The Apple Watch has comes with decent battery life in general. While Apple claims an 18 hour of battery life on watches like the Apple Watch Series 6, It lasts well over a day on a full charge. However, if that’s not good enough for you and you need some extra hours of battery life. If you having a poor battery life on Apple Watch you will continue reading this. There are some things you can try doing to fix the problem. Here’s we talk about how to improve Apple Watch battery life.

Tips to Improve Battery life on Apple Watch

There is no single way to solve poor battery life in Apple watch because everyone trends to use their watch differently. There are many things you can get extra few hours on charge. We will be duscussing all of the way you can improve your battery life on Apple Watch.

1. Software Update

If you have an Apple Watch, first of all, you need to check the software update of your watch. As you know guys software update is very important for your watch if you using it for a long time a no updated software. So do check your Apple Watch software update. This trick adds a few minutes or hours of your watch because your watch want latest update to do your word more fast and more efficenc.

2. Restart Apple Watch

If you have noticed fast battery drain on your Apple Watch, the first troubleshooting step to preform is a restart. After restart you feel your watch work with more energetic. So when your Apple Watch gives you lower backup, you should restart it.

3. Delete Apps

Most of the apps connected with the Apple watch can be quite useful. You can see the Watch app on your iPhone and scroll down to see the list of installed apps

Tap on any of these apps and you want to remove it or disable it toggle that say “Show on Apple Watch’ disable it.

4.Pair Again

After many time some cache memory and networks usage are full fill so that time you unpair and pair again a shot. This is a time consuming process, but in my case it works, a lot of Apple Watch issues go away after a full reset.

5.Change Notification Settings

To change the notification settings to improve your Apple Watch battery life. Push notifications do use a battery, and if you get a lot of notifications on a daily basis, this will definitely affect your battery life.

Simply, turning off notification entirely sort of defect the purpose of the watch itself. I would recommend you pick the fav apps to allowed to push notification to your watch.

6. Reduce Motion

watchOS 7’s animations and transitions give the system a smooth look and feel. However, that also means it uses more battery. If the battery life on your Apple Watch is getting really bad, you can try disabling these animations and transitions to get slightly better battery performance.

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap on ‘Accessibility’
  • Tap on reduce motion
  • Enable the toggle next to “Reduce Motion”

7. Disable Always on display

If you’re using an Apple Watch with an always on display, turning it off can also improver your battery life Go to Settings >Display and Brightness > turn off toggle.

So you can definitely use this tip to solve battery drain issues on you watch.

8. Turn off Mobile Data for Cellular Watches

If you are using a cellular Apple Watch, you should disable mobile data on your watch when you have iPhone around. This way, your watch won’t be constantly hunting for cellular singles and draining power.

  • Open the Control Center on your Apple Watch and Tap on the Mobile data icon.
  • Disable the toggle to turn off Mobile Data.
  • Technically you can also disable WiFi while you are at it if you are desperate to improve the battery life of your Apple Watch.

9. Turn off Background App Refresh

You can also turn off background app refresh to have a some more battery life on your watch.

Setttings > General > Background > App Refresh > Turn Off

10. Reduce Screen Brightness

We used a smartphone as we know about it we decrease brightness to run phone’s more battery life or use full brightness to use nominal to nominal hours of battery life. Go to Settings > Display > Brightness and set it to lower Brightness.

11.Use Power Reserve mode

As if you know about Power saving mode in smartphones as same as that this option shows in Apple Watch so you can use the feature to expend your watch battery life.

Open Control center > Tap Battery percentage > Slide the Power Reserve toggle

12. Optimised Battery Charging

You should enable optimized battery charging on your Apple Watch to ensure the battery health of your Apple Watch remains as good as it can.

Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Scroll down and optimised battery charging is enabled.

13 Turn off Blood Oxygen Measurement

Go to setting on your watch and Top on Blood Oxygen Turn off the toggle.


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