HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15Z-EC200! Real Budget Gaming Laptop Worth It?

Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop with the same design as pavilion gaming laptop comes under the $1000 budget line. Infect, we already made a Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3. HP pavilion gaming series has a budget gaming laptop. While they also have normal laptop lineup series.

Although you can choose the best gaming laptop below $1000. Unfortunately, it has a slightly slower GPU and its storage is skimpy so while the 15z-ec200 earns a look from gamers with thin wallets it doesn’t surpass the slightly less expensive.

Hp Pavilion Gaming laptop 15Z-EC200 is a perfect laptop for a student who studying designing and cad and other designing software. Even who can’t afford the premium laptop then this is far better than that. Cause something to have better than nothing.

Hp Pavilion Gaming laptop

Pavilion gaming design is similar to the pavilion gaming series, even there are the hinges are middle of the laptop, on the side, there has space for connecting wires. This is completely a good package from HP. There Ryzen 5 5600H processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics are really good for the user they can do their tasks on this laptop. Infect the screen is 144Hz that’s the cool part of this laptop.

Hp Pavilion Gaming 15z-ec200

Display: 15.6” FHD (1920 x 1080p) 144Hz IPS, anti-glare, micro edge display or 250 nits brightness.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600H 3.3 GHz base or 4.2GHz turbo speed with 16MB L3 cache, 6 cores, and 12 threads.

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB DDR6 graphics card, without Tensor cores and raytracing.

Storage: 256GB PCIe NMVe M.2 SSD, also 1TB or 512GB SSD variants are available.

Memory: 8GB DDR4 3200 RAM, again 12GB and 16GB models are available.

Battery: 3-cell52.5Wh Li-ion prismatic battery.

AC Adaptor: 200W AC adaptor, 50% charge within 45 minutes.

Speakers: B&O speakers.

Camera: 720pHD webcam.

Keyboard: Acid Green backlit keyboard. Every key has been Acid Green boundaries. 

Network: Wi-Fi-6 (1 x 2) and Bluetooth 5.2 (2 x 2).

IO Ports: 1xUSB Type-C, 1xUSB Type-A, 1xUSB 2.0 Type-A, 1xHDMI 2.0, 1xRJ45, 1xCharging slot or 1xHeadphone and microphone.

Dimensions: 14.17 x 10.12 x 0.93 inch.

Weight: Starting at4.37lb.

Fingerprint: N/A

Color: Acid Green or Ghost White (deadly name🤯).

Price: When we write this article $629.

The Good (HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15Z-EC200)

º The Ryzen 5 5600H (up to 4.2GHz).

º Battery backup is good.

º 144Hz screen

The Bad (HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15Z-EC200).

º Less storage (256GB SSD).

º Unimpressive screen.

º Body looks cheaper.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15Z-EC200 Design

Hp Pavilion Gaming

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15Z has a decent design, with diagonal cutouts below the display that add a bit of visual flair when the laptop’s open; the bezels on either side of the screen are slim through the top and bottom borders are larger. As a Pavilion gaming, 15z -ec200 wears HP’s circular consumer logo rather than the stylized four slashes of upscale business and Spectre models.

The edges of this laptop are very sharp and look so gorgeous. And the cutouts like really amazing, Pavilion’s beauty is that edges to edges cutting its looks so stunting.

Though the speaker grilles are available on the top of the keyboard and are well managed and designed. Just below the speaker, they have an Acid Green backlit keyboard. On the other side, it also comes with the White backlit model. But seriously the Acid Green backlit is looking soooooo amazing this design.

Overall the body is made with plastic and as we can’t hope the metal body is at this price point. In my opinion, every HP laptop has a hinge broken problem with that. But the HP Pavilion gaming laptop doesn’t look like this. They have a good hinge design so I never mind there has any problem at all.

As we think the trackpad is a bit smaller than the other laptop, but it’s so smooth and matte black finish. The top of this laptop has HP branding under the purple reflective circle.

Here we called about the body is magnetic fingerprint they easily catch the fingerprint. When we use the HP Pavilion gaming laptop then we see the finger impression on the black chassis, there has no problem with cleaning. It’s clean easily with the microfiber cloth. But it looks so weird. So that is why we mention it here.

The front view of the Hp laptop has reduced the bezels, on the bottom they have a large bezel that a big problem of this laptop the reduces the beauty of this laptop. Meanwhile, they want to reduce that and do that but, unfortunately, nothing.

Now we move on the bottom of the chassis, so here you see the air ventilation of the chassis and four-sided rubber are stuck.

144Hz Screen

HP pavilion 15

It may offer 144Hz instead of the usual 60Hz refresh rate, but the Pavilion’s screen still comes across as an economy panel. We aspect with this model that 144Hz refresh rate display gives the better display, but isn’t. It looks like abnormal color schemes and colors are too vivid or popping, and too bright colors are bland, looking muted or washed-out. The white background is a bit dingy and the contrast is mediocre, through fine details and the edges of letters are reasonably sharp instead of pixelated and viewing angles are broad.

The first impression of the screen, looking three-sided narrow bezel, but the bottom has a very big bezel on there. It just looks so disgusting. I can’t expect it on the Hp Pavilion Gaming laptop.

Top of the screen we see the 720p HD camera, for doing zoom meetings or video calls. This is 15.6” FHD (1920 x 1080p) IPS anti-glare screen, 250nits brightness. Its looks like a normal generation hp laptop screen, there is no feeling of gaming, the screen is reflecting in front of the light.

Gigabyte Aero 15 gives the 4K display, it’s such a great laptop with the best performing laptop

You enjoy the games whit the 1080p at a 144Hz frame rate. But diagonally it does not look like 144Hz. A standard 60Hz display.

The Hp Pavilion Gaming laptop does not allow the colors accurately, cause gamers want actual color. If you say about the student then obsessively the student is not very much impressed with the color accuracy. Hp Pavilion Gaming needs more improvements in display, its colors are popping and contrasty.

Performance: HP Pavilion Gaming Ryzen 5

Hp 15z-ec200

No doubt this is a powerful machine for beginners and students. Meanwhile, the performance is good for the beginners, there they don’t have and workload they have a free life and have some passions. So they wait for a few minutes, then we will be recommended this HP Pavilion Gaming 15z-ec200.

Pavilion gaming has AMD Ryzen 5 5600H 3.3GHz up to 4.2GHz 16MB L3 cache, 6 cores, 12 thread, and vega iGPU with 7 CUs clocked at up to 1800MHz.

The best thing is that the HP Pavilion Gaming laptop has the latest gen AMD CPU. And power capable and powerful CPU. The Ryzen 5 5600H AMD’s new mainstream H-series processor for high-performance productivity and gaming laptops. Does this sound familiar? Intel has its H series and they target the Intel Tiger Lake segment. In the meantime, AMD is ready to go with this Zen 3 APU, which is the successor to last year’s sleeper hit in the entry-level gaming laptop market, the Ryzen 5 4600H. The Ryzen 5 4600H ended up as one of the most popular options among buyers in the $1000 laptop market.

AMD is providing the best performance and all the best features that Intel provides at the higher-end price point. So if you have a very tight budget then AMD CPUs are the best in budget and overall top in performance.

Ryzen 5 5600H laptops will also feature a discrete GPU. The default TDP has been set at 45W, all of this built on TSMC’s 7nm technology. The 5600H appears to remain an affordable processor with a set of decent laptops to choose from.

Here we have another option for the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H up to 4.4GHz 16MB L3 cache, 8 cores, 16 threads.

Ryzen 7 5800H will typically be paired with the RTX 3070 and above but a laptop comes in the budget, so they have offered the GTX 1650 4GB of the graphics card.

But the Ryzen 5 5600H can be paired with the RTX 3060 but its increase the budget so they have paired it with the GTX 1650 4GB of the graphics card.

There we see the GTX 1650 4GB graphics card. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 mid-range dedicated graphics card for laptop based on the desktop GTX 1650 and therefore the Turning architecture (TU117 chip in 12nm FFN) without raytracing and Tensor cores. Available with 896 and 1024 shaders.

The GTX 1650 did not only introduce raytracing for the RTX cards but also optimized the architecture of the cores and caches. According to Nvidia, the CUDA cores offer now a concurrent execution of floating-point and integer operations for increased performance in compute-heavy workloads of modern games. This leads to 50% more instructions per clock and 40% more power-efficient usage compared to Pascal.

The power consumption of 1650 for laptops is specified at 50 Watt TGP by Nvidia and therefore 15 Watt higher than the efficient Max-Q variant of 1650. The TU117 chip is manufactured in 12nm FFN at TSMC.

But there we see the 200W AC adaptor, so no problem with the power source. CPU and GPU total power consumption 45+50 Watt at least the 100 Watt is usages for the screen powering the backlit keyboard and ports.

For mentioning the budget they will offer AMD Ryzen 5 5600H with the GTX 1650 4GB of the graphics card if you want the AMD Ryzen 5800H GTX 1650 variant then you will be paid $120 extra for the Ryzen 7 5800H. The base price with the 144Hz screen price is just $650, 256GB SSD and R5, and GTX 1650. If you don’t want the 144Hz display then less the $20 “$650-$20=$630”.

Keyboard or Touchpad

Hp Pavilion gaming keyboard

The Hp Pavilion Gaming laptop has Acid Green backlit keyboard light effect and it also comes in the White backlit keyboard. The keyboard is comfortable and quiet rather than snappy; it comes with a numeric keypad with a small Home, End, Page Up and Page Down key above it. The keyboard is quick responsive or keys are comfortable to use. There is no extra sound while key pressing. Keys are soft and maintain good key material of keys.

There are no RGB backlit or no zones RGB supports. It’s simple and quite impressive with the Acid Green color. The edges of every key have Acid Green color paint on the key area. With the help, we can easily find every key. Otherwise, all the has only white and RGB effect backlit and when the backlit is on we easy to find the keys, but wen the backlit is of then hard to find but still have a problem with it. In this case, here we get the Acid Green coated keys to look immersive and find the keys immediately.

We agree with the keyboard this noticeable and looking so attractive, even no one can try this thing, it’s different and amazing.

Below the keyboard the Touchpad is placed on the left side from the middle, the touchpad is wide and thin. Black matte finish touchpad with a soft touch and multi-gesture touchpad.  

There is no fingerprint reader on this HP Pavilion Gaming laptop 15z-ec200. The right side Ryzen and Nvidia GTX stickers are stick and on the left side, the Pavilion branding is done on the chassis.

Space and Memory

While this is a budget gaming laptop from Hp than it has comes with the 256GB of PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD. Other than that you want more SSD storage then you will be putting the NVMe SSD on it, but here is the only slot for the SSD, you would be upgraded to 1TB, you will be removing the 256GB SSD, and after putting the 1TB of SSD.

Here you have a choice when you buy a Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15z-ec200, select the 512GB model, 1TB 7200rpm and 256GB NVMe, and 1TB NVMe for $70, $90, or $140 respectively.

Also, you can select the only 256GB SSD option and add the 1TB HDD to it. You might upgrade it with the pure 1TB of Samsung 980 1TB NVMe SSD for just $119, this is cheaper than the HP’s 1TB NVMe SSD they offer 1TB for $140 here we can easily save $21.

In case, you want to upgrade the SSD in the future if you feel the 256GB is too small then you can put the 512GB or 1TB of SSD in this Pavilion Gaming. Pavilion Gaming 15z offers the HDD space and case are inside this laptop, you want to add for data purposes, simply put the 1TB of HDD of data backup. You want to store data, photos, videos, etc, 1TB is a perfect choice.

You have two options one is you with the best NVMe SSDs and another cheap NVMe SSDs.

There we get the 8GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, also 12GB or 16GB options are available so you will be paid $40 or $80 respectively. My brief advice is, you might buy the RAM 16GB of 3200 RAM on Crucial official site there will be cheaper than the Hp’s inbuild model. Crucial provides it with $68 here we easily save the $12 for a bottle cock and some snacks.

Here are two slots are available the extend the memory for this Hp Pavilion Gaming laptop 15z. Meanwhile, now the laptop is coming with the 2 x 4GB model so it’s a total 8GB of RAM.

I don’t like these think why they put the 2 x 4GB RAM in this laptop if the person wants to extend the RAM then they will remove both 4GB of RAM this is a total waste for them. And there is no resale value in the market. So, make sure when you extend the RAM in the laptop then ask in the local market they will pay for this RAM or you can buy the new 16GB of RAM from them.

Speakers, Camera, Networking & IO Ports

Also not for ventilation the speakers are housed in the top to the keyboard. This speaker sounds decent because the often windows laptop have no speakers on the top. The speakers’ grill are well designed and looks fantastic and this is clean and minimalistic.

Hp uses B&O audio speakers for the Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15z-ec200. As per my usages, the audio quality is great, but some of the users have an issue with the audio. They don’t feel good audio, then as we think they have tried the higher-end machine, so how they are convinced with the Hp Pavilion Gaming laptop speakers.

But bass is minimal and you can only faintly make out overlapping tracks. B&O audio software offers music, movies, and voice preset and an equalizer with pop, rock, classical, dance, and other modes, modes, most of which should like you’ve thrown a blanket over the speakers.

The 720p HD webcam captures soft-focus shots with lots of noise or static. So we can say the camera is not so good and this has too much noise and uncertain picture quality.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15z has Wi-Fi 6 (1×2) and Bluetooth 2.2 combo supporting Gigabit data rate. A big thanks to Hp they have added the WiFi 6 on the Hp pavilion gaming, with the BT 5.2. So here you got the latest WiFi 6 and the latest BT version. If you buy the Ryzen 7 5800H variant then you will be got the WiFi 6 (2×2), but Ryzen 5 5600H is available with the WiFi 6 (1×2).

Obsessively, here you get the actual Wi-Fi speed and Bluetooth transfer with low latency.

Connectivity we surprised with a lot of IO ports, 1 x USB Type-C, 1 x USB Type-A, 1 x USB 2.0 Type-A, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x RJ45, 1 x headphone jack, and 1 x Power slot. It’s paired with a lot of ports and we can easily connect the gadgets if you want more ports then you will be connected via the Type-C connector.

Battery or Power Adaptor

As the gaming laptop doesn’t give too much battery life, so here we can’t expect more from the Pavilion Gaming 15z. They give 2hours of battery life when we play the games on it. The ideal battery backup is around 4-5hours. It’s a typical gaming laptop, we did not expect too much here. It’s paired with the 3 cell 52.5Wh Lithium-ion prismatic battery.

The best part of the battery, its 50% charge within 45 minutes. So around 2hours this will be fully charged and enjoy it.

The Acer showed exceptional stamina, but the Pavilion’s nine-hour runtime was good enough for the silver medal. Of course, actual gaming will drain the battery considerably quicker than more video playback, but wandering away from a wall outlet will be cause for panic.

The CPU and GPU consume 95W or here we have the 200W power adaptor. This means the numbers are very much higher if we calculate the remaining 105W power will be used for the display, powering the motherboard and fans, and other components. It’s such a huge number. When you play the games then plug in the charger, you will definitely get the superpower on the game.

Weight and Dimension

The Hp Pavilion gaming laptop has been a 4.39lb weight of this model it depends on you which model you have selected if HDD is added in this then weight will be something different. As we think this is a bit heavier as compared to the other brands gaming laptop.

If we measure the dimension so it’s 14.17 x 10.12 x 0.93 inches diagonal size. While the 15.6” screen fits in the 14” frame size and reduces the size bezels so it’s made possible to fit. Otherwise, who had weight is not an issue, it’s a perfect pick for a student as a beginner. They will choose to start your journey.



It’s A Great Deal: It’s Worth It?

Many questions are running on your mind, This Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop is perfect? It’s a great budget gaming laptop? So many questions about that. Every question’s answer we will share with you.

Yes, we know that the Hp Pavilion Gaming 15z comes with the base model with the $609 standard refresh rate, 256GB/8GB/R5/GTX 1650. We will say this is okay, but you can sand $20 more on the 144Hz refresh rate screen. You are a student then this laptop is a perfect fit. You are a beginner then no doubt it’s a great budget gaming laptop.

You have another choice option like you will get the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H and 12GB or 16GB of RAM, with the 512GB SSD or 1TB of SSD variants. As well the storage and RAM variants are also available with the Ryzen 5 5600H.

In that segment on one can give the GTX 1650 4GB of the graphics card with the backlit and 256GB SSD option. The great GPU shortage of 2021 is affecting laptops as well as desktops, but there are still nifty gaming notebooks to be found for under $1000. The Pavilion 15z is an honorable contender, but it’d take a storage and graphics upgrade to make it a winner. All for the covid pandemic and crypto mining the graphics card market drastically increase and prices reached an all-time high one graphics card price reached $2000-$3000 insane.

As here we expect with Pavilion 15 to more that’s not fair. You are a student this is perfect if you are a professional then it’s not for you, cause students are waiting for a minute. But a professional person did not wait for a sec. Therefore every second is important. Basically, this laptop is made for the students and does not impact their pockets.


  1. Is a Hp Pavilion Pc good for gaming?

    Yes, no doubt this is perfect for the students if you are a student and you want to buy a high-end machine, so it’s a perfect choice. Otherwise, you are a professional then we will not recommend buying this machine.

  2. Is Hp Pavilion 15 gaming worth it?

    It’s totally worth it, Covid and crypto mining raising the prices of the graphics cards or here to you get the GTX 1650 4GB under the $629, with AMD Ryzen 5 5600H. So tell me how this is a waste of money. Every single dollar you spend on it, worth it.

  3. Is 8GB RAM enough for gaming?

    While 8GB is enough for most of the games but if you use higher-end applications and they require extra RAM then you might upgrade it with another 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM.

  4. Is 256GB is enough for gaming?

    This is confusing but the simple answer is no, well you can add the 1TB of NVMe SSD or 1TB of HDD in this Hp Pavilion Gaming 15z-ec200.

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