If FileZilla Not Connect show “Connection Time Out”

Every website owner wants to manage their website file from their file manager from the server provider. Here are other options to change and edit their directory file and delete it or change it even you can edit it. So basically you edit the root directory files. FileZilla is a server client and so many users are facing some problems during using the connecting server to FileZilla.

After some time we are trying to contact the hosting providers they don’t give me a good answer. I’m not fully satisfied. Because before we use FileZilla without any issue. But unfortunately, after some time, we have not connected my server to FileZilla. So basically, I do what all the users do. I contact hosting provides. After all the discussion is happening. They say my IP is graylisted and the reason is why I’m not connected to my website. The hosting provider is said to me you buy static IP from your network partner or please contact your network provider. Here you have no other option. For sure you contact the network provider and the network provide says this is not under there.

So one reason is FileZilla is not connected to your server, your IP is changing in some time so you buy static IP. If you don’t buy static IP so read the below paragraph. (Here we suggest if not buy static IP )

“Server Connection Time Out” Follow These Steps

Change Connection Time Out

The first reason is if your connection time is set to limit then they show Connection Time Out message. So follow these steps to increase your connection time.

Open the FileZilla and Click on Edit button then go to settings… option.

Open new windows and check the Time out In Seconds. If here is set to 0 then please select it to maximum 9999.

After change this settings might be you server will connected.

If not so read next paragraph.

Change the Port or Username or Password

If you are trying connecting to the FileZilla client and not connecting up. So here you check the first port it selects it to 21. Make sure it. Then confirm the Username and Password is accurate and then hit the connect button. It might connect to your server and you can access the website root files.

Change Server Setting

After all the settings you applied and not connected to the server and then we hope our last method help a lot. So If you connected to the Wi-Fi of your home network or office network. So please check your Wi-Fi server settings and then try to connect again it will work. Spacially I try this method on a smartphone. Basically, we try with the phone it works. Basically, we change my server settings, and then it will connect to my website server. In simple words, we go to my APN settings through the network setting and then select it to APN and you can see the default APN is connected. Open the APN settings and simply change the server settings. Your server set to none, change it to ww.google.com. It will help you. I apply the same settings when my Wi-Fi is not working then this will really help and so I thought we will share these tricks. I think they work for you.

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