpack.
  • Now, your port is ready to connect the device, which is supposed to be charged.

That’s enough, don’t do anymore. Now your mobile phone is charging using the USB port of the backpack.

Types of USB Backpack

Types of USB Backpack

Before we start knowing about the functionality of the how to use USB backpack.

It is important to know about the different types of USB backpacks that are arriving in the market which one you choose or which one to ignore.

The premium quality USB backpack comes with a higher price tag.

That is everyone could not afford that USB backpack.

Here we share all types of USB backpacks that are under the budget.

#1. Backpack with USB Charger (Without Power Bank)

This is a common issue with the USB charging backpack, that you can see a USB port with the backpack.

These backpacks have a dedicated USB port outside of the backpack.

The USB port is connected to a cable where the cable can attach the power bank to the USB port.

The drawback here is that you need a separate portable power bank as most manufacturers do not provide the power bank with the backpack.

And also, the technology used in the USB port is the older or lower class USB port.

Sometimes we saw the USB cable quality is too poor and manufacturers are not providing any portable power bank with the backpack.

So, you may be facing a problem in charging your phone if you have a new one.

This is why the USB backpack is cheap in the market is that such a backpack with a USB charging port is cheap and affordable.

Even most smartphone users are using the USB charger then they don’t have a problem with it.

For example, an iPhone user can’t connect to charge their iPhone with the backpack cause of the outdated technology.

#2. Backpack With Charger Built-In

There are the USB backpacks are too much expensive and everyone could not buy those.

In simple terms, this is not so common because is expensive.

These backpacks come with a built-in power bank and cable.

Some of these manufacturers are making advanced technology like wireless charger pockets which help you on a trip a lot.

Because they can’t buy any kind of cable and connect it with the phone. They just want simple aesthetic things.

Most companies are providing the wireless charging service with the backpack to charge their phone and minimal wire hustle while traveling.

Otherwise, you mess with wires and try to resolve the wire again and again.

#3. Backpack with Cable Passthrough

Backpacks that feature a cable passthrough port are the most versatile option for a charging backpack because you can use your cables and portable power bank.

Unlike charging backpacks, backpacks with cable passthrough ports usually don’t include any special tech.

This means as you upgrade your cables, you won’t be stuck with an out-of-date port.

This allows to update it whenever you want, on other backpacks like a built-in charger or USB port. We could not upgrade as fast.

Backpacks like the Incase, icon backpack, and Nomatic Travel Pack are both high-quality backpacks that include a cable passthrough to charge your phone and devices while wearing the backpack.

The Disadvantage of USB Backpacks

The disadvantage of USB Backpack

Every product has its advantages or disadvantages like every coin has two face heads or tails.

Cause we like the Disadvantage first because everyone is knowing about the advantages so why do we talk about it first.

Let’s get started.

USB port not working – After some time we saw those guys that have USB backpacks but their USB port is not working. This is the common issue with the USB port and this is not changeable.

USB Cable not changeable –  We check many times whatever company has built-in power bank the fitted the cable with the cable and the cable is not easy to available in the market while they have some sort of connector attached with the cable and connected with power bank (some company’s are using the simple cable that’s changeable).

Another charger user – As is said if you are a different smartphone user then the built-in USB port bags are not for you. They come with a cheap third-class USB port or maybe your phone is not charging with this. So better, before buying a charging backpack first check the port.

Don’t use wireless charging – You have a wireless charging phone. In this case, you can not buy this USB port bag, go with a wireless charging backpack. But all these wireless charging backpacks are so costly.

Advantage of USB Backpack

Advantage of Having USB backpack

Overall all USB backpack has their own Advantage, now let’s discuss the advantages of having the USB backpack.

Conveniently charge your phone – you can conveniently charge your phone with the USB port no doubt. This is a hustle-free and cheap method.

Your all stuff will stay organized – If you are a traveller then very well to know about when your phone running the battery down then you unorganized your bag to find the charger. But in this case, you just attach the USB cable to the port and that’s it.

You will comfort while traveling – Comfort everyone wants while they are on travel. Nobody can be want to tired to do some mess with the cable. You got my idea of what I’m saying.

It will make your backpack an antitheft backpack as your phone in the power bank pocket too.

 How long does it take to charge your phone?

This all depends on your cable and power bank capacity. If your power bank and cable allow you to charge your phone with the higher number of Watts then definitely your phone will take less time to fill up.

Also, you have the 20000mAH power bank and your phone’s battery has 5000mAH then you can charge it four times.

If you have a good power bank and a good USB cable then you do not need to worry about it. Your mobile will charge in just one and a half and two hours completely.

The charging time can be reduced if you set your mobile phone on airplane mode before charging.

How do I charge carry-on luggage with a USB charger?

How long does it take to charge your phone

This is not rocket science guys, the carry-on backpack can be charged with the same steps.

Like attaching the cable to the power bank and attaching the cable to the USB port.

Most carry-on does not equip with a power bank.

You need to buy the extra power bank for yourself and almost every carry-on is compatible with any power bank you choose.

What if the USB charger not working?

What if USB charger not working

Sometimes whenever you connect the phone with a USB port than phone does not be charging.

In that situation maybe your cable problem or may power bank issue.

First, check to connect with another cable if your cable is faulty then replace it.

In another case, your power bank issue then replaces the power bank.

Basically inside the power bank cell are connected to each other if one cell is defective then all others are not charged to your power bank or phone.

So if you are comfortable changing the power bank then change it, or you can change the power bank cell as well.

If your power bank main supply is okay then you can replace those cells.

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Backpack with USB charging port how to use?

Three types of USB backpacks come into the market. Built-in charger or with USB port and pass through.
The built-in charger includes the power bank but the USB port backpack are not include the charger.
The last option has a pass through backpack, they offer an independent charger port to charge your mobile phone. There has a pass through hole you can easily pass through the cable and place the power bank inside the backpack.

How do I charge my backpack?

The cable from within the inside of the backpack is plugged into a power bank. Then you grab an electricity device and extra charging cable which hooks up from the outside.

How do you clean a backpack with a USB charging port?

If your backpack has a built-in power bank then unplugged and placed outside if the cable is removable then remove it. If your cable is not removable then you might cover the cable port with plastic or use the glue gun to make it a waterproof port.
After doing all the stuff you can wash your bag properly.

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