Best 4 Ways How to wear a tactical sling bag

How to wear crossbody bag

If you are wearing a backpack, this is dangerous for you. While regular using of backpack you are facing back pain problem.

The research done by Spine Health, research says “Distributing the heavy loads across the strong back and shoulder muscles. The risk, however, is overloaded, which can strain the back, neck, and shoulders.”

It would be a big problem for you, while we are suggesting using a tactical sling bag.

You can reduce the chances of back pain or back injury. Mostly sling bags are used for daily routines.

Here we’ll share with you how to wear a tactical sling bag or the most popular styles to wear the sling bag.

Now you are saying also this is a backpack and why we can’t have a back pain problem with the sling bag.

Because there are many ways to wear a sling bag, here we all cover the way of how to wear a tactical sling bag.

We are here to learn step-by-step methods with a proper images guide.

Let’s move on.

What is Sling Bag?

It’s a one-strap bag, lightweight, and looks like a crossbody purse.

It’s very comfortable to rest your arms.

Sling bag designed much like a backpack. These days, sling bags are used as an alternative to the backpack to carry small accessories with them on short trips or travel.

The sling bag has become so common and in a fashion that people have started calling sling bag. And this is a major reason why people ask how to wear a tactical sling bag.

The great thing about the sling bag is that you can wear whatever style, back, front, shoulder, or waist.

The wearing style is so comfortable and used without underwear the bag at any moment.

The sling bag pronouns with the different names like a shoulder bag, waist bag, side bag, and many more. So don’t get confused about them.

Behind the intention is only to wear in style, and classic and easy to access at the same time.

They have small in size, unlike the other backpacks.

We might add the tickets, passport, smartphone, or other small accessories to it.

A lot of bags come with a USB port you can charge your phone with those backpacks.

How to wear tactical sling bag?

Sling bag has the ability of reversible strap which can switch shoulders of front or back as we want and its strap is adjustable.

It can easily be carried everywhere.

Sling bags are so convenient and comfortable to wear.

Anywhere we unzip pockets, no need to take a tension that some stuff are tumble.

You may be wondering to know about how to wear a tactical sling bag.

We are presenting the guide for you to learn multiple ways to wear a sling bag. Such as front, back, shoulder, and waist.

1. Across the Back

Across the back

Probably most of the people are prefer to wear a bag at back. We are not saying this is the comfortable way. Depending on the size of your sling bag, wear over your back has its benefits.

You all would be familiar with the phrase. Out of sight out of mind. This is the main reason to wear it over the back.

Firstly, it gives you the freedom to move about. That when it will be on the back it will be city sights and enjoy the moments and pay attention to your front.

If you are going and talking to somebody no one can feel discomfort talking to you.

Otherwise, what happens, we are talking with someone else and they are again and again notice our bag or we don’t want them to pay attention to the bag instead of you.

While before you are not using any sling bag you feel free to wear it back. How to wear a tactical sling backpack is probably your best answer.

2. Across The Front

Across The Front

Sling bag across the front is the most trending style to wear the tactical sling bag. To be honest, if you are wearing the sling bag across the front about two decades ago then it would be ugly and funny.

Also, there was not so many stylish sling bag available at that time.

But now it trending fashion and style.

The fashion came from New York and spread in the whole world. It is common for sling bags to put the bag on the front.

This method to wear the sling bag on the front is capable and very spiritual.

The most first benefit of this way to wear sling bag is your gear is visible and no tension about losing any documents like if you are carrying a passport, tickets, keys, and smartphone.

If your bag is in front of you, the bag is proper visual, and no chance of losing any stuff.

However, the shoulder sling backpack still depends on personal preferences. As well as safety and other considerations, find a suitable way for their own.

But the problem is that the sling bags offer small straps with the bags so your bag is hanging around your chest or slightly longer.

3. Around the Waist

Around the Waist

Basically, waist backpacks are also in trend, and so much popular while you are traveling.

The modern backpack is introduced to take off your urgent needs. Because every style you have to wear your bag on the shoulder or maybe you feel a bit of weight on your shoulder.

You have a shoulder problem then we highly recommended wearing this bag around the waist.

It was fully functional and could carry all my essentials without weighing me down. Though not as popular and fashionable these days, wearing it on the waist off has its age-old benefits.

Whenever we use the waist sling bag then we feel so much more comfortable while traveling, if we need gear then unzip and that is it.

Or the biggest advantages for old-age people who can’t wear the backpack on their shoulder on the back so they can wear the bag around on the waist.

4. Sling Backpack On The Shoulder

Sling Backpack On The Shoulder

Our one shoulder strap they are offering shoulder style to wear the bag. As we think this is the fastest way to pick up and drop the bag.

Without needing to clip/unclip around your body.

If you’re consistently putting your bag down and picking it again, this would be the most convenient.

Also, the sling bag is adjustable. You would choose the suitable sling bag strap length for yourself.

Actually as I feel discomfort with the shoulder sling bag. If we wear it on the shoulder then we do some work they slip from the shoulder and move to the arms.

Again and again, this happens to feel hazy.

So I don’t want to wear a sling bag on my shoulder. This is my personal preference to wear a tactical sling backpack.

But if you like to wear it on your shoulder then good to go👍.

Different Types of Tactical Sling Bag?

This is an unstructured fabric shoulder bag that can be worn parallel to or across your body. One end of the strap is secured to one end of the bag, while the other is secured to the opposite end.

These bags come in a variety of colors, forms, and styles, each of which serves a specific purpose.

If you’re not sure what to acquire, take a look at our list of sling bag kinds we put up and make your decision.

Also, they are fashionable, casual, adaptive, and functional. They’re great as carry-ons, but they’re also great for everyone to use.

Before you buy the sling bag check our list to get the perfect sling bag and use it in functional ways.

  1. Classic Sling Bag
Classic Sling Bag

As the name of the bag classic, you can get an idea about it. The sling bag is often defined as bags that have one end of its strap attached to the top of the bag and the others are attached to the bottom.

These bags are frequently used as daypacks, especially if you’re tired of carrying your typical enormous and heavy handbag. This bag, which is usually a bit larger than a wallet, will have a space to add a phone, important documents, wallet, and other valuables.

2. Wallet Crossbody Bag

Wallet crossbody sling bag

This bag is very trendy in feminist fashion. These bags belong to the metal chain attached to the sling bag.

This is a casual day-out wallet purse. It’s similar to a traditional sling bag. This is a casual outing wallet sling bag because it can hold your phone, wallet, items like cash or cards. But this is much more attractive and looks so gorgeous.

3. Designer Sling Bag

The designer sling bag

Designer sling bag, the main difference between a conventional sling bag and a designer sling bag is that better choice. The designer sling bag is ideal for a special occasion or date night out.

Generally, they’re available in a variety of shapes, and some of them can take a long time to construct because they’re custom items.

So it take a time to construct. Also, they’re available in a variety of colors, designs, or shapes. But latterly they are real jam in of the sling bag and full on worth it.

They are compact enough to hold your nighttime essentials.

4. Sling backpack/Mono Shoulder bags

Sling bag and mono shoulder backapck

Mono shoulder sling bags, as the name suggested, are backpacks with only one strap that can be worn across the body. The only difference between the two is that the backpack usually includes a zipper on the user to utilize it like a standard backpack.

These mono backpacks are a great option for everyday usage, but they can also be used as a carry-on for all your trip excursions.

5. Crossbody Hiking Sling Bags

Crossbody Hiking Bag

It’s a combination of the messenger bag or sling bag. While there is some amount of space like a backpack. It may be worn across the body like a messenger bag.

These are usually fitted to carry all of your trip essentials and are also easy to manage because you don’t have to remove them for anything.

6. The Messenger Bags

The messenger bag

Messenger bags are usually worn across the body and are composed of some form is material. These are a usually larger version of sling bags and are ideal for use at work.

Basically, the messenger bag is crafted for an easy-carry laptop or tablet in a messenger bag.

In the beginning, the messenger bags are available in the fabric, these are slowly but steadily gaining popularity in the leather segment.

Pro of wearing the sling bag

Everything has pros and cons, as same like the tactical sling backpack has its pro and cons.

Pros Of Sling Bag

  • Lightweight: You can hold your smartphone and iPad keys, cards, cash pens, pocket diary, and other smaller things. Then obsessively your travel is lightweight.
  • Convenient and affordable: As compared to the other backpack the sling bag has a single strap which makes them more convenient to carry and you can quickly pick and drop them. Also, they come very cheaply, everyone can buy them easily.
  • Durable: The crossbody backpack is 100% polyester material. The sling bag comes has water-resistant which means you can store your things in your sling bag.

Cons Of Sling Bag

  1. Capacity: It’s very often the sling bag has a small capacity to store all my gadgets. You can’t take a big item in it.
  2. Small Straps: Another con is the sling bag has small straps but frankly speaking the small straps look annoying.
  3. Shoulder Pain: If you are consistently using the sling bag then definitely you feel pain in one shoulder. Because of the narrow straps in some sling bags.

How to choose Sling Bag Tips

Part of the beauty and style sling bag is its streamlined look and sleek shape. The dark side of the sling bag is that will never hold as much as a regular backpack.

So you shouldn’t expect too much.

Designed to be much more minimalist way. In these sling bags, people can easily carry cash, cards, phone, key, and other essential things with them.

So If you have a bunch of smaller things to carry while on travel then the sling bag is a perfect choice for you.

The structure of the sling bag is played a great role while we are choosing the sling bag.

Such as comfort, durability, and practicality.

While if you are feeling not comfortable holding the sling bag that does not make any sense. So select it wisely.


Bag material

Material is very important when you are buying a sling bag cause material is everything, Most of the sling bags have polyester.

The fabric should have wear-resisting, tear-proof and waterproof, and other characteristics. Crossbody sling backpacks are the ideal day backpack for travel.

When you select the sling bag for travel then make sure you select it lighter material and it should be comfortable as well.

The best sling bag offers security features or has anti-theft features.

The zippers are well secured and solid. The sturdy metal zippers and reinforced seams & stitches. Delicate sewing crafts ensure your outdoor experience.

Carrying your backpack anywhere and comfortably fit while doing your tasks.

Durable and lightweight outdoor sling bag. Suitable for cycling, hiking, camping, climbing, traveling, skying, workout, and casual working out.


This is a major factor when we are selecting the sling bag. Most of the users don’t get the right bag after using them.

The starches are opened and the fabric is changed while we wash. Ensure no deformation and never fade after being washed.

That is why the bags have enjoyed domestic and foreign renown for their excellent quality.

If there are any questions during your purchase, do be shy to contact us.


Now you have good clarity about wearing the tactical sling bag. You can use any of the methods to wear sling bags based on your needs.

You can also wear the sling bag loosely if you are enjoying yourself with your friends or walking around town.

Also, you have got an idea when you buy a sling bag that is perfect for you and different types of sling bags.

You can share your thought on which sling bag method you’ll be using.


Are sling bags comfortable?

Yes, it’s so comfortable and easy to carry while you are traveling or you are going for outdoor activities then definitely the tactical sing bag is so comfortable. A lot of ways to wear a sling bag across the back, across the front, on the shoulder, and wear a loose sling bag to feel comfortable.

Disadvantage of sling bag?

Everything has its advantages or disadvantages so, it is a single strap bag so while wearing on one shoulder you feel pain on your shoulder, the small capacity you can’t add big item in it, and their small straps the small straps feel some time discomfort.

Are sling bags good for your back?

Why not, the tactical sling bag has very good for the back if you have a back problem then your doctor suggests not using any backpack. Where you can we the sling bag on waist or the shoulder this is beneficial for you. Although you don’t need to depend on others.

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