How To Use Windows 10: Basic Beginners Guide

Windows 10 is the latest and most powerful operating system from Microsoft. But Windows 10 is confusing for beginners, they don’t know how to use them and not knows the option. So basically we made this article for those users who didn’t know how to use Windows 10. How they can run their laptop with Windows 10. We clear the basics of how to use Windows 10.

Overall how you manage your Windows 10 use the software, run the internet, or many more things. If you have used Windows 7 then the transaction looks like a boom. Once you get the Windows 10, stuck your mind cause all the options are changed, also changed the settings and many, many more things in Windows 10. If you are still using Windows 7 then you free upgrade with Windows 10. It’s totally free. If you didn’t know how to upgrade them to use Windows 10 then follows these articles.

Windows 10

When we get the new PC then no apps are installed as we need. So here you see the Recycle bin, first, we bring the This PC on the screen. so right-click on the empty space and Go to personalize option. They put it under background, in personalization tab click on Themes again right-side find Desktop icon settings under Related Settings.

New pop-up window will be opening and there you tick mark on the This PC app. The This pc shows on your desktop.

When new users use Windows 10 they totally don’t know how to create the partition. The partition is important for the user they save their data on the previous partitions. So we make the partitions. if you have no extra partition then you have fallen in the trouble. When we install the Windows then completely wipe the C partition. In case you have data on the C drive then maybe lost all, or you can save it to D, E, or whatever as you wish. When installing Windows no one can lose the data.

Let’s create the partition, move the cursor on This PC icon, and Right-click on them and you get the Manage option and click on them.

This PC

In the next window, you see the Disk Management option.

shrink volume

There you see your drive, and here you have to see one partition. You find your partition while you see the C drive name that’s your C drive, and now we right-click on the partition and get the shrink volume to click on it. Here you enter the volume size and make the C partition shorter, create other partitions. Even click on the black partition and you got New Simple Volume again click on it. Now, go with the next button, here you select the size of the partition and next. While we successfully create the partition.

make partition
Windows 10 start menu

Windows 10 has a great Start menu you can get all the apps to here. If you press the Windows key from the laptop keyboard or go to the left side bottom of your laptop appear the Windows logo and click to open the Start Menu. You access all the app from the left side apps list, as you also shut down your laptop from the power button you get the sleep, shut down, or restart option.

Also, you can go to the settings, the settings button placed upper on of the power button.

search bar

Search option is Windows’s most useful app you can use this to find your lost files, software, and documents, that you can’t find on the PC. So when you go on the search bar and type the name of your file, hit the enter button to get a result.

You access the search bar from the start menu left side. As you can type on them, you can customize your search result by categories, like apps, documents, web, and more options to you customize the search to find easily your results. Let’s for example you are searching for a pizza image on your laptop but you have no pizza image. In this case, you go with the web option to find the pizza images, and also can download them.

This option helps a lot for new users, assume if users of the sleep time they can simply search on the search bar and get the result. They simply go into the settings and off the screen sleep time. In fact, you can change the wallpaper, if you didn’t know where to change the wallpaper, easily type on the bar if you don’t see the option then go on more and choose the settings option to get the wallpaper change option.

This feature is more beneficial for beginners they can type on them and instantly get the results. This option is more convenient if we go to the folder and search the file through the name. Even we just put the name on the search bar then instantly we get the result, they save time to use Windows 10.


Basically, the taskbar is common to think in the Windows 10, but they have own features, All these major setting are hiding on them. Although, when we talk about Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound, and battery percentage. All these are options are placed on the taskbar. On the right side bottom of the screen, you see the message option when we click on them to get all the notifications and more connectivity features, like location, night mode, battery saver, and screen brightness option.

Next, we have a clock to see the time and date, next to the language option to get you can change the language and also add the language. Here we have a Wi-Fi option to connect it to Wi-Fi and browse on the internet. near has a sound controller to control the system sound. The battery icon indicates the battery percentage and battery settings. Besides the arrow button when clicking on there we get the more option Bluetooth, and some background running apps to see them.

When we open the software all the open software is placing there. If we all them to recent tab also, same as smartphone have recent menu to we get all the recent apps, same as in Windows 10 we access the open apps from Taskbar.

Download software from Google Chrome

When we buy a brand new laptop then no preinstalled software has been installed on the laptop like browser, WhatsApp, and Photoshop. As per need, we install them on our PC. But how we can install them, while a smartphone has Google Play Store and all the apps are available on that platform. But Windows 10 has no Google Play Store, but they have Microsoft Store where we install the games and apps.

In fact, we can’t find all the apps like Google Chrome, zoom, and other apps. So, in this case, we download the software from the browser, by default Windows 10 has an Edge browser and if you are comfortable with them then you can use the internet with Edge, otherwise, you can go and search for Google Chrome and download.

Basically, all the software is not available on the Microsoft Store, many of these are we have to download from the browser. If you thinking of all the smartphone software you can run on them, then no, you can’t use all the smartphone apps. The list is very long, but on laptops, Windows has more apps than other platforms like macOS or Linux.

You just put the query on the Chrome and get the results. If you want download, see the videos, and images.


If you’re new laptop use then we suggest to you buy the best antivirus for your laptop. When if your browsing the internet virus can attack. In case you lose all your data collection as you memorable photos and videos. So when we are new users then the best thing we protect the laptop from malware.

You can buy any of these total security antiviruses for your laptop. Don’t go with free antivirus, they can slow your PC, buy genuine antivirus, that protects you from the Ransomware virus, and save your data from them. Specially antivirus is necessary for new users. Once you buy the antivirus for one year after you almost knowing them and you have no need to install antivirus. In the future, you have needed the purchase it.

Bonus Tips:

All your important data save on the previous drive like D, E, or whatever, not save your important in the C drive.

I think you get all the tips to use Windows 10, they work for a beginner not don’t know anything about Windows 10.

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