How to Wear a Shoulder Bag (9 Evergreen Ways)

What is shoulder bag

A shoulder bag is a great option for people who want to be less casual than a backpack and less formal than a briefcase. It can be a great option for students, professionals, office users, and especially bike or motorcycle riders.

Whenever you buy a shoulder bag then they give you extra features as you can also carry the same important thing with the shoulder bag.

According to the NCBI report past literature indicate that 40% of students complained about pain in their shoulder and 88% had pain in their neck and back.

Over 30-80% of students are reported that they faced pain and injuries by carrying a school bag.

Don’t worry guys this report scared you.

But my actual intention was not to scare you.

Still, if you do not know the perfect style of wearing the Shoulder bag then may you count on this list.

So just chill and take a deep breath.

There we’ll share the proper ways to wear the shoulder bag.

This will save your shoulder or back from being injured

You can wear the shoulder bag variety of styles. There we’ll be sharing how to wear a shoulder bag.

Here we share the brief summer about how to wear a shoulder bag/ messenger bag.

Let’s dive into this.

What is Shoulder Bag?

What is shoulde bag

In the beginning, the bag has been used in carrying postal messages or cards since it works great in carrying bulky things while keeping your hands free as you do it.

In this bag, it has a beneficial feature you can carry heavy or bulky items in that.

Also, the shoulder/ messenger bags come with a longer strap that you wear across the body or to be used as a shoulder bag.

Messenger bags are available in every material; leather, canvas, polyester, and plastic variety.

So you might hear about the “shoulder bag” and “messenger bag” used interchangeably. But they aren’t the same thing.

Messenger tend to be associated with more active use, while shoulder bags play well in sedate settings. Featured such as stabilizer straps are more common in messenger.

As we can say in easy language the messenger bags are made with proper finish or use for office purposes.

And shoulder bags are like rough tough bags, so we got an idea about the shoulder bags are more useful in like post men’s or courier bags. They have features with a lot of pockets so we can get an idea about them.

Messenger bag = Professional Users

Shoulder bag = daily rough tough user like courier boy.

How to Wear Shoulder Bag?

How to wear a shoulder bag

The messenger bag and shoulder bag are not the same but the wearing style is the same.

The shoulder bag has been designed for bikers, riders, couriers, and messengers.
But today they are in fashion trend for daily life, especially for the men’s fashion. But judging from the people’s bags, there seems to be a little confusion out there about how to properly wear a shoulder bag.

Below are some suggestions on how to wear a shoulder bag while following the different styles.

If you also have a Tactical Sling bag or you don’t know how to wear it?

1. Wear your shoulder bag casually

Wear your shoulder bag casually

The intended way to wear a shoulder bag is with the strap over one the shoulder and across the body. You can do it in crossbody format.

It depends on you which shoulder is comfortable for you.

Sometimes the straps are meant in a certain way, and thus the choice will be made for you.

You should also try with a single shoulder if you feel uncomfortable while wearing the cross bag, try it on a single shoulder to look more casual.

2. How to wear it with casual dress

How to wear it with casual dress

A canvas shoulder bag match your casual t-shirt, shirt, jeans, or denim jacket.

They are ideal for going for a coffee and running errands.

Otherwise, you can simply carry your passport, phone, tickets, or IDs like important items on vacations.

Make sure that you match it with a pair of stylish leather flips flops, a loose shirt, and denim jackets with a lot of pockets with the bag.

A lot of pockets shoulder bags are the perfect fit for your outfit, cause at that time you might have more items in your bag just like park tickets, train tickets, passports, brochures, and many more miscellaneous items.

So ideally the more pockets shoulder bag fit in a casual outfit.

3. Wearing shoulder bag crossbody style

This is the same as casual you can wear it on your left or right shoulder. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Crossbody styles are very popular in the shoulder, messenger, or sling bag.

4. Carrying With handle

Carrying with handle

Carrying on the handle if you are traveling or you don’t feel comfortable while carrying your shoulder bag on your shoulders. So you can carry it in your hands with the help of handles.

While someone has shoulder pain so they can’t be worn with a shoulder they can also try this style.

Frankly, if you are walking in town this looks like a super cool way to carry your shoulder bag.

5. Wear in Sporty Look

Wear in Sporty Look

If you are going to the GYM or then need some essential supplements is Gym such as protein, creatine, BCAA, or water bottle or shaker.

So the Sport looks suit to your outfit.

There are a lot of shoulder bags that are made out of a more casual material that can match with sports material.

It can even be a stylish alternative to your usual gym bag and work it like a pro.

When you enter the gym with the bulky gym bag, not like too much good.

But when we enter the gym with the sporty bag it looks like, smart boy/ girl.

If you want a comfortable and useful combination, you should try wearing a messenger bag made from canvas material and pair it with your sports t-shirt.

When you carry a sporty bag then always wear the sports t-shirt to look better.

6. How to wear a messenger bag for the office

How to wear a messenger bag for the office

Serious,  they’re professionals so they deserve some super-cool style for their office outlook. It is very important to keep an image that displays professionalism.  

From your suite and shoes, you should pay attention to maintaining a professional image. And how to carry your messenger bag is no exception.

Carrying your messenger bag in hand is the most classic and elegant way. It will give you the most charming look as your arm extends along your body.

You can also put the bag down in your elbow from time to time, but my suggestion is that you can’t do that cause they distracted the concentration. You also feel uncomfortable while doing up and down.

Eighter if you’re getting tired while holding one hand then you can carry it on your shoulder in cross-boy style. Not to wear in single shoulder style.

Your messenger bag can be the greatest fashionable alternative to your boring laptop bag at work or for your business meetings. Opt for a messenger bag with dark, natural leather; this looks more elegant to your overall look; match it with your leather shoes, belt, or watch to look more gorgeous.

7. How to wear a messenger bag on the bike

How to wear a messenger bag on the bike

Riding with a messenger bag looks typical, but don’t worry we will share the best way to wear the messenger bag for bike or cycling.

Biking with a messenger bag is becoming the preferred choice of commuters in this day and age of accessibility and functionality.

If you’re in the working world, you likely have a messenger bag to carry those important documents or your laptop.

Most cyclists prefer the messenger bag to a backpack because it’s easy to use.

Another great thing about biking with a messenger bag is the security of it. Your bag is always on your side and, in most cases, you’ll be able to bring your bag with you into most venues.

Making sure your strap is adjusted at the right height and the bag reset neatly on you is important to not only maintain stability when riding.

Otherwise, we are not setting the straps properly then it might your bag touches your feet if you wear it too upper then it might be also unfordable.

So loose or stretch the staps and set as you want to feel comfortable.

Always wear the backpack on your side while you are on a bike or cycle don’t place it in front of yours.

You will rotate it to your back. In other words, you should wear it like a backpack. This will keep the bag out of your way while riding, and thus make riding easier.

Make sure the strap is light so doesn’t clap around when riding

Don’t carry too much when riding as it is more strenuous and won’t conform closely to your back.

8. High Fashion Look

High Fashion Look

If you want to look better or different from others then you should follow this step to look gorgeous.

Choosing to accessorize your fancy outfit with a shoulder bag is an easy way to finish off your look and have that Milan streetwear feel.

When we carry the shoulder to look more gorgeous then add some extra accessorize on your outfit to look more attractive.

9. Every Day Look

 Every Day Look

Now, we are talking about every day look, if you wear an everyday shoulder bag. You would be definitely bored with the same-day style.

Your shoulder bag would be everyday accessories like this example shows. Making your bag a regular item is a great way to get your money’s worth and keep all your things protected.

Where Should Shoulder bag sit?

The most important thing is the length of the strap. A strap length that’s too short or long can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and even have an unflattering effect on the body.

Ideally’ the shoulder bag is should hit just above the hip. This allows it to be easy accessibility and prevents your hip from jostling around the contents too much.

You should also consider the shape of the bag or strap and how it applies to your lifestyle. Are you the type to carry all your emergencies essentials in your bag?

Make sure you pick a crossbody bag that meets these needs. You may also want to think about the material of your bag before purchasing the bag. As some materials stand up to the elements better than others.

How to dress up your shoulder bag?

In different case scenarios, you should wear a shoulder bag in a different style or also choose the perfect shoulder bag to match the dressing.

  1. Wear with Office Suite or Collage Dress
Wear with Office Suite or Collage Dress

If you belong form professional fields, then we will be suggesting the leather bag that suits your profile. The leather briefcase style gives off the same formalness as an actual briefcase and shows you are ready for business.

At this age, you are a fully mature guy so we don’t prefer to buy canvas or polyester bags or other fabric bags because they can’t suites on your business profile. You deserve better.

Or you have another option to go with a classic leather bag that portrays a more casual seriousness that students will find ideal.

2. Choose a pastel color bag

Choose a pastel color bag

While you are searching for a shoulder bag then we highly recommended going with the pastel colors.

For those beginning their collection of bags or those buying one multipurpose bag, choose a neutral-colored bag to match as many outfits and styles as possible.

The most neutral colors tend to be black, brown, and grey.

If you are choosing only one bag then go with the black that will be standing for all color patters

Choose pastel colors don’t choose too many dark colors like if you choose green, blue. No, go with their pastel color, pastel color means lightly shaded of color.

3. Bag with fewer pockets or buckles

Bag with fewer pockets or buckles

More pockets or buckles bags look like an old memories shoulder bag. Now the trend has been changed so select the minimal fewer pocket or buckles bag.

The fewer pockets and clasps the bag has, the sleeker the bag will appear. Also, most messenger bags will have enough storage inside to store your essential items.

4. Carrying with handles

 Carrying with handles

This looks super cool when we carry our bag with the shoulder bag handles. We also cover this point above or this is also added on it.

In both cases, you get to know the style of wearing the shoulder bag or dressing up your level with the carrying bag in your hands.


I hope you got an idea about how to wear a shoulder bag. All the different methods we already share with you.

I think you really enjoy the ideas.

Comment down which idea you would be try first. And which style new for you and which one your already follow.

Comment your thought with us.


How do you carry a shoulder bag?

There are various methods to carry the shoulder bag. While you can carry on a single shoulder, cross shoulder, with handle or sporty look. In this article, we will disclose each and every single detail about wearing the shoulder bag. I hope you read this article to got good clarity about how to wear a shoulder bag.

What is the difference between a satchel and a shoulder bag?

A satchel is a handbag with short handles that you clutch with your hands or hook through one arm. A shoulder bag is carried in different ways one shoulder or crossbody and many more ways to wear a shoulder bag to look stylish.

How long should a shoulder bag strap be?

Ideally’ the shoulder bag is should hit just above the hip. This allows it to be easy accessibility and prevents your hip from jostling around the contents too much.
You should also consider the shape of the bag or strap and how it applies to your lifestyle. Are you the type to carry all your emergencies essentials in your bag?

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